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Las Vegas Tours

Best Las Vegas Tours

0 CommentsMar 17, 2016 by Cash Cooper

Las Vegas is so huge and a Cheapo wallet is so small, there couldn’t possibly be an affordable way to see everything. Right? Well, Casino Boy has the scoop on one of the easiest ways to see not just Las Vegas, but other destinations in Nevada as well. Turns out there is more to Vegas than loosing your shirt and getting turned down at the bars. “Best Las Vegas Tours,” (we...

Birthday in Las Vegas

How to have a Vegas birthday, Cheapo style

1 CommentsFeb 24, 2016 by Cash Cooper

Casino Boy is helping one of his BFF's celebrate their birthday today, so in between tossing back shots and dancing like their lives depended on it, he thought he'd extend some pointers to the rest of you Cheapos celebrating a birthday - or any big celebratory event - in Vegas. 

Whether you're planning your own birthday soiree or someone else's, you can have an awesome...

Las Vegas Strip  NV

Jokes That Just Don't Fly in Vegas

2 CommentsFeb 10, 2016 by Cash Cooper

Well, we all know that Daniel Tosh has no boundaries, but when you’re in Vegas trying to have a good time, it might not be the same story.

First of all, you don’t have a whole theatre full of people who are paying to see...

Top ten cheap places to eat in Las Vegas

Top Ten Places to Eat in Vegas for Under $10

0 CommentsJan 20, 2016 by Cash Cooper

Imagine this scenario, which has never ever happened to Casino Boy. You’ve blown most of your money on gambling and yet you need something cheap and tasty to soak up some of the adult beverage that is still floating through your system. Luckily enough for you cheapos, this situation may have happened to a few friends of Casino Boy’s (but never him, of course), and we’ve scoured the...

Mandalay Bay

“Best-of” Mandalay Bay: An All-Inclusive Las Vegas Experience

0 CommentsJan 8, 2016 by Cash Cooper

Who needs a “Best-of” list, when one place has it...

Las Vegas on a budget

Fear and spending in Las Vegas: 5 ways to save cash in Sin City

0 CommentsDec 14, 2015 by Cash Cooper

Las Vegas is one of the most fun cities in the entire world. However, there's always the classic Casino Boy conundrum—Las Vegas can be pricey. Between getting there and finding a cheap Vegas hotel, that doesn't leave a whole lot of dough for the average Cheapo. Thankfully, you don't have to be a high roller to score Vegas deals....

Drinking in Las Vegas

How to Get a Drink QUICK in Vegas

1 CommentsDec 1, 2015 by Cash Cooper

I'm sad to say that Christmas is over, but thankfully we have something else to look forward to: New Years Eve in Vegas!

You're in Vegas, so when you go to the watering hole of your choice, you're expecting some liquid libations worth the big bucks you're spending. You deserve something a little stronger when you're paying top dollar on a drink and when you just spent the hollidays...

Best Day Drinking in Las Vegas

It's 5 o'clock ... Nowhere: The Best Day Drinking in Las Vegas

0 CommentsSep 21, 2015 by Cash Cooper

If you're anything like most of us at Cheapo Vegas, you probably aren't one to confine your drinking to after 7pm. Can we get a happy hour up in here?...

Best Dine in Vegas

How to Dine in Vegas for $30 a Day or Less

0 CommentsSep 3, 2015 by Cash Cooper

Las Vegas is well known for their buffets, but we all know that three meals a day in addition to your crazy nights out can get a bit pricey. You definitely don't want to be eating at one buffet a day, stuffing yourself so full, and hoping that it'll last you the rest of the day and night. You'll most likely be feeling extremely uncomfortable because, like many other people, you tried to get...

Best Las Vegas Late Night Dining

Desperately Seeking Sandwich- The Best Las Vegas Late Night Dining

4 CommentsAug 14, 2015 by Cash Cooper

When in Vegas, it's really important to know about all the late night dining spots that offer food you might actually want to eat when you're sober and won't have you feeling taken advantage of in your drunken stupor late night state. (Not that there will be much in the way of leftovers, but you could at least avoid a belly ache the following morning.)

A notorious...

List of rules of vegas

Banned in Vegas! What They Did and What You Shouldn't Do!

