Cheapo Eats - The Best Buffets in Vegas

Sterling Brunch at Bally's Las Vegas

If you're looking for all you can eat caviar, crab legs, champagne and more, you'll gladly drop $85 a person here.

Sterling Brunch Las Vegas NV

Best Buffets in Las Vegas

There are a ton of buffets in Vegas, but we have the real deal on which buffets are the best in Vegas.

When a buffet is just called "The Buffet" you know exactly what you're getting into. And when they are at the some of the fanciest hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, they don't need anything more than a simple name to attract crowds. And crowds is what you can expect at these popular Las Vegas buffets.

  • The Buffet At Bellagio: This is one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, but it's still not the most expensive. Yeah, you'd think that since it was the Bellagio, they'd charge the most, but you're in luck, because they don't! They've got the best deal on lunch in town, which is really the best time to go to a buffet in the first place. Plenty of time to walk off the 5  plates you shove down your trap before you have to squeeze in your party clothes that night.
  • The Buffet At Wynn: One of the best upscale buffets in Vegas, but it's still just a buffet, so expect all the same options you'll get everywhere else. They do have some of the high-end stuff on the menu though, which puts it at the top of the list.

Feast Buffet at Red Rock Casino

Feast your eyes on all the endless options and the Las Vegas locals that gather at this off the Strip buffet.

Feast Buffet Las Vegas Nevada

Best For Brunch

Why have breakfast or lunch when you can eat more food than both combined at a Vegas buffet?

When you're looking for buffets in Las Vegas with a good brunch menu, you'll surely have a wide array to choose from, but some stand out more than others. These Las Vegas buffets are both in popular hotels on the Strip. They get a lot of traffic and the food stays fresh, especially during brunch-time.

  • Wicked Spoon: This is one of the trendier Las Vegas buffets, just because it's in The Cosmopolitan. Wicked Spoon Buffet is like other buffets on the Strip except they try to make it more intimate by squeezing everyone into a smaller space. Don't worry, most people that come here shower often. 
  • Le Village Buffet: Oh la la, of all the buffets in Vegas the Paris Hotel Las Vegas has one of the only with a bunch of French food. They're still pretty stocked on American grub with some crepes thrown in, but hey, you're in Vegas. This is about as "authentic" French you're going to get here, so sit down and pig out. That's the American way.

Buffets in Vegas are about as common as casinos in Las Vegas, but the best Buffets in Vegas are much more appetizing and the odds of you going home satisfied are much, much greater. And who doesn't like the best odds when you're in Vegas? Much like the infamous casinos, travelers flock to the nearby Vegas buffets and keep coming back time and again. There are some really good buffets in Vegas, but there are some really average Vegas buffets, too. Thankfully, Cheapo Vegas can help you avoid picking a dud. A good  - errr, GREAT - Las Vegas buffet is the sign of a quality casino nearby anyways, so you may be in for two home runs in one trip. Use Casino Boy's helpful links below to sort out every meal in Las Vegas ...