adami Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 6/13

I'm a fan

Venue Reviewed: The Palms Hotel Vegas

I'm a fan of the Palms. They have great gambling, some of the best video poker you will find anywhere in town at the quarter level, and they treat repeat customers well. They send me free room offers during their slow times and I've taken advantage of it a couple times - I'm no high roller. I like its off strip location which still has easy access to the strip - free shuttles at the Palms and across the street at the Gold Coast. They have a couple clubs which are packed on the weekends, but slow during the week. Customer service is good, their buffet is a pretty good deal, and they have a decent movie theater, and a food court. The Palms is a good choice for people who are less than middle age, like to gamble, and not a first time visitor to Vegas (first timers should stay on the strip).

What they could do better:

They need to hire a few more cocktail waitresses for busy times, they could include some beach balls or something in the pool area, the booking service they use sends out what looks like a receipt for rack rate on a comp room - I had to call back to check on that after booking, the promo machines work as often as they don't, and the Superior room I was given last time was a little shabbier than expected.