1 CommentsJul 27, 2015 by Cash Cooper

Banned in Vegas? Bummer and certainly a big time buzz kill! This is supposed to be the city where anything goes, right? Actually, that's a common myth, because while many people think that you can do what you want, say what you want, wear what you want and act however the @#$! you want, you can't. Vegas has their rules too, no matter how much looser they our than the rest of the world's, you...

Vegas First Timers Guide

Vegas First Timers Guide: Which Sin City myths are true - and which are FALSE

14 CommentsJul 9, 2015 by Cash Cooper

For those of you who have never been to Las Vegas, we acknowledge that there are a lot of myths surrounding the city, many of which remain just that - myths - until one actually visits the hallowed grounds of Sin City for the first time.

For instance, any first-timer in Las Vegas would assume, based on TV and movies, that there is never any...

Land of the Big Hotels and Big Burritos Las Vegas NV

The Halls of Fame Worth the Stomach Ache

0 CommentsMar 31, 2015 by Cash Cooper

Will all the big eaters please step forward?

We’re not talking about those of you who are never afraid to go back for thirds at the buffet, and those who love a good food challenge. Las Vegas is the land of excess, which is why it's not surprising that Sin City has some of the best food challenges around. (So hopefully all that...

las vegas party

New Year's Eve 2017 in Las Vegas - Where to Party & How to Party

0 CommentsDec 10, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Casino Boy knows there ain't no party like a Las Vegas party. So, where does one go to kick off the New Year's right when in Sin City? Duh - The Las Vegas Strip.

The whole Strip joins forces to present a New Year's Eve full of festivities in true Entertainment Capital of the World tradition. Big name casinos and hotels like MGM Grand, the Aria, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian, and Caesar...

Sin 'n' Win-terland

Sin 'n' Win-terland: Take advantage of the 2016 Holiday Season in Las...

0 CommentsNov 27, 2014 by Cash Cooper

 Kick up your winter wonderland festivities in Sin City this holiday season. Leave the kids at home - it's time to take full advantage of the hottest holiday clubs and casinos the Entertainment Capital of the World, and then finish off your evening (or, start it) with a traditional holiday dinner! Find out why thousands flock to Las Vegas during the winter holidays.


Freemont Street Experience Las Vegas NV

Which Sin City Myths are True, and Which are FALSE - Vol. 2

0 CommentsOct 12, 2014 by Cash Cooper

(Editor's Note: A few too many moons ago with the help of Cheapo Vegas readers, Casino Boy squared away 10 Las Vegas myths that every first-timer believes to be true as either fact or fiction....

Oktoberfest in Las Vegas

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Las Vegas

1 CommentsSep 9, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Oktoberfest in Las Vegas is a beer-infused, brat-filled party taking place at various locations throughout the upcoming month. If you're in town this October (and you like to drink), there are some can't miss Las Vegas Oktoberfest parties taking place on and off the Strip through Halloween.

Here are a few of the Oktoberfest...

Best Hangover Breakfasts in Las Vegas

No Time for a Hangover Here! The Best Hangover Breakfasts in Las Vegas

6 CommentsJun 16, 2014 by Cash Cooper

"A hangover is when you open your eyes in the morning and wish you didn't." - Someone wise who knows us far too well ...

The best hangover breakfasts in Las Vegas are ones that will make us lose that regret of being alive, shake off the previous night's shenanigans and give us the strength for another day in Sin City, hopefully better than the one before. If...

Las Vegas Razor Adventures

Best Off Road Tours: Las Vegas Razor Adventures puts you in the driver seat

0 CommentsJun 15, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Okay, so Casino Boy is going to go out on a limb and assume you want to have fun on your next Las Vegas vacation. Now there’s the nightclubs, the buffets and...of course...the casinos. But for those looking for a little more excitement and adventure, book a tour with Las Vegas Razor Adventures. Not only is it the best off...

VIP party in Las Vegas

Party like a VIP for free!

2 CommentsMay 28, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Want to get on the VIP guest list for the hottest Las Vegas nightclubs, pool parties and strip clubs?

Two options:

1. Be a rich, high rolling celebrity

2. Call Chris Hornak of Free Vegas Club Passes

If you’re like Casino Boy, you probably don’t fall into the #1 category. In that case...

