The Linq Las Vegas Becomes More of A Reality with the Closing of O'Sheas

Published on Wed, Mar 28, 2012 by hanna.rahimi
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The news about the Linq Las Vegas has been floating around since late last summer but until recently it really just seemed to Casino Boy like a whole lot of hullabaloo. Of course, he's the kind of guy who doesn't believe anything 'til he sees it. However, the big (semi-) recent news in Las Vegas is that O'Sheas - one of our old favorites on the Strip - will be closing its doors on April 30 to make room for the development of the Linq, Las Vegas' newest scheme to spice up life on the Strip with more jobs and more tourist traps...errr...we mean tourist attractions.

Actually, The Linq plans seem pretty spiffy and if the place turns out the way the drawings depict, you might even catch Casino Boy hanging out on the ferri- errr, sorry, OBSERVATION wheel. (It's seriously a ferris wheel.)

While the 550 ft. observation wheel is arguably the most visually enticing part of the plans for the Linq, the $550 million Vegas project is also supposed to include shopping venues, new Las Vegas restaurants, and several new Vegas nightlife options because there definitely aren't enough pricey nightclubs on the Strip.

And yes - it does sound a lot like the Las Vegas CityCenter;  however, Caesars Entertainment promises the Linq Las Vegas will take the Cheapo cake. (And no, we're not totally sure what that means, either. At least one thing is sure - if they stick to their promise of staying away from luxury shops like Dior and Luis Vuitton, Casino Boy might actually be able to afford to shop at the Linq Las Vegas.

So why does O'Sheas Casino have to close? We know it as the home of cheap Las Vegas gaming, discount beer specials and that tip top o' the morning Irish theme, but it's the $5 blackjack tables at O'Sheas Casino Boy will miss the most. Well, that and the Subway in the food court - those guys could really a make a cold cut combo like no other. 

The idea is that the new Las Vegas Linq will be located in the center of the Strip, connecting the Flamingo and Imperial Palace, so O'Sheas is sadly in the way and has to go. However, a new O'Sheas is rumored to be a part of the Linq - time will tell if Caesars holds good on that plan, as well.

Another casualty of the Linq that we're less concerned about was revealed earlier this week, when Caesars announced Rockhouse at the Imperial would be moved temporarily to Planet Hollywood down the road. Upon hearing the news, Cheapos everywhere let out a collective, "Meh." But hey, we figured we'd let you know.

Anyways, the bottom line about the Vegas Linq is that it's no longer just a long-rumored myth, with developers predicting is that it will be open to customers in 2013. Until then, Cheapos, we'll keep you posted on the possible resurrection of O'Sheas. Hey - greater miracles have happened...


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