So you want the best room rate, huh? We don't blame you. Therea re two ways to get it, the quick way, and the thorough way. Both offer a guaranteed lowest price, but with the more thorough way, you do more work now to make sure you really did get the best rate.


First, the quick way: Compare the rates of Travelscape and Each guarantees it has the lowest rates, and if you find a lower rate they will refund the difference. The trick is, if there is a lower rate out there you have to find it, because they won't tell you about it.




Get a pen and paper because you'll need to write down the different prices we come up with from the following sources:

  • Hotel Reservations Network
  • Travelscape (Las Vegas Reservation System)
  • The Hotels
  • Internet Specials
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Travel Agents

By letting you compare prices, we may not win your business, but this page is our hobby (we appreciate the business, but we have real jobs that pay our bills). We figure that you getting the lowest price is way better than us making a buck and you getting a raw deal. This guide doesn't include every possible source for room discounts, but these are the ones we use and find most reliable for bargains.

Step One - The Online Discounters
We'll start by getting prices from the hotel discounters. Click on the following links and get the prices for your vacation dates. Each will give you the names of many hotels and their prices. From those listed, remember the ones you want, either by price range or selection. Don't see any hotels you want? Go on to Step Two.


Step Two - The Hotels
Now we'll compare those prices to what the hotels quote you. From the following menu, go to the page for each hotel you're interested in. Call their 1-800 numbers and give their reservation clerks your vacation dates. If you are a member of the slot club at the hotel, call the number on your card, not the general 1-800 number, and see if you can get a special rate through that. Whomever you speak to, Specifically ask if they have any specials.

Step Three - Internet Specials
While you have the pages open for the hotels you're interested in, click on our link to their web sites. Check to see if they have any Internet specials or if you can get a price quote online.

Step Four - The Los Angeles Times
Every Sunday, the Los Angeles Times features a section of advertisements from the casinos. The casinos often offer great room prices intended for Californians, but anyone can get them. You don't have to read the L.A. Times, you just have to ask for the L.A. Times special when you call. You can read the latest prices quoted in the L.A. Times at our friend Sonya's site If you find a rate you like, call the hotel and make sure it's available for your vacation dates. Also, note that these prices often have restrictions, and usually don't include weekends.

Step Five - Travel Agents
Not everyone has a travel agent he or she can trust. We don't, but there are good ones out there. If you have one you like, give the agent a call and see what prices he or she can dig up. Tell the agent exactly what hotel or hotels you want because they will otherwise try to push you toward a hotel that may or may not suit you. Don'tlet them push you around! Also, remember that just because you checked with an agent doesn't mean you have to book with the agent. You're just getting a price, and don't let them tell you "it's selling out quick," or "this price is so good you better book today."

Step Six - Who's Cheapest?
So, what was the best price? Now that you know, book it and feel secure that you got a good rate. If you book with one of the discounters in Step One, remember they both have a "low-price guarantee." That means that after you book a room through them you need to keep watching prices. If you see a lower rate somewhere, alert Travelscape or and tell them. If they verify the lower price, then you'll be refunded the difference. It really works! So, come back here and go through this process and see if the prices have dropped at all. Even if it's the company you booked through that dropped its price, you get the refund. But only if you tell them.

What Else Should You Know?
First, don't book with (the button on the right) until you are absolutely certain of your dates. They will charge a $50 cancellation or change fee. Travelscape (the left button) charges only $10 if you give at least 72 hours notice.

Second, if you book online you cannot get your room comped. This is no problem for the 95% of us who don't gamble the big bucks and get free rooms. But, if you think you'll be getting a comped room (usually for four to eight hours of about $100 per hand gambling action, or four to eight hours of dollar slots or VP), book your room directly through the hotel or a travel agent, then once at the hotel, ask to see a slot or casino host.


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