How to have a Vegas birthday, Cheapo style

Published on Fri, Feb 16, 2018 by Cash Cooper

Casino Boy is helping one of his BFF's celebrate their birthday today, so in between tossing back shots and dancing like their lives depended on it, he thought he'd extend some pointers to the rest of you Cheapos celebrating a birthday - or any big celebratory event - in Vegas. 

Whether you're planning your own birthday soiree or someone else's, you can have an awesome birthday in Vegas without spending your life savings on a few nights you probably won't even remember. As a Vegas birthday veteran (he's had all eight of them in Sin City), Casino Boy knows how to have fun as a Cheapo, and he doesn't mind sharing his guide to Cheap Vegas Birthday Basics 101! For starters, you'll want to ...

Put 'em up in a nice room: Yes, this might sound pricey, and for most people it is. Luckily, Casino Boy has deals with some pretty great rooms at some pretty great hotels. Lots of the hotel packages you can get will include a discounted room, plus meals at some of the restaurants in the hotel, shows, pool packages and spa deals. Some of our favorite hotels with packages and deals are:

  • Paris: For planning a special romantic birthday for your significant other, how about a birthday wedding? Eh? Ready to make that leap? No? Well, don't get too romantic on her this weekend then. If you aren't looking for a Vegas wedding, there are still plenty of other fun and romantic things to do while staying here. 
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino or Planet Hollywood: For young friends just trying to have fun. Definitely don't miss out on the show and pool packages on these ones. And by pool, we mean go to one of the topless pools and we'll see you there! *nudge nudge* If you're wanting to maintain that bikini-ready body you worked so hard for, check out our tips on staying fit while in Vegas. 
  • Flamingo: This one's great if the birthday girl or boy doesn't even care about staying in a hotel because you'll be out and about the whole time (i.e. it's cheap and in a great location), and you'll probably end up sleeping in someone else's room, anyways. Wishful thinking? Yes. Realistic? Not really.

Wine 'em, Dine 'em... Eh, that's all you have to do. Just don't be that friend that buys your best girlfriend dinner at the buffet downstairs and sneaks out dessert in your purse for a seemingly "special" breakfast tomorrow. Besides, the only thing girls should be stuffing in their mouths on their birthdays is cupcakes and vodka. Anything else is just not birthday material.

Maybe take them out for one nice meal at an upscale Vegas restaurant for one meal, but the rest of them don't have to be super fancy. They get one birthday meal. Come on birthday-ers, don't get greedy! For all your other cheapo meals, booze her up, take her day drinking, and feed her appetizers during happy hours - half off apps, anyone?

But, to sort out all the Vegas restaurants and find the best one, at just the right price, use this restaurant comparison chart to find one. And don't let them get away with not giving you a birthday dessert either, because most of them will!

Go Clubbing:  This is the good stuff you've been looking for, the Vegas clubs! The only clubs we like! (Other than club sandwiches. Maybe golf clubs.) Whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday at a nightclub or a strip club, we can't blame you and we don't judge. This is Vegas, so enjoy all of it's assets!

  • Nightclubs: XS Nightclub and Surrender at Encore, Tryst at the Wynn, and Moon at the Palms are probably the best nightclubs to slap on some heels/loafers/whatever and dance the night away with a bunch of sweaty strangers who might just buy you drinks if you play your cards right. Like, tell them it's your birthday. This sounds like a really good time, right? Most of the best clubs have promo deals to get you discounts, waived covers, all that jazz. Walk the casino floor of the club you have your eye out to find a promoter to get you in free or on the VIP list. That's the way to go. You can pop champagne like you won a championship game, or like it's your birthday.
  • Strip Clubs: Our favorite strip clubs in Vegas are the Sapphire and Spearmint Rhino. (Bold statement, right?) If you're celebrating your buddy's birthday, one of these spots is a definite must. Get a free ride (who doesn't want a limo ride on their birthday?) and free cover to some of these clubs using promo codes, that way everyone can get sloppy drunk! That's just what every strip club needs, a group of sloppy drunks celebrating a birthday!
  • Boring bars for those of you not trying to get buck-wild. Whatever. Okay, they aren't boring, we want you to go crazy, so we're not even going to send you to bar with no dancing, drunk messes or anyone in the house with an blood-alcohol level under .08%. Slap on some heels, take a few shots and go meet someone! Or at least do something to celebrate the fact that you can still walk. Which you can't do sitting down at a bar.

Daytime activities: Well, when you aren't sleeping off your hangovers or nursing them with more booze and soaking up the sun, you can't go wrong with days like these.

  • Golfing for the Day: Oh, what? This isn't cheap? Some of the best golf courses in Vegas offer discounted tee times if you book online. Bali Hai, Royal Links and Desert Pines are some of the best in the city, so why would you pass up the offer to getting you and your boys in, especially when it's one of your birthdays? 
  • Spa Day: She'll probably need one after you liquored her up last night! Or the tolls of getting another year older. You know. Many hotel packages, like at the Luxor and New York New York,  include spa treatments. Save on your hotel room and have a relaxing day, sure. If she doesn't want to, Casino Boy will gladly take her place. Especially if it's a group massage. Hellloooooo, ladies!

There are a million other cheap ways to spend your birthday in Vegas. Just uh... be safe and don't get anyone arrested or pregnant. Unless they deserve it. (The baby, not the arrest.. Wait, what?) Everything else is fair game, we'd say! You can also save a few bucks by checking out our list of great places to eat and maintain a $30 a day budget for food. Tell us what your favorite cheapo things to do for birthday weekends in Vegas are in the comments section below, and have a happy birthday, Cheapos!