Las Vegas Checklist

Need a hand? Here's how to pack for your Vegas Vacation

6 CommentsMay 27, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Whether you're practically a regular in Vegas or it's your first time, we've all had trips where we wish we had brought that one item we were on the fence about for days, brought a million extra clothes when we were only planning on staying for a night, or packed for...

Good Beer in Las Vegas

A Beer Lovers Guide to Good Beer in Las Vegas

4 CommentsMay 19, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Looking for good beer in Las Vegas? How about the best brew pub, beer bar or just the best palce to have a good 'ole ice cold brewski?  We don't blame you - in the land of liquors and mixers, it's hard to get a decent drink in this place that isn't loaded with sugar instead of alcohol.

Yeah, we've all been there. We want our hops, and a Bud Light will never make the cut for some of...

Health Club and Fitness Center Las Vegas NV

Stay Skinny Las Vegas: Your guide to not busting out of your brand new bikini

0 CommentsMay 2, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Good morning, Cheapos! Who went to Vegas this weekend? And by that we mean who went to Vegas and gained the 5 lbs you slaved working off the entire month before?

Yeah, we get it, we give you all these great food challenges, tell you about...

Las Vegas Strip Nevada

Vegas Tips; The Top Mistakes People Make in Vegas and How To Avoid Them

20 CommentsMay 1, 2014 by Cash Cooper

So many of us go to Vegas thinking we're a hot shot, ready to win some money and score some babes. (#pipedream) Some people just don't plan for the added fees and shenanigans of Sin City. Here are some tips for a Vegas vacation to help you avoid all the common mistakes people make in Vegas...

Not Sticking to Your Budget

Before you go to...

Las Vegas Strip Nevada

How Las Vegas Became Sin City - A Brief History That Nobody Asked For

2 CommentsMay 1, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Ever wonder how Casino Boy's favorite city came to be? (History Lesson ALERT!)

We all love Sin City (well, it's a love/hate relationship mostly - our heart and soul LOVES Vegas; our liver and bank account despise it), but it wasn't always a glittering paradise in the middle of nowhere. Vegas has a sorted history, from a Mormon-funded desert town to a...

Best Burgers in Vegas

Where to find the best burgers in Vegas

5 CommentsApr 8, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Burgers, you gotta lov'm.  Once upon a time, a burger was just a burger in Las Vegas; American cheese, a thin white bun and tons of grease (plus a little ketchup and mustard) were all you needed when it came to Vegas burger fix-ins. And so long as you had a couple of bucks in your pocket, odds were that you could enjoy one of the best burgers in Vegas...

FishFinders Guide Service

Lake Mead Fishing Tours: FishFinders Guide Service offers best fishing...

0 CommentsApr 6, 2014 by Cash Cooper

Location, Location, Location.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget Las Vegas is a lot more than flashing lights and boozy casinos. The Nevada desert is actually home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the country. Just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip lies the majestic Lake Mead. Lake Mead is 112 miles long with more than 500 miles of shoreline. With hundreds of coves...

2014 New Year at these Las Vegas Party Spots

Ring in the 2014 New Year at these Las Vegas Party Spots

0 CommentsDec 17, 2013 by Erica Krilov

Las Vegas is often called the Entertainment Capital of the World....So where better to ring in the New Year?! Las Vegas offers the biggest, best and hottest parties, so let help you find the best parties and performances to rock in the 2014 with some the hugest names in pop culture and the music...

Casino Coupon Book

Best Las Vegas Coupon Book – 2014 Vegas Casino Coupon Book, Over $1000 in...

0 CommentsDec 11, 2013 by Cash Cooper

Today, announced the highly...

Las Vegas holiday

View the Bellagio's Christmas Tree Lighting This Weekend

0 CommentsDec 5, 2013 by Cash Cooper

Pack your camera and get ready to kick-off the season in Las Vegas style. Tomorrow night, Friday December 6th, at 4pm The Bellagio begins its popular Tree Lighting Ceremony. The Tree will be lit at 5pm. Head to the Bellagio...

Las Vegas Car Rental Tips

0 CommentsDec 2, 2013 by Cash Cooper

Casino Boy sure ain't going to spring for an airplane ticket or to Vegas and his clunky old jalopy won’t make it through the desert. What’s a Cheapo to do? The most affordable option is probably to rent a car...if you know what you’re doing.

