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Use our simple Cheapo Vegas hotel search below to figure out the perfect Las Vegas hotel for you ! It's that easy with Casino Boy's handy-dandy Vegas hotel search tool. Think about what's most important to you from the Las Vegas hotel categories below. There are all kinds of different hotels in Las Vegas to stay at - in fact, you can span the entire globe just by walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip

Submit your preferences to Cheapo Vegas and see which hotels in Vegas meet your high demands! Once you've found the perfect hotel for you,  check out Las Vegas deals on everything from hotels to tours, shows and more to get the most bang for your buck ... Enjoy!

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There are several different factors to consider when booking Las Vegas hotels. A family travelling with kids will be looking for something very different from a business man, who will be looking for something different than a group of young 20 somethings looking to frequent numerous hot spots and hotels in Vegas.

 The best hotel Las Vegas has to offer is the establishment that best satisfies your needs and desires. Although we specialize in saving a buck or two and looking at things from the Cheapo perspective, more expensive hotels in Vegas can be worth it for that special occasion or with enough roommates sharing each room.

Many times, the hotel specifics come secondary to the casino when trying to choose Vegas Strip hotels. Here, you can hone your search to only the best sports books, or cheapest minimums or best video poker machines. No detail is too insignificant when it comes to our breakdown of Las Vegas hotels.

Other specifics you can search for with our Cheapo Vegas hotel search include quality of nightlife, buffet, and the pool at just about every one of the Las Vegas hotels available. These intangibles can be a big deal depending on the focus of your trip as well as your willingness to visit numerous hotels in Vegas. 

No matter which Las Vegas hotels end up tickling your fancy, be sure to check out our selection of Las Vegas coupons and related information on the best deals in Sin City. Also be sure to read not just our brief "Skinny" on each page, but also the summaries and nitty gritty details on all of the hotels in Vegas you are considering. In the end, Casino Boy will make sure your next Vegas hotel booking doesn't break the bank with his Las Vegas deals on hotels, tours, shows and more!