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Fear and spending in Las Vegas: 5 ways to save cash in Sin City

Published on Thu, Feb 8, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas on a budget

Las Vegas is one of the most fun cities in the entire world. However, there's always the classic Casino Boy conundrum—Las Vegas can be pricey. Between getting there and finding a cheap Vegas hotel, that doesn't leave a whole lot of dough for the average Cheapo. Thankfully, you don't have to be a high roller to score Vegas deals. Unless you are a strikingly gorgeous young lady with equally attractive female counterparts, don't expect anything to come free. However, a Las Vegas promo code and some sound planning go a long way for a tight wallet.

Las Vegas promo codes:

Casino Boy is constantly baffled why anyone would pay full price for a hotel room. Hello! There are so many Las Vegas promo codes up for grabs and all you need to do is type the code in the box. Booking directly though the hotel is often a better deal than wholesalers because there are promo codes available and the hotel staff can easily accommodate requests. Las Vegas promo codes change seasonally, but usually they can score you a room cheaper rate, free food, discounted tickets and more. Check in on a weekday and avoid large holiday or convention weekends. With these cheap Las Vegas deals, maybe you won't feel the need to steal the hotel toiletries. Also, be prepared to factor Las Vegas resort fees info your budget. (Sigh).

Las Vegas Nightclubs:

If want to go all out, spring for a Las Vegas party bus with Party Tours Las Vegas and avoid all the lines. Also, check out the best party tours for cheap or call a Las Vegas club promoter and get on the guest list. They can usually always get ladies on the guest list before midnight, and sometimes can get Vegas deals for dudes entry too. If you're of the female variety, a birthday or bridesmaid sash can go a long way. Just be polite and courteous to everyone and someone may invite you to join them at their table. Finally, check the Las Vegas club calendar and avoid nights where there is a celebrity performer. Cover charges skyrocket when a famous person is involved, so avoid the crowds and head to the next best club with DJ What's-his-name. You can also check out our page on how to party like a VIP for free! Yes. Free. Free-99. Because who doesn't love free? 

Free Las Vegas attractions:

Take advantage of all the free things to do in Las Vegas. The best Vegas deals are free! Check out the beautiful Bellagio Gardens, CBS Television City at MGM, the Mirage Volcano or the Flamingo Habitat. Head to Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas at nightfall to experience the real Sin City. There's plenty of free entertainment and cheap drinks to be found in downtown Las Vegas. Plus, there is a bus that takes you there for much cheaper than a cab if you. If you've got ample transportation, there's also a whole lot of natural beauty in Sin City. Drive out to the Hoover Dam, Mount Charleston or the world famous Grand Canyon. To save some money on transportation, walking is always a good choice and you'll be working off all those calories you consumed late last night after hitting the club. For more advice on staying fit while in Vegas, check out our guide to maintaining a bikini ready body that also includes some great attractions to visit! 

BYOB (Booze, Breakfast, Bills):

Three words: Pregame, Pregame, Pregame. Hopefully this isn't too much of a college flashback, but if you want cheap Las Vegas booze, bring your own. The Las Vegas nightclubs charge an arm and a leg for drinks, and you'll need all the cash you can get just to pay the cover and carfare. If you are close enough to Nevada, load the trunk up with the good stuff. If you fly, stop by a local grocery store before heading to the hotel. Day drinking is also a solid option because... well why not? Also, BYOB doubles as "bring your own breakfast." Chances are you'll be too drunk and broke to roll out of bed and spend money on a gourmet breakfast. Pack some cereal, orange juice and granola bars to keep the party going the next day or check out some cheap food options and advice on how to only spend $30 a day on food. Finally, bring plenty of cash and small bills for tips. Many cabbies have fees for credit cards and there is a fat ATM charge at most hotel ATMs.

This article was written by Lauren Yap, Editor of

For updates on the best Las Vegas Deals, follow Casino Boy on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and bookmark







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How to Dine in Vegas for $30 a Day or Less

Published on Tue, Feb 6, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Best Dine in Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for their buffets, but we all know that three meals a day in addition to your crazy nights out can get a bit pricey. You definitely don't want to be eating at one buffet a day, stuffing yourself so full, and hoping that it'll last you the rest of the day and night. You'll most likely be feeling extremely uncomfortable because, like many other people, you tried to get your money's worth out of that  Vegas buffet. This is pretty much a bummer for everyone involved because you're miserable from stuffing yourself, you're making the day miserable for everyone else with your rude comments, and in a few hours, you're just going to be hungry again. Let's be honest. No one wants a 'hangry' friend on their hands, especially before a night out with all of your best friends. Was that $20 buffet even worth it? 

The fact is, you can easily eat in Las Vegas for less than $30 a day. At some meals you can even have a cocktail or two at and still come in under budget. That's the dream; because who doesn't enjoy some solid day drinking? Just because you're in the land of $30 buffets and $12 drinks doesn't mean that you can't dine like a true Cheapo! Here are some of our favorite places to choose from when we're dining on $30 a day or less...

Breakfast of Champi... Errr... Cheapos

You may recognize some of these from our list of the best hangover breakfasts, but many of those Vegas eateries didn't quite make this list because you have to pay a little extra to really cure a true Vegas hangover. The following eateries, however, offer Vegas breakfast options that won't make you cringe when you see your bill. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Funny, because it's often the cheapest meal of the day, too. Some of our favorite Cheapo breakfasts include...

