Need a hand? Here's how to pack for your Vegas Vacation

Published on Tue, May 27, 2014 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas Checklist

Whether you're practically a regular in Vegas or it's your first time, we've all had trips where we wish we had brought that one item we were on the fence about for days, brought a million extra clothes when we were only planning on staying for a night, or packed for the completely wrong season.

Hey, it happens; when you're expecting one thing in Vegas and you get another, it's a total letdown for both your agenda and your wardrobe. Obviously, no one knows exactly every place they're going to go while they're on vacation, making packing a bit of a guessing game. (As in, "I guess I could bring that...")

Here is what we do when we're packing for Vegas to make sure the only regrets we have in Sin City are those brought on by our own misjudgments at the time, not before we even order our first drink. 

Make a List, and Check it Twice
When packing for Vegas, it's important to keep your own to-do list in mind... not someone else's. Don't bring a bunch of fancy dresses if you're going to be sight-seeing, hanging out with other Cheapos in dive bars and hiking all weekend. (Seriously, you're going hiking all weekend?) Pack for your most likely occasions, people.

For those of you who have been to Vegas before, you know that your to-do list can sometimes get muddled with your too-much-list. Happy hours that lead to a few too many Margaritas, an unexpected trip to a fancy restaurant, too many hands at the Blackjack table, too many cocktails with the newly appointed dime (after too many cocktails already) you've been talking to for 3 hours - all of these things can knock some of the planned things to do in Vegas off your list. The good news? You can wear essentially one outfit for all of these activities; the trick is to pack something fit for all of occasions. Ladies should always pack an LBD (Little Black Dress); gentleman, how about something with a collar? Let's keep it casual, just not too casual...  Speaking of casual, guys, if you're thinking of bringing a pair of your favorite grease stained 80's jean cut-off shorts, think again. Fanny pack is optional and at your own risk.

Shoe Selections
Of course if you're planning on going to a nightclub or even stepping foot near one of the luxury hotels like Aria (on the Strip), you're going to want to bring dressy shoes, but do not let those be your only shoes. Generally, people do a lot more walking than they anticipated they would. No hotel on the Vegas Strip is as close as it looks. It's a good idea to bring more than one pair of shoes, something ultra chic and something like a sneak(er)... Okay, we'll work on that one.  Sandals for pool-side. 

Nightclub Attire
If you're planning on spending any time at all in one of Vegas' nightclubs, you need to know that most of them do have a dress code that is enforced. Sometimes it's better just to bite the bullet and wash your hair (we know, it must be excruciating spending that extra 2 minutes in the shower and having to let go of a few days of grease) instead of just trying to cover it up with a hat. Most things that don't fly in Vegas clubs are hats, ripped jeans, brown shoes with black pants (that's more for your own sake), shorts, jerseys and muscle shirts are all on the no-fly list at most Las Vegas clubs. We like this guide for dressing for the club in Vegas, so obviously we can pass it on to you.

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Pool Party Necessities
Vegas is hot. You know why? Because it's in the freakin' desert, that's why. The sun's a-blazin' most months of the year. Since you don't want to be a lobster the second day into your trip, make sure to pack sunscreen. (Checked bags only. Seriously, FAA?) Remember - it's completely un-sexy to be the tomato in the room.  And remember sunglasses, you don't want to be the goob squinting up at the cocktail waitress. 

Bringing a Camera
A risky decision. You might lose it, come home with some incriminating photos, or use it to remember what happened last night. If you know that you're going to want to document your efforts in Vegas, bring your camera. If you are one of those people that likes the idea of having a camera more than the actual taking of pictures, a camera in Vegas might just be weighing you down. And if you're a guy, remember that at least one lady in your party will be snapping pictures for Facebook all night/weekend. Just mootch off hers.

Our Friends, the Layers
Vegas is one of those places that can be crazy hot in the day and surprisingly chilly at night. (Again, it's the desert.) If you're not there during the summer, or even if you are and get goosebumps at the thought of the sun going down, be sure to bring a something warm for the cooler nights in Sin City. It also rains a bit during the winter months, so check the weather forecast when you're planning your packing as well!

Hangover Pills
Crucial! Bring all the reinforcements you can to help keep the party going through the weekend. We recommend ginseng pills or those awesome little Party Smart vitamins.

(Editor's Note: We are NOT - repeat - NOT doctors. Do not take these recommendations as medical advice. Just know that we've, um, tested these little guys out and they seem to lessen the headache potential the following day. Hey, whatever it takes for you to not feel terrible the next day.)

Variety is the Spice of... Your Suitcase
It's never a bad idea to just bring a little bit of everything if you don't know what the heck you'll be doing. Something casual, something nice, something comfortable. There's three outfits that you can't go wrong with, and you've still got plenty of room in your suitcase to take home all the tacky Vegas shot glasses, souvenir cups, and something that probably has boobs on it.

