Photos from Sahara Hotel Vegas

The outside of the Sahara, with the rollercoaster in front,. The coast makes a loop, goes under the sidewalk and then stops up in the air, before returning in reverse.

The Sahara casino is set up for low-rollers and you won't find many whales gambling here. Be careful, though, some of the lowest limit games only appear cheap while the rules are very unfavorable.

Sahara has a large area of the casino dedicated to NASCAR, including a cafe themed for the car racing that serves large food portions.

The Sahara pool is decent. It's got no lagoons, no fancy waterfalls, but there is a hot tub and it is well located for sunshine.

A Moroccan soldier watches over the casino at the Sahara. Don't worry, he's not real, so he won't shoot you for squirreling chips.