Summertime is the most expensive time to rent a car, but Las Vegas hotels have cheaper rates in the hotter months. Even if you do fly into Sin City...

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Great Vegas hotel deals you'll be thankful for this 2013 Holiday Season!

0 CommentsNov 6, 2013 by Erica Krilov

Giving thanks in Las Vegas is super easy - you’ll be thankful for everything on the Strip this holiday season with great deals available to all you Cheapos out there. Take advantage of awesome Las Vegas promos and enjoy the best hotels and casinos in Sin City. Whether you need a vacation on a...

MadHouse Coffee

Best Vegas buzz: CheapoVegas picks MadHouse Coffee as Las Vegas coffee shop...

1 CommentsOct 20, 2013 by Cash Cooper

Casino Boy is no coffee expert, but when it comes to getting that fresh cup of joe after his all night Vegas benders, MadHouse Coffee in Las Vegas is his coffee shop of choice for two years in a row. Plus, there’s nothing like munching on some freshly baked delicious french macaroons to get the day started or help cure a hangover while sipping on some coffee....

2013 Las Vegas Halloween Costume Contests

2013 Las Vegas Halloween Costume Contests: Which nightclubs are forking out the...

0 CommentsOct 11, 2013 by Lauren Yap

Las Vegas is gearing up to host some pretty killer Halloween costume contests this year. But Casino Boy is cutting to the chase and finding out just how much cash the nightclubs are shelling out to bring in Halloween party animals. You know you can use the cash or at least a good laugh so head to the best Las Vegas costume contests and cheer on your favorite.

1. Hakkasan at...

Excalibur Hotel has the best Fall Las Vegas deals

Excalibur Hotel has the best Fall Las Vegas deals! Casino Boy raves about...

0 CommentsOct 3, 2013 by Lauren Yap

Excalibur is one of the most fun themed hotels on the Strip. How can you not have fun inside a giant castle?! Now you can save 30% more with an exclusive Las Vegas promo code from Excalibur. Rooms are as low as $30, which is a price Casino Boy and King Author himself can get behind. This is one Las Vegas hotel that has both adult...

Things to do in Las Vegas in September

New things to do in Las Vegas this September

0 CommentsSep 3, 2013 by Lauren Yap

September is an exciting month  in Las Vegas. Aside from Labor Day there's also a bunch of other fun things going on in the City of Sin for Cheapos to enjoy. Casino Boy of knows restaurants, music festivals and new thrill rides are just a few of the great things to look forward to this September in Las Vegas.


Party Tours Las Vegas

Party Tours Las Vegas: Top clubs & bars, party buses, cheap prices, and NO...

0 CommentsJun 17, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

It’s usually hard to pry Casino Boy away from the craps tables, but if there’s one thing in Sin City that he loves almost as much, it’s the Las Vegas nightlife. Vegas nightclubs and party tours can get expensive though, and there’s nothing Casino Boy hates more than spending his hard earned cash. Plus, Casino Boy can’t stand waiting in lines, and as a cheap dude in Vegas, making it into the...

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival Line-Up: The Place to be if You Score Tickets!

1 CommentsMay 21, 2013 by Arielle Hansen

The 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival will be taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from June 21-23rd, marking the return of one of the best festivals of the entire summer. Over 200 acts will be performing over the three days of this pinnacle of electronic music concerts. This Las Vegas music festival will consist of the hottest DJ’s, music producers and artists that make up the electronic...

Top Pick for Vegas Waxing

Casino Boy's Top Pick for Vegas Waxing & Facials: The Birthday Suit...

0 CommentsMay 21, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

If there’s one thing Casino Boy hates most in this world (besides anything overpriced), its wearing a suit. However, that statement doesn’t apply to a swimsuit or his birthday suit, as there is no way Casino Boy is missing out on any Vegas hotel pool parties this summer. He’s been working on that summer body, and he can’t wait to show it off, especially after his makeover at The...

Party in Las Vegas This Weekend

Where to Party in Las Vegas This Weekend (5/16-5/19)

0 CommentsMay 16, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

Who’s headed to Vegas this weekend? It may not be Memorial Day 2013 yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for a trip to Vegas. Even though you might not have Monday off from work, it’s looking to be a killer weekend in Vegas for parties up and down the Strip. Plus, you definitely won’t have those annoying holiday crowds that will clog up Las Vegas on Memorial Day weekend....

Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar

FIREFLY: Best Las Vegas Restaurant for Tapas & Drinks in 2013

0 CommentsApr 15, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

Casino Boy can’t get FIREFLY off his mind. While he usually sticks to casino tables and the hard stuff, that white sangria from Firefly Tapas Kitchen...

April in Las Vegas

Can't Miss Events for April in Vegas 2013

0 CommentsApr 4, 2013 by Arielle Hansen

Is everyone else feeling as parched and ready to rage as Casino Boy? Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day are long over, leaving a trail of carnage in their wake, and we have the Facebook photos to prove it. Easter is hardly Casino Boy’s favorite holiday, what with the family time, creepy guys all over Vegas in bunny suits, and an undeniable bellyache from all of the chocolate, it can’t come and...

Best Burgers 2013 Announces the Best Las Vegas Burgers of 2013

0 CommentsMar 21, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

Some say if you've tasted one burger, you’ve tasted them all. Casino Boy begs to differ. When it comes to Las Vegas burger joints, Casino Boy doesn't have the time or money to waste eating thin white buns and mediocre patties. No, when Casino Boy wants his Las Vegas Burger fix, it better be a quality juicy Vegas burger that can satisfy his drunchies or cure his hangover. Luckily for Casino Boy...

St. Patricks Party in Vegas

Shamrockin’ Las Vegas St. Patrick’s Day Parties: CasinoBoy Favorites for 2013...

0 CommentsFeb 25, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

They say great minds think alike, and those who are anything like Casino Boy will already be thinking of wearing green and pretending to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day 2013 in Las Vegas. Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a time when everyone is allowed to celebrate Irish heritage, and there’s no better way to do that than by knockin’...

Mardi Gras Party in Vegas

Fat Tuesday 2013 & Las Vegas Mardi Gras Parties you won't want to miss...

0 CommentsFeb 12, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

If you’re in Las Vegas tonight and want to celebrate Fat Tuesday at some of the Las Vegas Mardi Gras parties, Sin City is bound to live up to its name. Casino Boy knows that if you can’t make it to New Orleans, a night of sin before Ash Wednesday couldn’t be better than Fat Tuesday in Las Vegas. Even if you don’t plan on fasting in the Lenten season, indulging in Vegas for Mardi Gras carnival...

Fat Tuesday in Vegas

Casino Boy's Top Picks for Obnoxious Big Drinks in Vegas while Fat Tuesday...

0 CommentsFeb 1, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

Since Fat Tuesday at the MGM Grand has been temporarily shut down due to renovations, Casino Boy is already feeling thirsty and missing the yard-long margaritas. Although a fatter Fat Tuesday with a new look opens up in March at the MGM Grand, a Vegas trip in the meantime wouldn’t be complete without a tacky gigantic souvenir drink. Luckily, Las Vegas bars up and down the strip can come to the...

Valentines Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Valentine's Day: Casino Boy's Guide to a Romantic Valentine...

3 CommentsJan 21, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

While the Beatles may say “All You Need is Love,” Casino Boy says that’s typically not the case when it comes to Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas. Many Las Vegas restaurants offer special Las Vegas Valentine’s Day menus, which can often times be over $100/person. No matter how much you love that certain someone, Casino Boy knows that Valentine’s Day can do some unwanted damage to the bank account...

Superbowl Party in Las Vegas

Super Bowl Parties in Las Vegas: The Best Places to Score on Super Bowl Sunday

0 CommentsJan 16, 2013 by Ariel Abbott

While nobody knows yet, Patriots or Ravens vs. the 49ers or Falcons for the NFL Super Bowl on February 3rd, what Casino Boy knows for sure is that the Super Bowl in Las Vegas will be one of the biggest party days of 2013. When it comes to football there are always winners and losers, but even if your favorite NFL team lets you down, you can still leave Vegas as a champ. Can’t get into the...

Vegas After Thanksgiving

No Thanks-giving in Las Vegas: Why planning for Vegas in December is smarter

7 CommentsNov 14, 2012 by Eric White

There really isn't a bad time to go to Las Vegas... but if there was one holiday we would recommend staying away for, it's Thanksgiving. Say "no" to Thanksgiving in Las Vegas this year and save your cash for a better time of year: the end of December.