Even for those of you who have never been before, it's universally understood that a Vegas vacation is not your typical vacation. Be prepared for the unprepared, even when it comes to your wardrobe! Don't be that one who has to buy an outfit at the place you thought was for "working ladies only" just so you can get into the club of your choice, or the one in a fancy dress and heels walking down the Strip during the middle of the day because "you thought that's how people in Vegas dress." Believe us, the fashion police do not patrol the streets of Vegas, so always choose comfort over style unless you're going somewhere with a dress code.  And guys, if you plan on clubbing, bring long pants. 

Let us know what you can't live without when you go to Vegas in the comments section below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  A man of many medias, Casino Boy is!


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I like to pack light by only bringing things I am sure of using. One way I cut down on clothing is by wearing the same outfit going home as coming in. Usually a comfortable pair of jean capri's and a light top with a light sweater or shrug over it. Bring clothing that can do "double duty". Light denim is a good choice, you can wear it with different tops. Khaki and white are another good color choice for shorts or capris. Three pairs of shorts and 6 tops can get you through a week in Vegas nicely.
I only wear sneakers on the plane for safety reasons, in fact, while in Vegas, sneakers are the only thing I wear on my feet. This is not the place for heels. I see lots of people with sandals and flip-flops and I'm sure they are comfortable but again, I look at the safety factor and also the support factor. There is an enormous amount of walking and standing in Vegas and your feet will thank you for taking good care of them.
Put comfort above Vegas, nobody cares! Save the pretty heels for the clubs. Personally I don't do the club scene so one pair of sneakers for the trip works fine for me.
Another must for you to pack is hand sanitizer, whether it be in gel or wipes. I like the wipes because they are easier to carry and get through airport security.
As mentioned in another comment, making a list before packing is extremely helpful for being sure you didn't forget something important. But in the event you did manage to forget something, most likely you can pick it up at the local Walgreens.
I came up with a very neat trick for my perfume. I prefer to carry my bag on the plane and I know I won't get past security with a bottle of my favorite perfume so I went to Walmart and purchased a small, plastic container, (they come in a package of 2) not much bigger than a pill container, I drench a cotton ball with my perfume and put it in the container. Not only do I have my favorite perfume but it's taking up minimal space.

I hope my tips have helped you for your next trip!

I just love getting good advice for packing and I also like sharing good advice. I'm going to Vegas in 39 days for my third visit in 5 years.....I just love Vegas! I'm not into the club scene or the fine dining so I do just fine with packing shorts with matching shirts. In my effort to travel light, the only shoes I bring are the sneakes I'm wearing. Another good tip to save precious suitcase real estate is to have some clothes do "double duty". Whatever I wear on the flight to Vegas, I wear the same outfit home. I usually choose a comfy pair of jean capri's, tank top or t-shirt and a light shrug or sweater, sometimes the plane is cold. The tank top is a blessing when I'm having a hot flash! If you pack shorts in colors that are easy to match you can have those do double duty as well. Black, khaki and white are good choices but I don't really reccommend black for Vegas unless it's during the cooler season. Sun dresses are nice too but keep in mind your footwear....personally I would never wear anything except sneakers while walking the strip. Thumbs down on sandals. But that's me. Same goes for jewelry, if you must bring some, be sure it's something that goes with everything.
Aside from clothes, one item I never go without is hand sanitizer. Whether it be in the form of a gel or the must make room for this. The wipes would be easier to get through security and fit much better in a pocket or purse. I'm kind of of freak for keeping my hands clean and that's probably why I'm seldom sick. And who want's to get sick on vacation?
I hope my tips helped you with your packing. Have a great vacation!

In the past I have tied my walking stick to the outside of my backpack. At that time I could still take it into the cabin as carry on luggage, but I have trusted it to the luggage crews more than once too. My stick did not stick out past the top of the bag and sat in its own small pocket at the side of the bag, with several straps around it.
If you take a suitcase or backpack that is big enough to pack it inside, you best do that.

And if you do not trust it in checked luggage, contact your airline or the TSA and check whether you are allowed to carry it into the plane with your hand luggage. The rules for that do change all the time now. Thanks.

There are many different things to do in Vegas, that's why I like it so much. I go casual, never go clubbing and I require comfort. One suggestion for women is bring layers even in summer. The casinos can be cold, so be aware of how much time you'll be inside, you may need a light cover wrap that you can tie around your waist when outside walking in the heat.

If you plan on going to different casinos, you need good walking shoes/sandals. Don't bring fancy clothes unless you need them. Shorts, jeans, casual clothes are fine. Things can get sweaty and dirty and sometimes smoky.

If you like to dress up for shows and dining, do it. I love it though that I see all kinds of people there. Anything goes. Most comfortable place to travel to.

Although you won't want to bring water, make an effort to buy some bottles in bulk at a cheap place and keep it in your room. It's really dry here for most people. Most places on the strip will charge you $4 or more for a small bottle of water.

Comfortable shoes CANNOT be stressed enough! I too thought the hotels/casinos were much closer to each other than they actually were. Not only are they not as close as folks think, but they are massive behemoths in and of themselves to walk through. I also thought everyone (meaning women) wore cute dresses and heels everywhere they went. You'd be surprised at the myriad of sun visors and fanny packs that dominate the Strip!