Casino Boy Says: Mama Mia, those Italians sure love their pasta and sushi!

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711 rooms
22,500 s.f.

San Remo Hotel and Casino
115 E. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89109, (800) 522-REMO
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Room Quality About average but in a fantastic location. The San Remo is right beside the Tropicana, across from MGM, with the Luxor, Excalibur and New York-New York all within an easy walk. The rooms can be decorated in muted beiges or they can be outrageous flowers and bright greens. Either way, they are clean and average-sized. The bathrooms are nothing too exciting. Tub/shower combo, single sink. Overall, a better room than the Excalibur or Holiday Inn Boardwalk for about the same money, but not as good as MGM Grand or Luxor (which cost more).

Around $70-$80
Around $50-$60
Around $120
Around $80-$90

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Service Quality: Good. It's a small place, but it does cater to Pacific Rim business travelers and is likely to be able to satisfy typical business demands. They have room service. Because it's small, check-in is almost quick and painless, except if you get stuck in line behind that senior tour group from Indio.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: It's just some shampoo and lotion. Take them as your rewards for a night of hard drinking and gambling.
Clientele:Mostly an older clientele. This is not the place to be if you are trying to scope out young honeys. But, if you like a quiet atmosphere and the wisdom of the older set, you'll fit right in. This place is also popular with Asian gamers.
How's the pool? Small, but it's heated and open year-round. You might think, why heat a pool in Vegas? Well, it does get below freezing in the winter sometimes.
Free Shuttle: The kind folks at Sam's Town run a shuttle to and from here. It runs hourly and is plenty comfy. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: Blackjack, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Roulette, Pai-Gow Poker, Let It Ride. For the less popular games, there is only one table going at any time, so you better like that dealer.
Machines: 600 machines from a nickel to $5. There is a smattering of full-pay video poker at the quarter and higher level, but not every machines, so you'd better look carefully. The slot selection is a bit dated, and they have a lot of dollar slots. Those suckers are too rich for our blood.
Bet Minimums: $3 most of the time. It's quiet and not crowded, so it's not like those places that have one low-limit table that you can never get a seat at.
Cocktails? Decent service. To improve service, tip the waitresses and whisper a little something in her ear as she brings your first drink. That little something should be, "My spouse just left me and I'm very, very rich. Sometimes when I am drunk, I just start handing out $100 bills."
Who Gets Comps? This place is the best slot club deal on the South Strip for slot players. They are generous with free rooms and free food if you play a few hours a day. Table players will get noticed at $5 a hand and higher. Just ask to be rated and after a couple hours or a few drinks, start bugging the pit boss. Whatever you do, get the slot card and at least put a buck through a machine so you get on the mailing list.

Paparazzi Grill: What's more Italian than the papparazzi? Papparazzi serving meat and fish, that's what! This place is the upscale joint at San Remo, with dishes starting at $11. They specialize in fancy seafood and steaks. San Remo says this place has "celebrity-style service," meaning, we guess, that if you pull out a camera, they'll knock your teeth out.
Saizen: Pretty good Japanese and reasonable prices. It's only open at night, but it's a pleasant surprise for anyone thinking that good Japanese doesn't exist in Las Vegas.
Pasta Remo: Because there is more demand for Americanized pasta than the Olive Garden can satisfy, Pasta Remo has stepped in with a full menu of bland pasta dishes. The good news: the prices are okay.
Ristorante di Fiore: It's the coffee shop and it's okay. The best thing here is the $5.95 prime rib. It always scores as one of the best slabs of beef in this meat-crazy town, and how can you complain about that price... unless you only have $5.90.

San Remo also has a fast food joint called, stereotypically enough, Luigi's. It's deli sandwiches, ice cream and the like.

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Les Trix: It's a low-price but dreadful revue with hack magician girls in black lace, parrots and a very bad comic. At $26, this show should be avoided unless you can get something like an eight-for-one coupon.

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Number of TVs Just two little screens, both for sports since there is no race betting.
Number of seats About 10 scattered around. They ain't too comfy but the size makes you think you're in your living room. This is a truly small sports book. Not the smallest in town because that distinction must belong to Fitzgerald's.
How many betting windows? Two. Hand-written signboards.
Free Drinks? Nope.
Snack Bar? Nope.
Minium wager $5
Other Notes Another little Leroy's outpost. That Leroy has his fingers in all kinds of pies.


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