The Las Vegas Strip is offering plenty of ...

Las Vegas Sports Betting

Las Vegas Sports Betting | Anonymous woman correctly picks the fate of 15 teams!

0 CommentsNov 7, 2012 by Eric White

Vegas sports books were thumped hard this week after one of the worst weekends for Las Vegas sports betting in the NFL ever... at least for the guys who had to pay us out! Nearly every favored team won this Sunday; 9 out of 13 covered their spread and sent Vegas bookies into fits of the sweats as they had to pay out parlay after parlay.

Parlays are a great chance to win big if you are...

NBA Sports Betting in Las Vegas

NBA Sports Betting: Getting Paid During the Regular Season

5 CommentsOct 30, 2012 by Eric White

It's official: the NBA season has begun Cheapos... and so has the time for NBA sports betting in Las Vegas! Casino Boy has been patiently waiting for tip-off since those guys from South Beach ...

Halloween Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas: 5 Parties to Howl at the Moon For

0 CommentsOct 25, 2012 by Eric White

Don't go trick-or-treating with your little brother this weekend, Cheapos... Halloween in Las Vegas is the only way to spend your Day of the Dead! 

Cash prizes, wild parties and sexy people using Halloween...

Las Vegas Restaurants

Las Vegas Restaurants: The Closed, the Open and the Renovating

0 CommentsOct 17, 2012 by Eric White

A few Las Vegas restaurants are shaking things up as we head into the winter months... and no we aren't talking about the martinis! (Can you believe ...

Spice Girls

7 Costumes for a Wild Halloween in Las Vegas

0 CommentsOct 12, 2012 by Eric White

What better way to avoid responsibility for your Sin City actions than to dress up as someone else for Halloween in Las Vegas? Casino Boy isn't saying you should use Halloween as an excuse to act a fool (yes he is), but you...

Eli Roths Goretorium Las Vegas

Get Spooked for Halloween in Las Vegas

3 CommentsOct 9, 2012 by Eric White

It's almost that time of year, Cheapos! The Day of the Dead is fast approaching and what better way to fear enjoy it than a Halloween in Las Vegas? Sin City offers many spooks and scares, and we're not even talking about the ones in the Las...

New Las Vegas Stamp Too Tame for Sin City

3 CommentsOct 4, 2012 by Eric White

An unlikely side of Sin City is featured on a new stamp by the United States Postal Service. The new Las Vegas stamp is part of the USPS's Earthscapes Forever...

The Linq Las Vegas

The Linq Announces a List of Vendors... Borders and Circuit City Suspiciously...

2 CommentsOct 2, 2012 by Jason Bushey

On Monday, The Linq Las Vegas announced the highly sort of-anticipated list of vendors that will open along with the official ribbon cutting ceremony next year. Actually, the announcement was a pretty big deal since it gives locals and tourists alike a preview of what they can expect once the Linq opens in 2013.

As it turns out, there's a pretty ...

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas Buffets: Is the Wynn Really the Best?

3 CommentsSep 27, 2012 by Eric White

There's no doubt that Sin City is a place of excess and that certainly holds true with the many Las Vegas buffets. Cheapos know that buffets in Vegas make sure that your stomach and heart don't feel left out on all the abuse. Hey, why should your liver get all...

Eli Roths Goretorium Las Vegas

Eli Roth's Goretorium to debut just in time for Halloween in Vegas

0 CommentsSep 21, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Eli Roth's Goretorium is ... well ... it's just that: one part auditorium, several parts gore. (Just check out their website for a sneak preview at what to expect.) Actually, "auditorium" might not be the right word since the theme of this new ...

Imperial Palace to get a name change and renovation

Imperial Palace to get a name change and renovation... and SOON

2 CommentsSep 18, 2012 by Jason Bushey

A signature cheap hotel on the Strip is changing its name. It was announced yesterday by Caesars Entertainment that the Imperial Palace...

Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

$17 Million Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Now Open

8 CommentsSep 13, 2012 by Jason Bushey

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is the biggest and most buzz-worthy new buffet in Las Vegas, having opened Monday to much fanfare and strong reviews. 

Caesars Palace dropped a pretty penny (several, actually) to renovate the...

Holly Madison

So, Who Should Replace Holly in Peepshow?