  • Omelet House: In Downtown Vegas, because almost everyone can get a hearty meal here for right around $8 (but remember a little extra for a tip because the service is friendly, too.) They have great breakfast specials (which, unfortunately, are not available on the weekends) as well as classic items like that you'd expect to see on every menu. Some favorites of this quaint Omelet House include, the eggs Benedict and the corned beef and hash, which are priced right. Add a $2 slice of banana nut bread if you're feeling "nutty" or a slice of their delicious pumpkin bread to celebrate the coming fall and winter months.
  • Grand Cafe at Boulder Station: This delicious 24/7 cafe is constantly offering special deals that will be kind to your wallet. Some of these meals start at just $1.99 and go up from there. At Grand Cafe, they understand your need for a solid meal after crazy nights out that won't put a major dent in your budget. You can always rely on this delicious cafe for a cheap, but quality meal with a menu that includes a wide range of food from hot buttermilk pancakes, salads and sandwiches, chili cheeseburgers, and homemade pastries and pies.
  • Peppermill Restaurant: If you want a cheap breakfast without going off the Strip, you might have to pay a little bit more, but it ends up evening out by saving you money in terms of transportation. The portions at Peppermill are huge, so sharing is an option, or just go ahead and eat the whole thing and have it last you for a while. You can also use this as your main meal and have a light lunch (like, Miller Lite for lunch, right?) instead. You can get most meals for around $10-$15, but the biscuits and gravy are <$10. (Which normally we'd complain about, but here we'll take what we can get!) Breakfast is served 24 hours so if you are one who sleeps until noon and then wants breakfast, or one who wants breakfast at 3AM after a night out, this is the place for you!
  • Marilyn's Cafe: Also located close to the Strip and open 24 hours, Marilyn's Cafe has cheap biscuits and gravy for less than price of the Peppermill, as well as many other reasonably-priced dishes. Many meals at this little Tuscany Hotel and Casino Treasure come in around $8, but if you're good at mixing and matching, you could probably get a group of side menu items for less.

Lunch (Or as we Cheapos like to refer to it, 'Happy Hour')

We cannot stress enough the importance of a hearty lunch, which usually consists of a few margaritas on special for three hours a day with free chips or a cheap meal to hold us over until we're out of the casino floor and craving something that we probably can't even taste. We've already told you our favorite Vegas happy hour specials this summer - many of which also have food specials - but for every day pricing, check out these cheap Vegas lunches:

  • Earl of Sandwich: We cannot stress enough how important these Vegas restaurants are to our wallets and hearts. If you're eating in Vegas for cheap, you're going to really appreciate the delicacies you can get here for around $6(ish). There are many favorites and they're literally all good. Also, this is a great place for vegetarians to get a solid substantial meal that doesn't just consist of a salad or french fries. If you want to change up your dining experience there is one location at Planet Hollywood and a newer location at the Palms
  • Tacos El Gordo: This one has two different locations and can be found Downtown or on the Vegas Strip to ease your lunchtime Mexican cravings. Even if that doesn't ease your stomach for the rest of the night, will be well worth it. Unlike a few cheap Mexican places (or even some of the pricey ones) the food here is pretty good. Go for the carne asada or the Adobada tacos and you won't be disappointed. Who can pass up a $2 taco that actually tastes like a delicious and nutricious taco? 

Linner, Dinner, Fourth Meal ... Fourinner? Whatever you want to call "Eating Late"...

While many of us haven't differentiated between lunch, dinner and late night specials, there are a few people in Vegas that still like to eat dinner before 10pm, or after 3pm. Most of those people are making fancy dinner reservations at Bellagio restaurants, hustling up to the buffets like suckers who couldn't put a little effort into finding a good meal deal or our friends who just woke up and are going to the places that might still be serving breakfast. If you're not one of these people, how about:

  • Ellis Island Brewery: At this 24 hour brewery, you can't go wrong with any meal here, and most of them are well-priced and will easily fit into your budget. Sandwiches, steaks, BBQ and even a little menu of house specialties can all be bought for less than $10.  This is cheap enough so you will even have enough to have a brew with your dinner, which is convenient when you're at a brewery. Their craft beers are just $2 each, so drink up!
  • Chicago Brewing Co: 24 hour, CHEAP (but gooood) beers, pizzas, and wings? Yes, sounds like dinner to us... 
  • Mr. Lucky's: Also open 24 hours, Mr. Lucky's offers breakfast all day. The Gambler Special at this Hard Rock Hotel and Casino diner for $7.77 can't really be beat for a steak, shrimp, side and a salad. It's available whenever the restaurant is open, which is always. So that's pretty agreeable, too.
  • Westside Deli: At Circus Circus, you can find a sub $5 great tasting giant hot dog here. (The effort to not make a dirty and inappropriate joke about loving giant dogs is almost as hard as resisting these dogs. We digress.)

If late-night snacking if more your thing, check out these late night Vegas restaurants whenever you get the craving for something after a long night out and about the city. Vegas may be famous for their fancy restaurants and buffets, but that doesn't mean that you have to eat at them. Vegas is also famous for their 99 cent shrimp cocktails at the casinos and the chips they serve there, too, but those chips aren't as helpful as quenching your appetite as they are at ensuring you'll surely need a Cheapo place to dine. Let us know where your favorite place to eat on the cheap is, and what you get there when you're sticking to a budget in Vegas is by commenting below, joining us on Facebook or following us on Twitter! 


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Best Las Vegas Tours

Published on Thu, Feb 1, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas Tours

Las Vegas is so huge and a Cheapo wallet is so small, there couldn’t possibly be an affordable way to see everything. Right? Well, Casino Boy has the scoop on one of the easiest ways to see not just Las Vegas, but other destinations in Nevada as well. Turns out there is more to Vegas than loosing your shirt and getting turned down at the bars. “Best Las Vegas Tours,” (we love names that are easy to remember) is a family owned and operated business made up of a small group of international tour specialists. With cheaper rates than the competition and promotional prices, Best Las Vegas Tours is a good choice for Cheapos looking to do some serious sightseeing. Here are just a few of the things to do in Las Vegas with Best Las Vegas Tours.

Book a SIGNATURE tour that features VIP Level service to the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Travel by airplane, helicopter or SUV to score some of the most breathtaking views in the country.
  • See the Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon or Monument Valley like you’ve never seen them before.
  • A SIGNATURE tour eliminates all the hassles of traveling. Each of the SIGNATURE tours include different perks such as free airfare, food, deluxe accommodations, champagne, and hotel transportation.

