Vegas Tips; The Top Mistakes People Make in Vegas and How To Avoid Them

Published on Thu, May 1, 2014 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas Strip Nevada

So many of us go to Vegas thinking we're a hot shot, ready to win some money and score some babes. (#pipedream) Some people just don't plan for the added fees and shenanigans of Sin City. Here are some tips for a Vegas vacation to help you avoid all the common mistakes people make in Vegas...

Not Sticking to Your Budget

Before you go to Vegas, you save your money and give yourself a limit, right? That's what Casino Boy does, which is how he gets so much done all the time. (Gambling, drinking, etc.) Here are his three biggies: Pay for your hotel in advance, give yourself a budget, and stick to it. Granted, these Vegas tips seem easy, but sweet temptation lurks around every corner!

  • Don't let the temptation of the comped drinks you get while gambling feel like you're saving money. (You aren't.)
  • Don't let all your drinks at happy hour sway you into thinking you can drink just as much all night at the club. (You can't.)
  • Don't feel like you need to go to a fancy, famous restaurant for every meal. There are plenty of cheapo eats scattered about! (You knew this already, but it's worth mentioning again.) 

Not Learning the Rules of the Game:

Don't expect to make your fortune if you don't know the game. Or if you don't know it as well as the people you're playing with.

Booking It All Wrong:

Vegas is full of regret, and most of it starts before you even get there. How many people have you talked to that booked a hotel in Vegas and then said they spent all their time in a different Vegas hotel, wish they had stayed closer to certain attractions, or regret that they didn't book enough in advance to take advantage of all the discounts. And trust us - Las Vegas hotel discounts are available everywhere.

  • Why would you wait until you're in Sin City and desperately seeking sleep to find a Vegas hotel to stay for the night? Book your room in advance to find the best hotels near Vegas attractions you're actually planning on seeing. 
  • Find the best deals on Vegas hotel rooms so that you're not stuck over-paying for a room that you won't even be able to take a bubble bath in. Yuck, no thanks! This is one of the Vegas travel tips that just can't be stressed enough. In addition to hotels,Vegas promo codes can save you on clubs, restaurants and attractions - check out package deals for the most inclusive Vegas savings.
  • Do your research and be aware of the resort fees the hotel you want to stay at charges. Those Vegas resort fees are the most common killer of fun on the first day of all vacations. This is a proven fact; it's called science, people.
  • Not Checking a Map? Bad Move. Everyone tells you that you can walk everywhere on the Strip. Umm, no. If you're planning on staying at Mandalay Bay, but want to eat dinner at the Wynn every night, you're in for a surprise if you think you'll be able to walk to your dinner reservation 10 minutes from now. (Okay, we know that you wouldn't actually want to do this, this is just a dramatic metaphor to make a point!) If you think that staying at the Stratosphere will put you "close enough" to the Strip to go hang out there all night and then drunkenly mosey your way back on up the way, wrong again. Check out a Vegas Strip map before you plan your activities.

Not Staying Hydrated

Lots of drinking, lots of dancing, and plenty of pool parties - that's how Las Vegas does. But make sure you're drinking a little water there, too. The good news is that there are usually guys with coolers offering $1 waters all over the Strip, so this one's on you, Cheapos!

Missing the Best Parts:

If you stay cooped up in the casino the entire time, can you really say that you've been to Las Vegas? Sure, other than the casinos, all of the best Vegas travel guides will point you to the much acclaimed Vegas nightlife and famous Vegas restaurants, but there are so many more things to see and do here!

  • Red Rock Mountain Canyon is for the outdoors-y types, just past the Red Rock Casino. It's $3 for a one day pass for each vehicle and it will be well worth the drive out for the hiking, or even just the views from the car.
  • Of Course there is the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, and all the Vegas tips you need for this day-long destination can be found when you join a tour
  • And don't feel cheap looking for the best value things to do in Vegas. They are everywhere, and probably more fun than the things you'll pay oodles for, with a lot less old women snarking at you for carrying a flask and tripping over your own feet.

So there you have it. All the mistakes that the dummies that came before you made, and possibly you yourself on previous trips, but also, Las Vegas tips for your next trip to Sin City. You don't have to live with all the regrets that so many do. (And we've been there - trust us.) Unfortunately, we will not be able to prevent the regrets of the Vegas hookups, but if you need a pat on the shoulder and a drinking buddy to wash that little memory away, Casino Boy is always available!

