How we get our estimated hotel rates:
The hotel room rates that we quote on our site are the typical rates for a standard room in the given hotel or motel. It doesn't mean you should always expect these rates. It only represents the typical price for the average time of year. And this fluctuates by season, demand, and if there are events, such as major conventions or holidays.

It is not the price the hotels always charge. Why? Because those casinos will gouge you to the maximum if they can.

When's the most expensive time to go to Vegas?
The most likely times for gouging are big or holiday weekends, such as Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, New Years and the like. They also gouge during the Comdex Convention in the middle of November, the CES convention in January, and even if there is a big fight in town where someone might bite off someone else's ear. March, April and May also seem very popular because it's not hot yet.

For a calendar of conventions, we suggest checking The Las Vegas Convention Tourism Authority web site. If you see a convention planned with more than 40,000 attendees, better change your vacation dates (so you get better rates and so you aren't fighting with pushy conventioneers for a spot in the buffet lines).

When's the cheapest time to go to Vegas?
First, weekdays are generally going to be about half the price of weekends. If you can talk your boss into letting you off in the middle of the week, do it. Second, there are two ideal times to go. The first is the two weeks before Christmas. Usually, rates are a little high until mid-December because the National Finals Rodeo is in town, then it is wide open until the 25th. Before Christmas, you can often get some of the nicer hotels in town, like the Rio or Bally's, for less than $40 a night on weekdays. The other great time to go is in the middle of summer, when it's about 326 degrees in Las Vegas. Actually, it will only get up to about 110, but not much more than that. And, you'll be inside betting the baby's shoes anyway.

How do I get the Discount rate?
You can't always. If you could, it would be the standard rate, not the discount. The discount is what we think is about the best rate you'll get during typical times. If it's a big weekend or during a convention, forget it. If it's a real slow time, like December or August, you might very well do better.

To get a discount rate, shop around. And the best place to do that is through our guide. It shows you how to compare rates from the hotel, published specials, online discounters, and hotel websites. By looking at all these sources, you'll likely find the lowest rate. And, if you book with one of the online discounters, you're guaranteed the lowest price (we tell you how to make sure you get that). Go there now, okay?

If you still aren't happy after using our guide, e-mail and ask us. We don't get paid for this and don't have time if you won't do your leg work. But, if you use our guide and still have questions, we'll be happy to help. We will ignore e-mails that just say "What the best deal for these dates?" So, please use the guide, and then, once you have an idea of your price range, your dates and what you want, e-mail and ask us if we know of any better deals. We're happy to help because we know what it's like to feel like you're beng ripped off.

Also, if you got a great deal somewhere, share it with us so we can pass it on to other readers.

How do discounters work?
We're not exactly sure, but we think they buy huge blocks of rooms from the hotel owners at bulk rates. They then resell those rooms to you and me at a discount. Casinos sell rooms because they have thousands and have a hard time booking them all by themselves.

Is it safe to book through your site?
Yep. We know because we've done it many times. For renting cars, you're just using as your travel agent and they reserve the car with any major rental company that you choose. Heck, for cars you don't even have to give a credit card. For hotels, we affiliate with the Hotel Reservation Network and Travelscape - the same guys the big boys use. They're safe, secure and they both guarantee the lowest rates.

I'm almost sold, are there any drawbacks?
Yes, there are. First, don't book with a discounter - ours or anyone else's - until you are absolutely certain of your dates. Some discounters will bill you immediately for your reservation, and if you change your travel dates, they will charge a change fee (Travelscape is $10 with a 72-hour cancellation policy, is $50). Second, if you book online you cannot get your room comped. This is no problem for the 95% of us who don't gamble the big bucks and get free rooms. But, if you think you'll be getting a comped room (usually for four to eight hours of about $100 per hand gambling action, or four to eight hours of dollar slots or VP), book your room directly through the hotel or a travel agent, then once at the hotel, ask to see a slot or casino host.

Other questions? Just ask. We like e-mail because it makes us feel important.


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