Casino Boy Says: Oh Me! It's the top of the Mornin' to ya! all day long at this Irish wonderland.

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650 rooms
31,500 s.f.
Very Good

1-800-274-5825, 301 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Room Quality Good and spacious rooms that not only live up to Holiday Inn standards but exceed them by a bit. The beds are comfortable, there is a sitting area and a nice armoire for the TV. The colors are mellow greens that don't hurt the eyes. Bathrooms are standard, with tub/shower combo (unbless you can sweet talk your way into a jacuzzi room). Nothing to get excited about here, but usually a good value, especially on weekdays. The views can be great, since this is the tallest building downtown. Rooms are directly above the casino and check-in, so there are no long walks. The parking garage is scary, with a narrow, spiral path leading you to the fifth floor and above.

Around $50-$70
Around $30-$50
Around $80-$120
Around $60-$80

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Service Quality: Pretty good. We have heard that the employees get pretty mad at anyone who tries to steal their lucky charms, though. Especially the purple horseshoes. It's small enough that you don't get lost, but big enough to afford to pay people to help you out when you need stuff. We have used their marketing services to arrange our annual CheapoVegas ice cream social and have been very pleased. Check-in is quick and painless. Room service food is pretty mediocre or worse.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Cheap shampoo and soap. Since this is a Holiday Inn property, they will provide anything you ask, including a toothbrush, sewing kit, razor blades, etc. Don't take too much advantage of Fitzgerald's, though, since they are currently in bankruptcy protection and one too many free razors could put them over the edge.
Clientele: Downtowners in their 40s and 50s and beyond. There are a few young people drawn in by the cheap rates and the location on Fremont Street. The Fitz has a reputation for loose slots, so a lot of slot jockeys seek it out.
How's the pool? Sorry, no pool. But, you can fill your tub and splash around in that.
Free Shuttle: No free shuttle. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: One of the few places that deals Three Card Poker, which you might find fun. They also have average craps, roulette and blackjack, and the other table games.
Machines: They claim to have loose slots, but so does everyone else. Games range from nickels to five bones, and the selection is not that great since the place is small. There are lots of those sneaky $1 slots that keep tricking us into giving them our lunch money. Upstairs, there is a grand array of nickel machines. They have a small selection of full-pay video poker machines.
Bet Minimums: You'll find at least one $3 table most of the time. Craps minimums are $2 with double odds.
Cocktails? Pretty good. We could make a joke that stereotypes Irish people and their drinking habits, but we'll refrain. Please just repeat to yourself some joke you remember. On St. Patrick's Day, the place serves up green beer.
Who Gets Comps? Their comp policy is pretty generous for table players, and if you wager $50 a hand for several hours, they will put you in one of their rooms for free. For slot players it's a little less clear. The slot club is below-average and we have no information on what they mail out to people. One thing about the slot club is that they have tons of weird inducements to get you to play, like a free keychain after a few minutes play, or a free stuffed Mr. O'Lucky for a bit more.

Limerick's Steakhouse: No signs of potato famine here, just fair steaks, prime rib and so forth. It'll do for an okay steak, but you're better off at Binion's Ranch Steakhouse for a truly sublime cut of meat.
Vincenzo's Italian Cafe: Good old-fashioned Irish-Italian food, just like mom used to make in the old countries. There is nothing unique on this menu, and nothing too spicy for a four year old child.
Molly's Coffee Shop: This is one of the worst coffee shops Downtown. They also serve their buffet out of this space and it is equally bad. Our most recent buffet experience placed it among the worst five we have had, and they make you get your own drinks. Don't be fooled by the "filet mignon" buffet. It is for meat-lovers like dogs and cats, not humans.

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Main Casino Lounge: Boring lounge acts. Not even fun in an ironic, cheesy sort of way. There is no cover or minimum, mainly because nobody would ever pay to get in. Probably the most amusing aspect is that the musicians are set out in the casino, so they have to endure the indifference of all the slot jockeys walking past.
Second Floor Terrace: While nothing really goes on at this patio overlooking Fremont Street, it's a very pleasant place to sit and watch people walk by below. It tends to get packed during Fremont Street Experience shows or CheapoVegas ice cream socials, but the rest of the time there are chairs to spare.