What are your tips for Vegas travelers that you've learned from experience? Let us know in the comment section below, but please, we don't need all of the gory details. Some things are better left learned from and forgotten.


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about those free show tickets!
whether you find one at some kiosk on the street, or some hawker hands you one as you walk by, there are tickets floating around that say FREE ADMISSION to
whatever show... yeah, they are free and they do get you into the show, but even if you manage to get in they will be the last row of the balcony and not that many ever available. It is a come-on to get you into the building in hopes of your upgrading. If you wait until the time of the show to go get in line be fore-warned that you cant just get in the theatre with the thing they gave you, you have to go to the ticket booth and exchange it for a real ticket, and in order to actually manage to get the real ticket you have to go over to that casino and get that ticket up to a week in advance of the showing you plan to attend. if you don't when you get there they will no longer have any left and then if you want to see that show you will have to PAY for the upgrade. We made the mistake of standing in line with that thing for an hour before anyone told us you have to go to the ticket booth and exchange it, and of course... they were all gone by the time we got there. an hour wasted... sigh

more tips on "cheapo" places to eat...
if you like mexican food here are a couple of our favs. (Dont spend a fortune at the one in the Luxor!)

there is a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant wedged in-between Harrahs/Imperial Palace and Dennys right below the McDonalds. the food is good and you can pick and choose what you want in your tacos or on your combo plates for a very reasonable price.

The El Nopal Mexican restaurant on the Mezanine of the Stratosphere (right around the corner from where you go up the stairs) has very reasonable prices (under $10 for a full dinner plate and less for sides) and huge portions. They also sell beer, and it is open to the mall area so you can sit there and people watch while you eat. It is kid friendly too.

you want something more traditional...

When in doubt.. you can count on Denny's. great for families and seniors!
with 5 locations on Las Vegas Blvd. you are never far from a Denny's. One right next to the Stratosphere, one inbetween kinda by the little white wedding chapel, one next to the Venetian, one further down by the MGM, and one way down south almost to Blue Diamond Rd.
Ok so it isnt some exotic place that you can only find in Vegas, but they still have the bargain meals and all Denny's give 20% off to seniors from 4-10 pm.. and some honor that discount all day. last year the one by the stratosphere honored it all day.
( good at Denny's everywhere so you can use it on your way to and from Vegas as well!

I would have loved to order the American Casino Guide online and saved money but I didnt discover it until it was too late.. we leave for Vegas day after tomorrow! soooo....I just called the American Casino Guide folks and was directed to a link on their website with the list of places in Vegas where you can buy the casino guide in person. It costs more if you wait and buy it in Vegas, but still a good deal at $18.95
here are the places listed by the ACG website

Gambler's General Store
808 S Main St
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-9903

Gambler's Book Club
5473 S. Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
671 Las Vegas Blvd. South Suite - 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 641-5822

Huntington Press
3665 S Procyon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 252-0655

Spinettis Gaming Supplies
810 S Commerce Street
Las Vegas NV 89106
(702) 362-8767

more cheapo tips! Here are some that we have figured out over the years!