Las Vegas first-timers and veterans alike will find the perfect option at Best Las Vegas Tours.

  • Besides the SIGNATURE tours, there are also Cheapo budget friendly options such as Air, Bus and helicopter tours.
  • The friendly tour guides know their stuff and ensure you get the most out of the experience.
  • Breathtaking views of the Hoover Dam and the South and West Rim await, don’t forget a camera.
  • Also, many of the tours include guaranteed entry to Sky Walk, which is basically a fancy platform extending over the edge of a cliff at the Grand Canyon with see through glass below your feet. If you’re a thrill seeker, Sky Walk is a must-see in Nevada.
  • If you're looking for a way to unwind after a long day of touring and exploring, check out our Party Tours Las Vegas page as well for some great cheap options! 

Adventure Tours

Most people book a tour because they want to have an unforgettable adventure. Best Las Vegas Tours hosts some of the most fun Adventure and Specialty Tours around.

  • Go whitewater Rafting in the grand canyon, raft through Colorado river, or zip line through Bootleg Canyon.
  • Check out the mysteries of Area 51 or zip through the desert on an ATV.
  • True adrenaline junkies can take part in a top rated tandem skydive with a professional instructor. Be sure to get the video so your future kids believe you when you say, "I used to be fun!"

Ultimately, Best Las Vegas Tours does all the work and you and your group can have all the fun. Ditch the booze and loose routine and book a Las Vegas vacation you'll actually remember!

Call: 866-688-BEST  or book directly through

Have you ever taken a tour in Las Vegas? Are you brave enough to jump out of a plane? Tell us about your Las Vegas vacation! You can use the comments section below, and don't forget to check for the latest promo codes and event listings.


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Jokes That Just Don't Fly in Vegas

Published on Sat, Jan 27, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas Strip  NV

Well, we all know that Daniel Tosh has no boundaries, but when you’re in Vegas trying to have a good time, it might not be the same story.

First of all, you don’t have a whole theatre full of people who are paying to see you be offensive, so a lot of people think that’s reason enough to keep your mouth shut when you don’t have anything good to say. If you're an average Cheap0 like us, there are certain things that you just can’t get away with joking about in Las Vegas, for several reasons. (Unless of course you're The Gazillionaire.) 

There are a lot of people in Vegas that you really shouldn’t offend, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you, deals your cards, serves your drinks, lets you in the club or handles the credit card you book your room with. These are a few of the jokes that just don’t fly in Vegas, so know before you go, and way before your stupid joke draws crickets or, worse yet, cuffs..

Don’t diss the King. Elvis is The King, and we don’t take kindly to anyone who makes fun of him or anybody impersonating him. (Unless he’s Big Elvis at Harrah’s; that guy kills it. Dudes hanging out on every corner of The Strip? Not so much...)

Don’t joke about being a lot richer than you are. Seriously, stop kiddin' yourself - and your bank account - by throwing down a dime on red. The only one laughing will be Vegas... all the way to the bank, that is. Be smart and check out ways to save cash and (hopefully) not spend all your life savings in Vegas. 

Don’t go to Vegas joking about reenacting scenes from movies. The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, Fear and Loathing, Swingers... All of which are awesome movies that take place in Vegas, but few of which resemble what we consider reality. (Though Jon Favreau leaving voicemail after voicemail does hit pretty close to home.) Besides, if you think you’re going to end up on the roof of Caesars Palace, you’re just one more goof in Vegas, and that's no good for anyone.

Don’t wear a terrible outfit because you think it’s funny. Seriously, nobody thinks you’re funny except you and possibly the guy you came with that hasn’t taken more than two breaths between margarita gulps since he got here. He thinks everything is funny, but bouncers at the club and entertainers on the Strip have already labeled you "that guy" and probably won’t be letting you in. Leave the Hawaiian shirt at home, brah.

Don’t be a comedian on Twitter. Unless you’ve got Twitter on your phone, don’t log-in with any of the hotels in your room and expect to pay less than $14 a day. If you have to make fun of someone you see on the Strip, upload embarrassing photos of your friends or tell the world you just ran into the entire cast of Thunder From Down Under (#dreamcometrue), do it via phone or wait until you get home!

Don’t joke about having a fake ID. That will not help you get anywhere in life, ever. If you’re really 21 and up, there’s no reason to joke that you’re not. If you’re not, they’ll probably be able to tell; joke’s on you, buddy.

Don’t make fun of the Cheapos. Sorry* that we like good prices, no resort fees and all the freebies that the city has to offer. (OK, not all the freebies; you can hang on to those 1pm hypnosis show tickets. Seriously, we're good.) We call it being awesome practical, and while you’re gambling away your savings at the Bellagio because you didn’t know about all the Vegas tips that Cheapo Vegas tried to warn all you first timers about, we’re getting weird at our favorite (yes, cheapo) bars, or partying like VIPs for free and meeting ladies and having the time of our lives.

*Editor's Note: We’re not sorry

Don’t use the “What Happens in …” tagline to get away with everything. In the age of the Internet, nothing actually stays, well, here. Not to mention the ATM charges, poor buffet choices and mistake wives can be pretty haunting, too. Just take our advice and know that whatever happens here will be following you around well after you hop on a plane to bid Sin City adieu. What we're saying is, don't do anything we wouldn't do. Assuming, you know, we can think of something...

Don’t joke about your friend having drugs on him. We're not really sure why you would do this, but, it certainly will not end up fun for your friend, and you have got some bad karma coming your way if you and your “bro” end up explaining your loud mouth to the po-po.

Don’t joke about counting cards. That’s just dumb. Plus, we all know you can't count to 52.