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Number of TVs Just six lousy, little tubes, all of them dedicated to sports.
Number of seats Four. Nope, that's not a typo, four chairs, and they don't even have writing desks, so your parlay cards are going to be all messy. On the plus side, the seats are low in quantity but relatively high in quality.
How many betting windows? Two, backed up by white slate signboards. Usually there is only one person taking bets.
Free Drinks? None to speak of.
Snack Bar? No, but check out the bar directly behind for beverages.
Parlays and Teasers?
Minium wager $5 sports
Other Notes We can't imagine anybody coming here just for betting on sports, but the option is available if you're here anyway, or if you really believe in the luck of the Irish. Basically it's just a little tiny outpost for Leroy's sports-betting empire.

Where? Downtown
Who owns it? Fitzgerald's
Ostensible Theme The luck o' the Irish has emigrated to Las Vegas!
Clientele Couples and old folks populate this establishment. It's pretty mellow here, except when the Big Empire Buddies have their ice cream socials on the balcony.
Employee costumes When I visited, the casino was hosting a "Hawaiian Summer" promo, so all of the dealers and hotel staff wore Hawaiian shirts. However, the cocktail waitresses were still dressed like wenches in off-the-shoulder peasant blouses and green plaid skirts. It's sad to think that this is one of the few theme-consistent cocktail waitress uniforms out there. The change folks wore green velveteen vests and bow ties.
Carpet and Other Decor Begorrah! This place is hard to miss, since a gigantic, puffy Mr. O'Lucky fairly looms over Fremont Street, accompanied by a rainbow and pot of gold.

Inside, every day is St. Paddy's Day, since the overhead lights cast a green hue over everything. The wallpaper is a tasteful beige stripe, accented with green molding. Seats at the games are upholstered in Old Sod green. Be sure to check out the stamped metal ceiling near the check-in desk. The carpet features the logo F in a field of shamrocks and leprechaun hats. The jolly visage of Mr. O'Lucky appears on signs throughout the casino.

Restrooms are nothing spectacular; beige tile and marble seem to be universal in casino restrooms now. My guess is, people just don't want to have to think about leprechauns or anything else like that in the restroom. The wallpaper has a design of tassels and fleur de lis.

Background music consists of golden oldies from the 1950s and early 60s. I'm actually thankful for the dearth of pennywhistles and jigs.
Food Limerick's Steakhouse has an Old World type storefront of rich, dark wood with thick glass panes and features World Famous Irish Shortcake. Molly's Coffee Shop goes for a cozier atmosphere with walls painted to look like shelves full of books and knickknacks. I'm sure potatoes are available at both establishments. Mr. O'Lucky seems to branching out from the gambling business with his Ice Cream Shoppe and Coffee Pub. Oh, then there's Vincenzo's and McDonalds, apropos of nothing.
Games TAppropriate game names include "Leapin' Leprechauns" and "Dublin Your Jackpot."
Entertainment Some hard-working Irishman was playing a guitar and keyboard at the same time. If you're at this casino at the right time, though, you might see our friend Dan playing the accordion.( although, he's not supposed to).
Other Services Need some luck? Mr. O'Lucky's head is provided for your rubbing convenience. There's also a "Blarney Stone" for even more lucky rubbing. If you need a caricature (who doesn't?), a caricature artist is stationed, ready, with pen and paper. The "Tower of Jewels" sells jewelry.
Did it work? The Fitz is about as exciting as your Aunt Medorah's house, but they develop the theme pretty well for a downtown joint. Ever since they removed The Magic Forest, the best thing about this place is the chance to rub Mr. O'Lucky's head. I will never, ever forgive Fitzgerald's for dismantling The Magic Forest.
Suggestions Reinstate The Magic Forest!


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