1) do not spend your money on taxis unless you are too drunk to walk a block to a bus stop! one day bus passes are $7 and you can get off and on a bus as many times in 24 hrs as you want and there are bus stops every block or so and switch buses to get to other places like the Palms or Rio. you can buy a one day pass right on the bus. also a 3 day pass is only 20. so if you get there on a sunday night (becaused you are smart) stay in your own hotel that night, rest up, and dont go anywhere else, or if you are staying at a hotel at the busy part of the strip just go to where you can walk to that night or get to the Excalibur/Luxor/Mandalay bay complex and take the free monorail from one to the other. Monday get the one day pass but wait until after you have had breakfast and buy it closer to noon, that way THAT pass will last until noon Tuesday and give you lots of time to hop the bus with yesterday's 24 hr pass that will get you to the main kiosk for bus passes in front of the Fashion Show Mall. THEN buy your 3 day pass and it will last you the rest of the entire week til you go home on Friday. If you are staying at the Silverton or sams town you can skip the monday pass and just take THEIR FREE shuttles to the strip and go to places you can walk to Monday and maybe even Tuesday and then buy your 3 day pass which will last you til you check out on Friday morning.
2) in addition to the Rio shuttle mentioned by someone else, there is a shuttle to the Silverton from Caesars and back to Caesars from the valet lot behind the forum shops and a shuttle to Sam's Town from Harrahs and then you can take the free sam's town shuttle downtown and hop your bus back to to Harrahs. the shuttle from Sam's Town also will take you from Sam's town to freemont street downtown and back, or you can switch over to the city bus to get back to the strip.
3) its only $2 for adults and $1 for seniors to get into the Clark County Museum on the south end of Boulder Highway..there is a bus stop at the end of the museum driveway.
4)the margaritas you get for $2 at Bills Gamblin Hall are small but mighty. if you are a lightweight like me one is enough to give you your buzz for cheap.
while you are there don't forget to stick around for the FREE elvis impersonator in the lounge right on the casino floor.
5)for a slightly higher price you can get GIANT margaritas at the little place next to slots a fun across from the Riviera cheaper than that place down by the coke bottle and the m&ms store that sells the yard long margaritas. you can't take anything that doesn't have a lid on it onto the bus so remember that when you are going to get on the bus, however f you buy a pop buy one with a screw on lid and you can take it on the bus.
6)you cant take your open drinks on the bus. ( but you CAN walk up and down the strip with your open containers so grab a big one if you are on foot for a while.
7)the BEST FREE SHOW IN VEGAS! Don't forget to stop and listen to the best Sax player in the world, Carl (Safe Sax) Ferris, who plays free in front of the Golden Nugget on Freemont street nightly. He sets up about dusk and plays 15 minute sets between the roof LED shows. He also sells his cds and tshirts there. I warn you... once you hear him you will be hooked.
8) best dinner deal in my opinion downtown on Freemont is the steak and lobster dinner at Binions for $10.95. the lobsters arent huge but the meal is more enough to fill ME up. the only catch is it doesnt start til 9 pm, but there is plenty to do down there while you wait watching the roof show and free entertainment, and of course... wierdo watching is free all over Vegas.

Where can I get a casino boy t shirt?

Make sure your rental car has a tag. I got pulled over.

All the 5 star casino hotels have a Deli located usually near the sports book, the food is reasonably priced, fresh and tasty. An awesome choice for a quick meal or snack at any hour of the day. Try the Rubin sandwhich at Mandalay Bay or the Club house sandwich at Bellagio, both are excellent!

Bring really good shoes with gell inserts.

I would add to get the all day pass at your hotel to have meals at least one day. It can save you from over spending. Also have a plan of attack for attractions. Definitely Freemont street on Friday or Saturday nigh, but get thereat little early and snag a spot near the stage with your yard of drink.

Play the machines at the bars. The bars will give you stronger and free drinks as long as you plop at least $20 in the machine. And depending on the bartender you dont even really need to play, just pretend like you are once in awhile. Of course tip these bartenders nicely.

Isn't that a $20.00 drink?

and DONT blackout in girls of glitter gulch!

NEVER buy water from random people on the Strip...It'e either water from a hose  or god knows what else!

Better figure some extra $$$ into you budget also if you plan on using taxis.  They can be very expensive and will long-haul you without giving it a second thought.

I'm here right now at the Stratosphere and  I want to add that if you don't mind taking the bus, The Deuce is a great way to go.  I advise that if you do take The Deuce, pay for either a 24-hour pass or a 3-day pass.  It's worth the money and you don't have to drive.  You can do all your drinking and leave the driving to them!

Agree on the Deuce. It's a great way to get from the Strip to Downtown (and back) as well.

I also like the Gray Line shuttles to and from the airport, but with the caveat that they do take longer and thus you need to allow for extra time.

Tix4Tonight is a fantastic place to get cheap show tickets and cheap meals at good restaurants.  

Buy your major supplies (drinks, snacks, meds) before you get to the hotel, or at one of the many pharmacies.  

The best part of Vegas is the sights.  The best part of these sights, is that they are open all year round.  

To save on cost and avoid the 100+ weather days, go off-season.

Location! Location! Location! - The best hotels for location are actually the cheaper ones on the strip (Bally's, Bill's Gambling Hall, Flamingo, Harrah's).  Remember, unless you like the 5 star ammenities (And who can blame you), all you really need is a place to sleep at night.

I would add thinking things are walking distance when they're not...the buildings are just so huge in Las Vegas that they can be half a mile a way and it will seem like a block.  Also, even when things really are walking distance it will take 30 to 50 percent longer to walk there than you think.

Very true... The Rio is a good example, (don't attempt to walk there from the strip).

The Rio provides a free shuttle to and from the strip. You can board from the Paris driveway or from Harrah's garage. This is foremost for hotel guests,
but I have never had a problem riding this shuttle.