Cheap Vegas Hotels on the Strip

The Quad Las Vegas

Yeah the decor might be kinda tacky but come on, for these prices and this location does it really matter how it looks?

The Quad Resort Las Vegas NV

Cheap Vegas Strip Hotels

These are the Vegas hotels where you save bank but are still right in the middle of all the Sin City action.

When you go to Vegas there is so much to do and see and so, so much to spend money on, who wants to splurge on a Vegas hotel? In all honesty, don't you just need a place to sleep for a couple hours in between hitting the casinos, clubs and shows?

Well the cool thing about Sin City is there are cheap Vegas hotels on the Strip that are actually pretty manageable. It's true you might have to deal with some outdated technology and some not-so-trendy decor, but hey - it'll be worth it when you realize all that money you saved can go to a couple more drinks to help blur your vision.

Some of the most classic hotels in Vegas actually offer amazingly low rates, if you look for them. Check out our compare table below for the best cheap Vegas hotels on the Strip. These hotels will not only give you good rates, but they will also let you lay your head exactly where you want to be - in the middle of all the Vegas action.

So if you're serious about saving money, Cheapo Vegas is the place to be. Just remember you might end up staying in cheap hotels on the Vegas Strip with unique decorations and outrageous themes in the process.

Excalibur Las Vegas

A kid's paradise, this place is literally a giant castle. Stay here if you like savings and don't hate children.

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas NV

The Good Ol' Days

These cheap Vegas hotels have a lot of history under their belts. But don't worry, they buy new sheets pretty often.

Las Vegas did not magically spring up overnight as the single hottest party and entertainment destination in the area, it actually has a long history that includes everything from gangster mobs to gambling empires - oh wait, those are the same thing. Check out these cheap Vegas Strip hotels with a past.

  • The Quad Las Vegas: You know that Asian decor that looks so classy at Tao Las Vegas and the new Mandarin Oriental? Yeah well as hard as The Quad tries, their Asian theme always comes off a bit tacky. But the low rates and the location are definitely worth the mildly awkward reds and golds. And whatever you do, don't miss out on getting in touch with your sensitive side at the The Quad Karaoke Club.
  • Bally's Las Vegas: This place is home to the original girlie show - Jubilee. Don't worry, the girls aren't as old as the hotel. Oh and if you look for them, you can try all of the original slot machines before they even hit the other casinos. How's that for new? Not to mention Bally's is one of the top cheap hotels on the Vegas Strip when it comes to low rates.

Finding a good hotel is the first step in planning a trip to Vegas and the price and location of your Vegas hotel can make or break your vacation. Stay at the best cheap Vegas hotels on the Strip and you'll be in the middle of all the action with a few extra bills in your wallet - just don't be surprised when low prices mean you aren't staying at the Wynn.

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Stratosphere Vegas

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5 Reviews

The neon sign for the Lounge may feature a martini glass, symbolizing Rat Pack cool. The show at the Stratosphere, American Superstars, reinforces the opinion that American isolationism is no viable strategy.  But the roller coasters are pretty cool if you like heights....

Address: 2000 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89104
Region: Strip
$50* Book Now

Tropicana Las Vegas

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10 Reviews

Want to sip a Mai-Tai on a South Florida Beach without the cramped plane ride and screaming kids?  Head over to Tropicana Las Vegas where you can make a few bucks, lose a few more, and scare the locals in your favorite Hawaiian-print banana-hammock....

Address: 3801 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109
Region: Strip
$76* Book Now

Treasure Island

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3 Reviews

Argh! Shiver me timbers! TI is a lot cleaner and classier than the usual pirate's den. Even the new Sirens of TI show is more seductive than it is intimidating....

Address: 3300 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109

Las Vegas is the place adults go to spend all their hard earned money, that's why they call it a Giant Adult Playground. But here at Cheapo Vegas we know that the best way to travel is to enjoy all the fun of Vegas at the absolute lowest price possible, taking advantage of all the best Las Vegas deals.

Luckily for us, there are cheap Vegas hotels on the Strip that offer low nightly rates and promotion deals that make it possible to drop money on Vegas entertainment and still pay our monthly bills back home. Of course, the lower the hotel prices go the more likely you'll find yourself in a less-than-classy establishment, but hey - they always guarantee a bed.

Some of the best cheap Vegas Strip hotels are so old your great grandparents could have gambled there and the fact that Vegas hotel rooms at these places are priced so low just gives you a chance to experience history. Then of course, there are always the cheap hotels on the Las Vegas Strip that have such cheesy themes you should stay there just for the chance to roll your eyes all day.

No matter which cheap Vegas Strip hotels sound least offensive to you, just remember that with Las Vegas coupons you can save even more. And honestly, if you're saving enough on your rooms at cheap Vegas hotels on the Strip that you can buy that extra beer or five, who cares if the walls are painted pink?