If you really want to make jokes at other people's expense, we recommend doing what Casino Boy did and create a website dedicate to just that! Anyways, since we love hearing from other Cheapos, let us know what the worst joke in Vegas you heard was on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

(P.S. Alert to the Cheapos! We have a new feature on our blogs; listen up if you want to know how it works - or just press buttons until something happens like the rest of us do. From now on, you can find hotels near the events, places and fun cheapo things to do that you’re always reading about in our blogs. (Because you definitely read every single blog we write, right?) Granted, this feature is less relevant for this blog because you can stay anywhere in Vegas and still not really be able to say these things, but you can still use it to find a hotel for when you do want to stay in your price range and luxury level. Pick your dates, adjust the buttons and let Cheapo Vegas help you find a place to crash. Plus, you can still comment on our blog - and we highly encourage that you do so - in the comments section below!)


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Top Ten Places to Eat in Vegas for Under $10

Published on Sat, Jan 20, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Top ten cheap places to eat in Las Vegas

Imagine this scenario, which has never ever happened to Casino Boy. You’ve blown most of your money on gambling and yet you need something cheap and tasty to soak up some of the adult beverage that is still floating through your system. Luckily enough for you cheapos, this situation may have happened to a few friends of Casino Boy’s (but never him, of course), and we’ve scoured the Vegas strip and downtown Vegas for the top ten places to eat in Vegas for under $10. Being delicious is a requirement in addition to having cheap prices for making this prestigious list, so there is no need to be worried that just because the dishes served at these cheap Las Vegas restaurants are only a few dollars each they’ll leave you hungry and/or ill and unable to continue your partying reign of terror in Las Vegas.

1. Earl of Sandwich: So Casino Boy doesn’t know much about royalty being that he’s American and all, but he does know a tasty sandwich when he tries one, and those served up at the Earl of Sandwich in the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood certainly qualify as delicious. In fact, I’d say they deserve to be knighted! (Ok, I’ll stop pretending like I know how all that fancy stuff works). The Tuna Melt has to be the best thing on sliced bread, since well--ever, and the Full Montagu isn’t too shabby either, with a wicked combination of roast beef, turkey, swiss, cheddar, tomato and mustard sauce, served up warm on freshly baked bread.

Address: 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 760, Las Vegas, NV 89109  

2. Tacos El Gordo Las Vegas: For those of you who think that once you’ve had one taco, you’ve had them all, Casino Boy begs to differ. In fact, Tacos El Gordo is proof that that maxim (it’s a word folks, not just a magazine- get your minds out of the gutter!) couldn’t be further from the truth. The tacos served up here are definitely in the top three on the Vegas strip, and the best part is they cost around $2.50 each! Even you cheapos can fork over that kind of dough, especially when mouthwatering spicy pork tacos, carne asada and cheesy quesadillas await. One warning: if you head here late at night, you’ll be competing with the hungover crowd for a place in line. Not that describes any of you, right?

Address: 3049 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109

3. Pop Up Pizza: For grabbing a slice of pizza in downtown Las Vegas, it’s hard to imagine anything better than Pop Up Pizza. Is there a better moment in life than when you bite into a perfectly crunchy crust and the gooey goodness of the pizza oozes into your mouth? Well, some might say watching your child be born or getting married or some of that mushy stuff ranks higher, but Casino Boy wouldn’t know anything about that. For him, eating a slice of white pizza or meatball pie at this downtown Vegas is as good as it gets, and they will only set you back $3.75 a slice! Leave room for some of their amazing parmesan garlic fries; just don’t try kissing a date afterwards.
Address: 1 South Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

4. KoMex Fusion Express: Casino Boy has often thought about combining his favorite types of cuisine: for example, how great would Italian with Chinese be? No takers? Casino Boy always has these ideas dismissed by his friends as drunken revelries, but the chefs at KoMex Fusion Express make these fantasies a reality by fusing Korean with Mexican food. Their fusion burrito is unbelievably good, and the fusion torta with kimchi is out of this world. These creative concoctions won’t hurt the wallet either, as most land in the $5-$9 range.

Address: 633 N Decatur Blvd Ste H Las Vegas, NV 89107

5. Viva Las Arepas: Ever tried authentic Venezuelan food? No? Well, I would say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but chowing down on some Venezuelan food for the first time at Viva Las Arepas isn’t likely to be something you’ll regret. Save the stupid decisions for some other aspects for your Vegas getaway; food is serious business, my friends. And the cooks at this Vegas eatery offer up some seriously excellent arepas, reina pepiada with garlic shrimp, lengua and even pork butt (cue the immature laughter) that won’t disappoint. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what a lot of those dishes are. Casino Boy wasn’t sure before trying them either, and you can trust him when it comes to cheap Vegas eats. Speaking of cheap, most of the dishes at Viva Las Arepas are under $8 dollars, and some are even as low as $5!

Address: 1616 S Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 120, Las Vegas, NV 89104

6. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop: Craving a delicious sandwich after a day of partying on the strip? Capriotti’s Bobbie Sandwich is the best combination of juicy turkey, cranberry, stuffing and mayo pretty much ever, aside from mom’s thanksgiving meal, of course. The Capastrami is a popular choice as well, and with ingredients like hot pastrami, swiss cheese, Russian dressing and coleslaw, it’s easy to see why. There are hoagies, hot sandwiches and more that are sure to appeal to every cheapo out there.

Address: 4983 W Flamingo Rd, Ste D, Las Vegas, NV 89103

7. Inn N Out: I know, I know. Everyone already knows about Inn N Out, but how could Casino Boy not include it? After all these years, this West Coast establishment maintains its status as as one of the most reliable cheap eats in Vegas, and it doesn’t seem like it will be dethroned as the best place to get a burger in Las Vegas anytime soon. I think someone said that ignorance is bliss or something like that, but in the case of Inn N Out’s secret menu that is definitely not the case! Be sure to order your burger double double animal style if you want the quintessential Inn N Out burger, and for you health freaks out there, you can order yours protein style wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, which I normally would say is lame and almost sacrilegious, but since it’s Inn N Out it’s still probably pretty good.