0 CommentsSep 4, 2012 by Jason Bushey

It's been common knowledge for a while now that after three and a half years, Holly Madison would be leaving the popular Peepshow at Planet...

The 5 Best New Things to Do in Vegas

1 CommentsAug 27, 2012 by Jason Bushey

With so many new things to do in Vegas popping up this fall, we here at Cheapo Vegas decided to take a step back and evaluate which new activities in Vegas...

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas - The Cheapo Guide

0 CommentsAug 20, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas means that it's the unofficial end of summer in Sin City. This is especially "unofficial" in Las Vegas, where the temperatures will continue to hover around the 100-degree mark into October. But for season's sake, the first weekend of September means the end of summer-lovin' Sin City-style. (Editor's Note: We here at Cheapo Vegas love...

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Show Schedule: Who’s Coming, Who’s Going This Fall

1 CommentsAug 9, 2012 by Jason Bushey

The Las Vegas Fall show schedule came into focus on Tuesday afternoon when, to basically no one’s surprise, the Venetian announced that two of country music’s power couple – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - would be arriving in December for a 10-week run. (We say 'no one’s surprise' since Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly tipped everyone off...

Las Vegas Restaurant Week

Las Vegas Restaurant Week returns this month

0 CommentsAug 1, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Las Vegas Restaurant Week is that one week per year (well, technically two; there's also a February Restaurant Week) when Cheapos like you and I can actually afford to dine with the big boys. From August 27- September 2, dozens of Vegas restaurants...

Cheap Golf in Vegas: Tee off for under $50

0 CommentsJul 25, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Golf in Las Vegas is as popular in Sin City as spending an afternoon plugging away on the slots, drinking before 5pm and doubling down on 11 at the Blackjack tables. The good news for Vegas scratch golfers and beginners alike is that there’s plenty of Vegas golf course...

Cheap Things To Do in Las Vegas

Five CHEAP Things To Do This Weekend in Las Vegas

0 CommentsJul 5, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Looking for something fun AND cheap to do this weekend in Las Vegas? Well, "fun" and "cheap" are what Casino Boy does best. (Seriously, you should meet his ex-girlfriends.) CB's got five things you can do this weekend - and any weekend, really - if you're hoping to have fun on a budget in Las Vegas...

Las Vegas First Fridays in the Downtown Arts District

Mark Your Calendars: Las Vegas First Fridays in the Downtown Arts District

1 CommentsJun 25, 2012 by Lizz Riggs

July is coming fast, and you know what that means - the next First Friday in the Las Vegas Arts District is coming up quick!

(Oh, you didn't know that? Well, it's a good thing you're tight with Casino Boy.)

The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District holds this free, family friendly event on the - wait for it - first Friday of every month. For the most part, there's an abundance of...

4th of July in Vegas 2012

Las Vegas Fireworks - 4th of July Events in Vegas

7 CommentsJun 21, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Fireworks in Las Vegas aren't exactly uncommon. Sin City likes to light up the sky for occasions big and small, but no Las Vegas fireworks show matches the one celebrating America's birthday. The 4th of July in Vegas 2012 will be no exception, as Vegas...

Best Las Vegas Happy Hours This Summer

1 CommentsJun 13, 2012 by Lizz Riggs

There's no better way to spend a summer afternoon in Sin City than sipping (or chugging if you're like Casino Boy) cocktails at the best Las Vegas happy hours! Some places are better for summer sipping than others.

Like, duh, if the sun is shining and we're getting cheap drinks, the only thing that will make that better is being outside, surrounded by fun...

Pacquiao Bradley fight in Vegas

Where to Watch the Pacquiao-Bradley Fight in Vegas

5 CommentsJun 6, 2012 by Lizz Riggs

Alright Cheapos, we know you like a good brawl, and another great Las Vegas fight will be at the MGM Grand this weekend, June 9, 2012, so you're going to need to know where to watch the Pacquiao-Bradley fight in Vegas! Manny made his grand entrance at the MGM Grand last night, quite the frenzy, so now we just wait until Saturday to see what happens!

 The last fight...

Playboy Club Las Vegas

Playboy Club Closing Saturday

2 CommentsMay 31, 2012 by Jason Bushey

The Playboy Club in Las Vegas is closing this Saturday night, but not before one last party (and one pricey cover) to commemorate the 6-year run at this iconic (kind of) club at the Palms.

