Where to find the best burgers in Vegas

Published on Tue, Apr 8, 2014 by Cash Cooper
Best Burgers in Vegas

Burgers, you gotta lov'm.  Once upon a time, a burger was just a burger in Las Vegas; American cheese, a thin white bun and tons of grease (plus a little ketchup and mustard) were all you needed when it came to Vegas burger fix-ins. And so long as you had a couple of bucks in your pocket, odds were that you could enjoy one of the best burgers in Vegas between poker games for a few casino chips.

Those days, however, are long gone now that burgers (and associated burger joints) have become the most trendy dishes on the Strip. While you may not be able to score a GREAT burger for a couple of Washington's any more (unless you make the mile-or-so trek from the Strip to the In-N-Out burger), that doesn't mean the golden age of the classic American burger is gone. Over the last few years, a number of excellent Las Vegas restaurants have popped up specializing in that American classic we grew up loving: the burger, of course.

For your reading (and eating) pleasure, here are five of the best burgers in Vegas to choose from on your next trip to Sin City, compliments of Casino Boy. (Editor's Note: We ranked the best burgers in Las Vegas from the most expensive to the cheapest below because, let's face it, we're Cheapo Vegas and we're all about saving you dough.)

(Second Editor's Note: We really, REALLY enjoyed researching this topic.)

5.) The Longhorn - Holsteins Shakes and Buns

Honestly, we were tempted to go with the California Turkey burger at this eco-friendly burger restaurant on the Vegas Strip. However, as Ron Swanson proved in his Parks and Recreation burger cook-off, a beef burger is always better. With that in my mind, we voted for The Longhorn, the rare beef burger topped with, well, more beef.

Props to whoever came up with this meaty sensation. In true Texas fashion, The Longhorn includes a beef patty (organic) topped with smoked beef brisket, whiskey BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw. It's not for the faint of heart, and you'll probably want to schedule a post-Longhorn nap after taking down this beefy slice of America. (comes with fries.) Speaking of America...

4.) l'americain - Le Burger Brasserie at Paris

Ironically, our favorite burger at this fancy French burger joint at the Paris Hotel in Vegas is the one named after America. (USA! USA!) L'americain is one of our favorites because it includes fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms on a big hunk of burger (cooked the way you like which, if you have any sense at all, is medium-rare), sandwiched between one of their homemade Artisan buns. (We went with the classic sesame, for the record.)

It's not just the burger we loved at Le Brasserie, but the vibe in here is more lounge-y and laid-back than you might expect at the Paris; you can grab a beer and a burger at the bar, watch a game and enjoy a simple, pleasing meal for less than $20. The only downside? French fries are not included on the side. And you know what's not "l'american"? Eating a burger without fries. Other than that, we've only got good things to say about Le Burger Brasserie.

3.) The Tex-Mex - BLT Burger at The Mirage

Like Le Burger Brasserie, BLT Burger at the Mirage is a little more "fancy-schmansy" than your classic Vegas burger joint. However, they do a lot of things right, including their open grill kitchen, semi-circle bar and, of course, their burgers.

The highlight of the BLT Burger menu is the Tex-Mex - that is, if you can stand the heat. This 7 oz. burger is on the spicy side, thanks to a heavy portion of jalapenos, chili and pepper jack cheese. The sour cream and avocado take the sting off a bit, though odds are you might want to have a second beer ready to go when you order this popular Vegas burger. This burger runs $13 and, again, there are no fries included on the side. (In the words of Kenan Thompson's horribly overplayed SNL skit, "What up with that?!")

2.) Tamago Burger - Fukuburger Truck

One of our favorite cheap burger joints in Vegas is actually on wheels, and while locals may know all about Fukuburger, this one is still a bit of a secret when it comes to tourists visiting Vegas for the first or second time. Once you find the Fukuburger truck (and you can locate the truck's location on their website https://fukuburger.squarespace.com/) take our advice and order the Tamago Burger.

Perhaps the most unique burger we've ever had the pleasure of eating, the Tamago Burger includes a fried egg on top of a juicy beef burger, slathered with Teriyaki and wasabi mayo and a dash of crispy onions. (Again, CB loves fried onions on his burgers.) You'll need extra napkins for this one, though that's not a knock on the Tamago Burger - however we ARE bummed to learn that the truck is generally off Mondays and Tuesdays. Then again, with burgers this good for under $10, they're well worth the wait. (And speaking of waits, plan on spending more than a few minutes in line at the Fukuburger Truck.)

1.) Build Your Own - Burger Bar

Finally, we have the Burger Bar, where you can build your own burger and know that you're getting one of the best in Vegas. There's no need to dress these Black Angus beauties up beyond recognition, as any burger-lover will tell you that the best burgers are the classics. It's all about the beef at Mandalay Bay's new-ish Burger bar, and it's run by one of the most renowned chefs in America, Hubert Keller. (Who is ironically known for his Vegetarian entrees above all else.)

What do we recommend at Burger Bar? We say have it your way, order it medium-rare, wash it down with a cold beer and enjoy one of the very best burgers in Vegas. (Starting  just under $10.) 

Alright Cheapos, let's hear it: where do YOU go to find the best burgers in Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below, or let us hear your opinion on Facebook and Twitter.


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I have been to all of these burger places on the strip and i have yet to find one better than In-n-out, the closest i have come is Stake and Shake at the Southpoint.

You forgot the Hangover Burger from Binions. Amazing! Oh and IN AND OUT. YUM

I like In-n-Out Burger better than the ones at the casinos....

I stay with In-n-Out Burger on the west side of the strip....

You left out Stripburger! We liked it much better than BLT burger!