Upscale Vegas Restaurants

Top of the World Restaurant

It may feel like you're making your way across the universe to get here, but soon you'll be on top of the world.

Top of the World Restaurant Las Vegas NV

At the Bellagio

The Bellagio has our favorite upscale restaurants in Vegas. Because they come with a free fountain show. We like free!

Of all the upscale restaurants in Vegas, you probably can't go much better than the ones in the beautiful Bellagio. There's no better way to charm a ladythan at a Las Vegas fine dining experience with a view of the Bellagio Fountain shows.

  • Picasso: They've got lots of wine and are located in the conservatory among lots of flowers. Those two alone are enough reason to come here, but the European food and fancy Picasso paintings on the walls make this a well rounded meal.
  • Michael Mina: This popular Vegas seafood restaurant is open for dinner only and is basically Las Vegas Fine Dining at it's finest. Most people stick to the Prix-Fixe meals for about $120 a head, but if you bring a date that doesn't eat meat, then you're in luck, because those dinners aren't nearly as pricey. Yes, there are benefits to dating a vegetarian!
  • Le Cirque: You don't have to go all the way over to Paris to get your French fixings. They've got lots of sommeliers to help you pick out wines to go with the unique foods they serve up at ridiculously high prices. Las Vegas fine dining doesn't get any more playful than this.

Joël Robuchon

Don't leave your jacket and tie at home when you eat here, and we aren't talking about your leather Harley jacket.

Joel Robuchon Restaurant Las Vegas Nevada

Cultured Cuisine

Upscale restaurants in Vegas are known for more than just burgers and fries. They have cuisines from all over the world.

Las Vegas brings the best from all over the world into one city. They've recreated New York, Paris, Italy, and give you foods from even more places than that. When you can't travel to every country in the world, go to the Vegas upscale restaurants to still experience all the worldly cuisines.

  • Zefferino: Here is one of the best Vegas upscale restaurants that serves up some gourmet Italian seafood. Like everything else in the Venetian Hotel, it's not super affordable, although if you're looking for fine dining in Vegas, you won't get cheap anyways. Even the meals on special will set you back a pretty penny. Yikes!  
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant: Yep, this is just like eating in Paris , and you'll easily spend as much as you would actually going to Paris on one meal. Actually, it's not that expensive, but it's easily just about the most expensive restaurant in town. Make sure you dress proper, and don't just put on a beret and think you're in the dress code. Make reservations in advance, and why dine in any of the Vegas upscale restaurants unless you're there for sunset? 

You might be dining at one of the Vegas upscale restaurants to celebrate your winnings, enjoying a special occasion or just trying to dazzle the girl you met at the club last night. And while there's a good chance that she'll love just about any of the upscale restaurants in Vegas, some will impress her a little more than others. Believe it or not, the cheapest of Cheapos - Casino Boy - actually knows where to find the best upscale restaurants in Las Vegas. (And no, he didn't run out on the check - not every time, anyways.) Ya' know, we wish someone would impress us like that every once in a while and give us the chance to chow down at one of these upscale restaurants in Vegas. Maybe if we didn't say things like "chow down" someone might?