The closing is no surprise - in fact, it had been announced back in March - but the final weekend sort of snuck up on us, especially since we can't afford the $40...

Memorial Day Weekend Las Vegas NV

Making Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas Memorable

0 CommentsMay 17, 2012 by Lizz Riggs

Every year we celebrate Memorial Day, commemorating the fallen soldiers of the Civil War with a 3-day weekend. If you choose to spend this weekend in Las Vegas, you will not be alone. This is the official start of the summer vacation season, so from now until Labor Day there are going to be more debaucheries in Vegas than ever.

Here's what we think you should do to celebrate the start...

Kentucky Derby Las Vegas NV

Casino Boy breaks down the Kentucky Derby odds

1 CommentsMay 4, 2012 by Jason Bushey

BECAUSE Casino Boy is a degenerate gambler and BECAUSE tomorrow's Kentucky Derby just happens to be the most bet-on race of the year in Vegas, we thought, 'What better time to break down the horses - and their odds - for the 2012 Kentucky Derby?' ...

Here's a quick breakdown of the Kentucky Derby 2012, compliments of Casino Boy.

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Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas NV

Cinco de Mayo, more like Cinco de My-Oh-My!

0 CommentsMay 1, 2012 by Lizz Riggs

Happy (almost) 5th of May, fellow Cheapos! It's that wonderful time of year where the flowers are blooming, (well, the cactus in Las Vegas) the booze is flowing freely and the pool parties are in full effect. If you're using this Cinco de Mayo Las Vegas as an excuse for a Sin City getaway, you're in for some festivities this weekend!

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a Las...

Nathans Famous Hot Dog Contest Las Vegas NV

Weekend Tips from Casino Boy - 4/27

0 CommentsApr 27, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Cheapos, there's a whole mess of good times going on this weekend, the last weekend of April. Good times and cheap times go hand in hand, after all - here's a look at some of Casino Boy's favorite cheap weekend events beginning tonight in Las Vegas ...

  • Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest

We all grew up dreaming of eating hot dogs for a...

Mayweather vs Cotto fight in Las Vegas

Let's throw down! Where to watch Mayweather-Cotto in Vegas

5 CommentsApr 24, 2012 by Jason Bushey

The fight of the year in Las Vegas is less than two weeks away, but already some of the best sports bars in Vegas are selling out of floor space if you're hoping to catch the upcoming Mayweather-Cotto fight in Las Vegas. (And, let's face it...

Carlos and Charlies Restaurant Las Vegas NV

Carlos 'n Charlie's opens for biz, not crazy about us calling them...

2 CommentsApr 20, 2012 by Jason Bushey

After months of (mild-to-above average) anticipation, Carlos 'n Charlie's at the Flamingo Las Vegas finally opened to the public on Wednesday, much to the delight of Margarita enthusiasts, taco aficionados and tourists who like to wear sombreros. (i.e....

Coachella Music Festival

Skipping Coachella? Here's a few headliners coming to Vegas this week

0 CommentsApr 12, 2012 by Jason Bushey

When tickets for the Coachella Music Festival went on sale months ago, it became clear that music-loving Cheapos like you and I would be forced to make a decision: scrap together the $350+ it would take to get through the concert gates by performing street tricks and hitting up our (respective ... kinda') mother-in-laws for some quick cash, organize a Danny Ocean-level break-...

Las Vegas NV

Welcome to Casino Boy's Blog!

26 CommentsApr 11, 2012 by Jason Bushey

Dear Cheapos,

You might be asking yourself, "Why does Casino Boy need a blog? Haven't I heard enough from that snarky little twerp? Wait a second, how did I end up here in the first place?" ...

These are all perfectly reasonable things to consider. So, here's a quick answer - to the first question, anyways. (And yes, we're familiar with the term 'Rhetorical.')

Simply put,...

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The Linq Las Vegas Becomes More of A Reality with the Closing of O'Sheas

7 CommentsMar 28, 2012 by hanna.rahimi

The news about the Linq Las Vegas has been floating around since late last summer but until recently it really just seemed to Casino Boy like a whole lot of hullabaloo. Of course, he's the kind of guy who doesn't believe anything 'til he sees it. However, the big (semi-) recent news in Las Vegas is that O'Sheas - one...