Let's throw down! Where to watch Mayweather-Cotto in Vegas

Published on Tue, Apr 24, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Mayweather vs Cotto fight in Las Vegas

The fight of the year in Las Vegas is less than two weeks away, but already some of the best sports bars in Vegas are selling out of floor space if you're hoping to catch the upcoming Mayweather-Cotto fight in Las Vegas. (And, let's face it, you probably are.)

Given that May 5 is shaping up to be one of the biggest party days of the year (the Kentucky Derby is that afternoon, not to mention the fact that it's CINCO DE MAYO), we've got a feeling that the lines will be long, the cover charges pricey and the people ... um ... drunk. (And by 'feeling' we mean THIS WILL HAPPEN.)

So, if you're planning on forking over the big bucks to stay in Vegas May 3rd- 5th, then you should probably figure out where you're going to be watching the fight. Oh, and if you're oblivious to all of this (which could be possible), expect massive crowds at Vegas clubs, restaurants and, well, everywhere.

Anyways, here's a few spots hosting Mayweather-Cotto viewing parties in Vegas at semi-reasonable prices ... (And as always, if you know something we don't, PLEASE let us know in the comments section below, or drop Casino Boy a line on Facebook and Twitter!)

How much? $60
And what am I getting? All-you-can-drink domestic beers from the Undercard fights to the final bell.

Not bad, but, here's what you're not getting - a seat. Tables are sold out already for the fight. However, their abundance of big-screen TV's and the large projection screen make Blondie's a worthwhile option - if your feet (and back) can take it.

How much? $86.15
And what am I getting? A pretty good seat and a HUGE TV. 

Basically, this event will try to replicate the arena experience at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. There will be vendors, a live event atmosphere and HD screens on the jumbo-tron with a live, closed circuit feed of the Mayweather-Cotto fight. Given that the Pay-Per-View rate is somewhere around $60 anyways, this isn't the worst deal on the Strip by any means. And I mean, we're not condoning pre-gaming in your room to save a few bucks at the arena but ... ah screw it, we totally are.

  • Mirage 

How much? $75.00
And what am I getting? Actually - forget it. This one's already sold out. We told you it's time to start planning ...

  • MGM Sports books

How much? Around $60
And what am I getting? A seat, mostly. And a pretty intense atmosphere.

We'd recommend calling your favorite MGM sports books ASAP (or really any Vegas sports book, for that matter) to see if seats are still available. Believe it or not, the fight still hasn't officially sold out (we found a ticket through Ticketmaster for a cool $1,552.50 this morning - yeah, we passed on it), which means that - as it stands now - non-MGM hotels are not allowed to screen the fight on their sports book screens. This will change if the fight sells out. (It's very likely it will, but we'll keep you posted just in case.)

  • Your best bet?

Make some phone calls. Seriously. The online inventory of Mayweather-Cotto viewing parties Las Vegas is pretty thin. Your best bet (along with taking the money line on Mayweather) is to call your favorite watering holes and find out if they'll be showing the fight. (You'll be surprised to find how many are not - the cost of showing a Pay-Per-View fight to the public can be astronomical.)

As we mentioned above, feel free to add info on Mayweather-Cotto Vegas viewing parties you've heard of in the comments section below and help your fellow Cheapos out! 

-Casino Boy


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Seems lyk it never sold out and other casinos aren't showin it

Is there any sports bar somewhere I can watch the fight under $20?

For those prices you might as well order it at home


I just spoke to the Mirage ticket office and there are still tickets left for the Mirage Grand Ballroom at $75.