Address: Multiple locations in Vegas

8. TJ’s Taco Bar: Looking for something with prices and flavors along the lines of Chipotle but don’t want to eat at the same place while you’re living it up in Sin City as you would at the strip mall back home? Check out TJ’s Taco Bar on the strip, and order up a Chipotle-esque burrito bowl, a tasty quesadilla and indescribably good menudo. They even have hot dogs for $1 each, which Casino Boy thought might be pretty questionable, but were surprisingly enough not only palatable, but hit the spot after he’d had his fill of Mexican food. Even the stingiest of cheapos out there cannot object to the prices of this place.

Address: 3743 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

9. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: If your girlfriend has been dragging you around shopping at the Fashion Show Mall on the strip, Casino Boy says you deserve to stop in Grimaldi’s Pizzeria as a reward. While not quite as dirt cheap as some of the other Vegas restaurants on this list, it is still easy to walk out of this Pizzeria with a bill under $10 per person. The personal pan pizza is $9, and splitting one of the awesome white garlic pizzas will be is affordable also, as they total $16 to $18 dollars depending on the size you choose to share.

Address: 3200 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste 1540, Las Vegas, NV 89109

10. Mr. Mama’s: There are some times when nothing will suffice like a heaping helping of classic American breakfast food. For Casino Boy, many of those times occur when he is wandering the Vegas strip in a drunken haze, and thankfully Mr. Mama’s is nearby to satisfy those cravings. Cheapos won’t have to break the bank to order up some scrumptious cinnamon french toast, which along with 3 eggs and a choice of meat will only cost $7.50. For those looking for something extra hearty (and likely to cause a blocked artery- but it’s Vegas, so it doesn’t count, right?) can’t go wrong with a chicken fried steak.

Address: 5580 S Decatur Blvd, Ste 112, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Be sure to try some of these tasty Cheap Las Vegas restaurants, and let us know what you think! Or make some suggestions to your fellow cheapos on your favorite cheap eats in Vegas by following the Casino Boy twitter, Cheapo Vegas facebook page and Casino Boy google plus for all the dirt on the best bargains in Vegas.


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Las Vegas Car Rental Tips

Published on Tue, Jan 9, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Las Vegas Car Rental Tips

Casino Boy sure ain't going to spring for an airplane ticket or to Vegas and his clunky old jalopy won’t make it through the desert. What’s a Cheapo to do? The most affordable option is probably to rent a car...if you know what you’re doing.

Summertime is the most expensive time to rent a car, but Las Vegas hotels have cheaper rates in the hotter months. Even if you do fly into Sin City, it may be more addordable to rent a car for some off-strip sightseeing . When booking a Las Vegas vacation, a little planning goes a long way. Las Vegas rental car Tips

  • Shop for the best Las Vegas deal online early.
  • Use a free car rental compare website such as to find the cheapest rates before you book. 
  • Read the fine print.
  •  Chances are if you are renting a car to visit Las Vegas, you’re from out of state. Be sure to check for any restrictions for where you can drive the car and if rates vary by state. 
  • Don’t focus too much on brand recognition.
  •  The car rental industry is very competitive, and many newer companies want your business more than the big guys. Plus, less popular companies have lower production costs, which may mean more savings for you and better customer service.
  • Don't always go with the cheapest supplier.
  • Blasphemy, Casino Boy! But it’s true. The queue is always longer at the counter and sometimes there’s a trade off for convenience. If you have a set schedule (such as a check-in time) for your Las Vegas trip you may not have extra hours to spend in line at McCarran International Airport.
  •  Speaking of McCarran, try and not pick your rental car up there. 
  • There are often extra surcharges and taxes. Split the cabfare and get your car somewhere else.
  • Stick to renting in 24 hour blocks to maximize time and costs 
  • Base rates are lower when you book the car for longer.
  •  To prepay or not to prepay? 
  • It’s probably cheaper in the long run to not prepay for gas and just return the car with at least half a tank. Chances are you won’t use all the prepaid gas in an economy car just driving on the Strip or Downtown. If you are on Vegas for business, are unfamiliar with the Las Vegas, or on a serious time crunch it may be worth it to prepay,...but probably not. 

For other transportation options like shuttles, airport transportation, and other luxury options check out our Las Vegas Transportation page or the Vegas Monorail for more unique opportunities! 

Have you ever rented a car in Las Vegas? Have any other tips? Tell us about your experience! You can use the comments section below, and don't forget: follow the Casino Boy Twitter, CheapoVegas Facebook, and Casino Boy Google+ pages for some more information on Las Vegas hotels, deals, nightlife, and more.


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“Best-of” Mandalay Bay: An All-Inclusive Las Vegas Experience

Published on Mon, Jan 8, 2018 by Cash Cooper
Mandalay Bay

Who needs a “Best-of” list, when one place has it all? Casino Boy loves a well rounded Las Vegas experience, but he hates the hassle of running all over the Strip. What’s a Cheapo to do? Book at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, that’s what.


Okay, we get it. You really like those “Best-of” lists. So you can have on anyway. Here’s our “Best-of Mandalay Bay” list, so you can book your Las Vegas getaway without the fuss of, you know, planning and stuff.


1) First and foremost, The Rooms: Mandalay Bay’s “Standard” rooms are larger than average, weighing in at 550 square feet or more. That’s almost double the size of an upscale apartment in New York City, helloooo! Guests will also enjoy fancy bathrooms with large tubs to soak in at the end of the day, and a separate shower for when you’re done stewing in your own juices (not judging - we get it, it feels nice. Maybe try the spa while you’re at it.). Not big enough? Upgrade to a stay in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas’ THEHotel for a whopping 725 square foot room, and vacation like the king that you are. Remember that kings don’t need to steal the extra fancy shampoo and conditioner bottles from their hotel rooms, you Cheapo.


