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Picasso Las Vegas

A five-diamond French restaurant in The Bellagio. Oui?

Picasso Restaurant Las Vegas NV

Best Vegas Restaurants to Spot a Celeb

Hey, celebrities have to eat too! Catch them scarfing at these Las Vegas Restaurants!

Let's face it, most of us are never going to come in contact with a famous celebrity.  Maybe we aren't cool enough, maybe there is a restraining order (we don't judge).  If you want a chance to see your favorite celeb macking a burger or downing a Bud Light (hey, they're just like us), these restaurants in Vegas are your best bet.

  • Joel Robuchon: Joel Robuchon is among the few 5-star Las Vegas restaurants.  As one of the many French-themed restaurants in Vegas, Joel Robuchon creates ambiance with crystal chandeliers and velvet accents as well as an elegant ivy-walled outside dining area.  No wonder the stars love it here. The food from Executive Chef Joel Robuchon is unparalleled and gives you a truly world-class Vegas dining experience. It's not like having wings at Hooters, but we like it.
  • TENDER Steak and Seafood: A favorite among the more masculine celebrities, TENDER Steak and Seafood satisfies even the most burly carnivores.  Located in The Luxor, TENDER offers eight different cheese choices making it one of the top restaurants in Las Vegas.  Who doesn't love cheese and meat?  TENDER is every meat-eaters dream, so sharpen those fangs and dig in.

I Love This Bar and Grill

Chicken-fried steak and Toby Keith? Sign us up!

I Love This Bar and Grill Restaurant Nevada

Healthy Las Vegas Restaurants

Make up for last night's binge fest with a healthy meal at one of these restaurants in Las Vegas.

Trips to Vegas are not usually associated with making healthy decisions but luckily there are a few Las Vegas restaurants that can help.  Just because you overdid it last night doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself today.  Have you seen the girls at the pool?  Better avoid that grease burger and keep an eye on the waist line if you want to have a chance with them. At least that's what they told us.

  • Canyon Ranch Grill at The Palazzo: Canyon Ranch Grill located inside The Palazzo is in a world of it's own among Las Vegas restaurants.  Serving healthy options for breakfast and lunch, Canyon Ranch Grill is exactly what you need to recover from this morning's 4am pizza run.  Revive yourself with the Spaclub Vegetable Stir-fry and a side order of Kale Chips with Ranch.  Yum!
  • American Fish at the Aria: Located inside the super posh Vegas hotel, The Aria, American Fish offers a healthy alternative to the plethora of artery-clogging restaurants in Las Vegas.  Fresh fish, refined cuisine with seasonal ingredients, and four signature cooking methods, make American Fish a refreshing change from the typical restaurants Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, and that includes amazing Las Vegas restaurants. After spending hours in a smoke-filled casino, or seeing a classic Las Vegas show, there is nothing better than sitting down to one of the incredible fine-dining restaurants in Las Vegas or grabbing a quick bite in one of the many phenomenal Las Vegas Restaurants. Let Casino Boy tell you where to stuff your face at his favorite restaurants in Vegas below.

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As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas knows that half the fun of a vacation is eating out.  At least it is for us little foodies.  Las Vegas restaurants are scattered all over Sin City from awesome sushi to American diners, there is something to satisfy all your cravings.

Restaurants in Vegas are among some of the best in the world and there is a ton of variety.  Some restaurants in Las Vegas come with naked dancers, others focus on romantic decor, but each restaurant is unique and brings something to the table in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas restaurants are constantly trying to out-do one another.  Even the super cheap buffets are working to make a name for themselves on the Vegas Strip.  Some go for amazing architecture, others opt for a famous chef but no matter what they are trying to accomplish, the competition keeps things spicy.

The restaurants in Vegas vary from upscale to complete dives but they are all trying to keep up in a super competitive restaurant industry.  People have to eat in Vegas and quality may not matter after going broke on the Vegas Strip or a late night destination for a greasy bite.  Las Vegas restaurants have something for everyone.