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Nope, we're not talking about your high school girlfriend, although she'd love these things to do in Las Vegas too!

  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: Visit Madame Tussands Wax Museum in Las Vegas to get up close and personal to your favorite celebrities, historical figures, athletes and politicians! This discounted special price allows you to experience the most realistic wax figures in the entire world at a great price, and new additions include Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas, Lady Gaga and TV star Eva Longoria!
  • CSI: The Experience:  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a crime scene investigator? Now's your chance to crack the case! Examine evidence with real  forensic scientists, eliminate suspects and, ultimately, identify the murderer in this informative and exciting Vegas attraction based on the famous TV show.
  • Bellagio Fountains: While we're playing the fame game, think of all the celebrities who have stood and movie scenes that have been filmed in front of these iconic fountains. You'll spend less dough on this romantic spot than you would on any other romantic gesture you could probably think of yourself.

Dueling Piano Competitions

You can showcase your musical talents and challenge other. One of the many more subtle nighttime Las Vegas things to do.

Dueling Piano Competitions Las Vegas Nevada

Thrilling Things to Do in Las Vegas

Not the same thrill you get from losing all your money in Roullette. These things may really make your gut wrench.

  • Exotic Diving ExperienceIf you're bored of your car or tired of feeling confined because the extent of your fast car experience comes down to watching NASCAR and settling for lawn mower racing back home, get over to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to drive a Porche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any other car you'd never be able to afford! First you get instructions on how to drive these babies, then you get a personal pro driving instructor who sits next to you in case you forget how to shift gears or turn left. They aren't nags though, they give you the best driving experience you could ever ask for.
  • Bootleg Canyon FlightlinesIf you just drove all the way to Vegas, you might not want to sit in another car, even one way better than your minivan full of teddy bears and Dora DVDs. Either way, the zip-line tour in Boulder City can definitely get you out in the open air. You can soar over 1000 ft above the Las Vegas desert and mountains. You'll still be going fast though, so hold on to your harness because some people can get up to 50 mph..Woah! That might not sound very speedy if you're used to driving in a car, but any bugs you come in contact with going this speed will be just as bad off as they are in your kitchen with a fly swatter.

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Skydiving Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Lights Tour

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Las Vegas Things to Do don't end at drinking and casino gambling. There is tons of Las Vegas history to experience, as well as modern marvels to explore that will keep you occupied. When you're tired of drunken things to do, Vegas has a million things you can enjoy sober as a whistle, and lots of them are cheap as a whistle too. Unless you're a hot shot and like really fancy whistles. These things picked by Casino Boy are cheap like the cheap whistles though. Plus, Casino Boy's cheap whistles are far more enjoyable.

There is never ending shopping and sightseeing in Vegas. Check out the famous attractions like the Bellagio Fountains and the Statosphere Tower. If you're looking for even more thrilling or adventurous things to do Vegas, there are tons of roller coasters and rides in the various hotels, like Adventuredome in Circus Circus or the New York New York Roller Coaster. There are also more intense and thrilling activities like driving fancy cars at fast speeds on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or cruising up to 50 mph on a zipline over the desert and mountains. 

Let's be real, you didn't come to Las Vegas to sit inside the hotel all night. Instead of wandering the streets looking for the best Las Vegas clubs, let the professionals take care of it. Score Las Vegas club passes for way less than the GA suckers with a Vegas club promoter. Many companies offer services such as party busses, Las Vegas club crawls, bottle service and free drinks! Las Vegas nightlife club passes are the only way you're going to get the VIP treatment (no line and no cover). Unless you're a celebrity or a group of ten smokin' hot which case you probably wouldn't give Casino Boy the time of day. 

Many of these Las Vegas things to do have no age limit, unless it's driving a car, obviously your 8 year old can't do that. Unless you go to the bumper car places, which Las Vegas also has! If you're traveling with kids and family, there are actually a lot more things to do than just drink and gamble in the casino while the children watch. Some things are more educational than others, if you're one of those parents that are in to that kind of thing. And some of them are just plain fun. So don't be boring and sit in your luxury suite the whole time you're on vacation. There are tons of Las Vegas things to do that you will be sad you missed out on.

Cheapo Vegas has done all the research on the best things-to-do in Las Vegas... so take Casino Boy's word for it! You can waste your time doing more research if you want, but time is money and you'll want plenty of money when you hit the Las Vegas Strip.