2) Not sold yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got a ways to go. The Casino: Allow me to take a moment and say...Duh. It’s not a Vegas vacation if you don’t hit up the slots, and thankfully the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino has plenty. No, seriously. Mandalay has over 2,000 machines, from mere pennies to $100 per spin. Ante-up and spend the big bucks, c’mon. Better yet: While the focus at Mandalay is on slots (meaning you’re not going to find as many video poker games), they have a huge variety including machines based on popular TV shows. So go find your favorite, and we won’t tell your friends you hit up the Toddlers in Tiaras machine (.....Ugh, we really hope that’s not a real machine).


3)  The Shows: “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you’re telling yourself, “Vegas shows are a dime a dozen on the Strip, there’s no way Mandalay has the one I want to see.” Well, you’re probably wrong. And if you’re not, consider revising your taste in entertainment. Mandalay Bay is home to House of Blues, one of the most famous music venues in the world, so odds are you’ll catch a show you like. Mandalay Bay Entertainment also hosts Las Vegas’ production of Disney’s The Lion King, one of the most popular musical theater productions of all time. And it’s family-friendly to boot!


4) Better than Card Sharks, The Shark Reef Aquarium: A permanent exhibit at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, this aquarium holds about 1.6 million gallons of water which is home to over 2,000 animals. Yowza. These include sawfish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, jellyfish, piranha, over 30 kinds of sharks and the rare golden crocodile. Feeling brave? If you’re dive certified, you can make a reservation to dive in the tank and swim with the sharks. Or make like Casino Boy and just watch the poor fools who try from the outside of the tank. Okay, that was pretty mean, but you can feel better knowing this: Mandalay’s Shark Reef is dedicated to conservation and preservation, and offers a comprehensive educational program.

5) Don’t Forget The Food: Casino Boy is a growing young man (ha!) which means he needs to eat well. Good thing Mandalay Bay has a number of in-house restaurants. Scope out the eats at at the upscale Mix, or drag the family along to the Border Grill. Wherever you end up, remember that you’ve got tons of options with a variety of atmospheres and cuisines. Border Grill has a Mexican flair while Rick Moonen’s focuses on steak & seafood. Lupo’s on the other hand serves up some mean Italian dishes. Whatever you’re craving, it’s on the menu.


6) Cap Off the Night at one of Mandalay’s Clubs: Five seemed like a good, solid number to end at but we just couldn’t leave out the clubs at Mandalay Bay Resort. Forgot to book tickets to see a show? Catch some a performerance at the LIGHT Nightclub, just keep in mind the cover charge ($40-50 for men, $20 for the ladies) is a more expensive. Skip the cover altogether at Eyecandy Lounge, or have a less expensive and more laid back time at the Mix Lounge.


If you plan your Las Vegas vacation at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino there’s really no reason to even leave your hotel. But of course, if you have to, at least Mandalay Bay is centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip. Go ahead, book with Mandalay. You’ll thank us later.


This blog was written by Cash Cooper , an editor at authority on all things Las Vegas including hotels, casinos, promos and more.



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How to Get a Drink QUICK in Vegas

Published on Fri, Dec 1, 2017 by Cash Cooper
Drinking in Las Vegas

I'm sad to say that Christmas is over, but thankfully we have something else to look forward to: New Years Eve in Vegas!

You're in Vegas, so when you go to the watering hole of your choice, you're expecting some liquid libations worth the big bucks you're spending. You deserve something a little stronger when you're paying top dollar on a drink and when you just spent the hollidays impressing your girlfriend/boyfriend's family, right? Well, that depends; there are certain moves that could have your bartender turning up his nose at the thought of taking your money, or at least making you wait until everyone else has been served.

When you're in Vegas, "waiting your turn" is pretty much the worst thing that could possibly happen to you (OK, so we're being a little dramatic), so here are a few ways to treat your bartender so that you're not left waiting for eternity at the end of the bar while even that creepy old guy gets to down his second Long Island of the morning before you.

Don't Cause a Ruckus
Obviously don't cause a scene in any way, shape or form (i.e. don't whoop and holler at your bartender to try to get their attention.) They see you there. They aren't ignoring the green in your hands on purpose. Chances are, they're just busy. Nobody likes to be yelled at, and definitely nobody wants to be bossed around by customers, either. Wait a minute before you decide you need to cause a scene in order to attract their attention.

Rather than get kicked out da' club, we recommend that you stand there politely, make eye contact (but not enough to be creepy or you're probably getting a virgin daiquiri) and perhaps show a little...ahem... skin. This may work on the guys, but we're not making any promises, ladies. As for the dudes, you know the deal - money talks.

It's Not Always Their Fault
Don't hate your bartender because they can't make your drink "strong" even though you gave them a semi-acceptable version of a wink and smirk. There are reasons that some bars can't make their drinks strong unless you order a double, and that's because most bars are required to do regulation pours, or it could cost them money (or their job.) It's not your bartender's fault that they can't get you drunk for cheap just because you asked. (But of course it never hurts to ask.) Just don't get mad or pouty when it doesn't work out for you, or you've blown all chances of getting on their good side. (We know, some bartenders just aren't good, and to those, we obviously give you the right to move on to the next bar.)

Don't Give a Skimpy Tip
If you're paying in cash and tipping by the drink, paying for a $9.50 drink, handing your bartender a $10 and telling her to "keep the change" is not going to get you a lot of attention in the future. If you're planning on giving terrible tips, definitely open a tab and save her the harsh reality for the end of the night. Or be a decent human being and learn how to tip your bartender properly. They aren't the ones setting the prices; so if those are what you're mad about, find a bar with better-priced drinks instead of making up for the drink prices by a lack of tipping. It works out better for everyone - their ego and your blood-alcohol level.

They Don't Want to Get Involved
You're on vacation. In Vegas. These bartenders probably aren't going to be your best friend forever since you don't live here, so don't try to hog their time. While we're on the topic, don't try to get them involved in your personal lives, either. Having a fight with your boyfriend at the bar? That's fine. Who hasn't been there? Don't ask your bartender to settle a domestic dispute, because that will definitely get him mingling at the other end of the bar, avoiding the two of you, for the rest of the evening. 

Speaking of Couples...
Or you know, people you just met, (and all the other general things that happen in Vegas) if you're sucking face for 10 minutes and wonder why you still haven't received the offer of a drink yet, well... Don't make it awkward for everyone, especially your bartender. They aren't going to interrupt your PDA to help you out. You look like you're already doing fine on your own, so while they are going to spend more time getting a good time going for the rest of the bar, they are also avoiding awkward interactions with your public bedroom scene. Not only will they avoid you, but often times this could often get you cut off completely. Is any kiss worth one less Budweiser? That's debatable...

Bartenders Like To Chat
But only when they have the time. If you're the only one in the bar and the two of you are just standing around, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation. Not only does this ease the awkward tension in the room, but many times friendly patrons reap more benefits than just having someone to talk about sports and booze with while they're traveling. The perfect answer to "oh, you're making new cocktails all the time, what's the latest one you've perfected" is "here, how about I make it for you, and it's on the house since you didn't actually order it." This doesn't happen every time, but obviously it's more likely to happen when you've charmed your way into their heart while they had nothing better to do.

They Don't All Like Being Hit On
Nope, most people didn't become a bartender to pick up all the tourists coming into town for a night, so believe it or not, they are not trying to go home with you just because you happened to walk into their bar alone. If you're going to hit on a bartender in Vegas all night, at least give the girl (or guy) a big tip to make all that worth it. And don't expect to leave with more than you walked in with, other than a buzz, maybe.

Bartenders in Las Vegas have seen it all. Really, probably a lot more than other bartenders see. Don't try to be ultra coy and think you're going to weasel your way into better deals and stronger drinks, because for most people, that just doesn't work. Basically, think of your idea of a good customer and be that. If you don't like the prices, don't order the drinks. If you don't like the atmosphere, go to a different bar. Don't complain to your bartender, or loudly to everyone around you, and expect to get better service.

There are plenty of Vegas happy hours, cheap bars and Las Vegas coupons that can get you better deals on drinks. If pricing is your issue, take advantage of all of those great deals and of these late night cheap food options as well because we know you'll probably be needing something to cure that hangover tomorrow morning. 

There's a different kind of bar (and many times, multiple different bars) in every hotel in Las Vegas, so as long as you know the kind of places you like to hang out in, you'll certainly find somewhere you don't mind staying for a few rounds, and that just makes life easier for everyone!

What are your tricks for staying on your bartenders good side when you're in Sin City? Let us know in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Feel free to @ your favorite bars, and bartenders, to let them know what a great time you had with them and spread the word to other Cheapos.


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Sin 'n' Win-terland: Take advantage of the 2016 Holiday Season in Las Vegas

Published on Thu, Nov 16, 2017 by Cash Cooper
Sin 'n' Win-terland

 Kick up your winter wonderland festivities in Sin City this holiday season. Leave the kids at home - it's time to take full advantage of the hottest holiday clubs and casinos the Entertainment Capital of the World, and then finish off your evening (or, start it) with a traditional holiday dinner! Find out why thousands flock to Las Vegas during the winter holidays.

Casinos that have a Reputation for Having Inexpensive and Loose Slots:

This Thanksgiving, find the slots that offer your best bet for winning big! It's time to start raking in the money for some holiday fun in Las Vegas. Don't worry, tell your mom it's so you can buy her a really nice Christmas present (and if you don't win big, just write her a really nice card. She'll still be thrilled).

  • Aria Las Vegas: Play for only pennies. With a bargain like that, you'll probably get suckered into playing all night. So you might as well join the M Life Slot Club to get special offers on rooms and rates.
  • Palace Station: To be fair, these slots may not be especially loose, but they're not expensive either, with options from only a nickle to 25 cents. Go crazy.

 Best Places to Party:

Holidays mean parties, right? Play your part in the season of giving yourself an awesome time. Don't worry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you post pictures to your Facebook page. In which case, you're on your own.

  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino: Hit up their in-house club The Joint Las Vegas and you'll find out pretty quick why the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the most popular party hotels on the Strip. Just be ready for things to get a bit crazy.
  • Wynn Las Vegas: Head over to Tryst Las Vegas inside the Wynn for a bit more of an intimate atmosphere, but don't think "intimate" means it's not a class act. It is. The Tryst has its own waterfall, so book it on over there and party it up. Just, you know, keep it classy.

Best Places to Find a Holiday Menu:

Just because you're having an atypical holiday in Sin City, doesn't mean you have to skip out on the typical traditional feast. Scope out the Thanksgiving and Christmas menus at some of these Las Vegas restaurants, and get your fill of that turkey and stuffing. Just don't start thinking that you'll be burning it off at the casino; pulling the handle on that slot machine doesn't count as exercise.

  • Central by Michel Richard: Choose a three-course meal from a prix-fixe menu with a few different options. Chef Michel Richard will be serving up some traditional American holiday cuisine such as chestnut soup, roasted turkey with cornbread stuffing, and spiced pumpkin pie. You might be tightening your belt at the slots, but you'll be loosening it at the dinner table.
  • Bacchanal Buffet: Get stuffed with a full spread of Thanksgiving dinners at Bacchanal. Gobble up som pumpkin soup served in corn bread muffins (yeah, you read that right), turkey pot pie, and sweet potatoe gnocci served with maple, sage and brown butter. What doesn't stay in Vegas is the weight you'll gain filling yourself on this delicious meal. Eat responsibly!


sweet potato gnocchi with maple, sage and brown butter. - See more at:

 Go ahead. Get ready to win this winterland in Sin City.


This blog was written by Cash Cooper, editor for


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