Golden Grill Las Vegas

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All things golden in this neck of the woods! But probably the kind of gold that will turn your skin green.

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Gold Spike Hotel (Closed)
400 E Ogden Ave
Las Vegas, US
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  • Cuisine: American
  • Hours: All day, every day
  • Price:

Golden Grill Restaurant Las Vegas NV

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The Skinny

We thought at first the phrase "Stay golden, Ponyboy" may have really been for the Golden Grill Las Vegas. They never listen though! They stay golden through title only, while everything else shines pretty dimly, except for when it's the only thing still open in the Gold Spike Hotel, a hotel that rarely sleeps but rather drones on at all hours.


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Quick Facts

  • Golden Grill Las Vegas is located in the Downtown Vegas Gold Spike Hotel.
  • Assuming the job you're looking to fill is a solid appetite quencher, Golden Grill in Vegas will do the job, but they're not going all out or anything. No over-acheiver here but, it'll do.
  • Golden Grill Restaurant serves up good ol' American food and doesn't charge too much for any of it. (i.e. it's Cheapo-friendly)

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Gold Spike Hotel (Closed)
400 E Ogden Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101
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Hours of Operation:
All day, every day

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The Environment:

It's all pretty laid back here. Much like most of the Downtown Vegas restaurants, the masses are not rushing in to enjoy a meal at Golden Grill Las Vegas. If you happen to be roaming around and feel a rumble in your tummy, pop in and you'll probably see a few folks just like yourself: hungry, happy and ready for a cheap bite to eat.

Why We Dine:

The Golden Grill Las Vegas Restaurant is an above-average cheap Downtown Vegas restaurant, serving up every meal of the day and not too shabbily either.

  • Never A Wait: There's never a wait to get in and not a big wait for food either. The Golden Grill Las Vegas is a good place to get in and get out and on to the next Vegas shenanigan. 
  • Filling Station: The Golden Grill in Vegas isn't one of those restaurants that skimps on the portions. You'll leave satisfied with the price you paid and a the amount of food in your belly. Truly a winner, winner, chicken dinner situation! 
  • Kids Menu: You don't have to leave the little ones in the hotel room and hope you have enough left over to bring them scraps from your dinner like some type of little pets when you dine at the Golden Grill Restaurant. They have a full kids menu!

Inside Knowledge:

Golden Grill in Vegas has a 12-ounce prime rib dinner for $6.99 with Free Siegel's Club Membership starting at 4:30 every day. If you don't want the membership, expect to pay a whopping $11.99 for this meal. The price we pay for exclusivity...

We Recommend:

  • A La Mode Desserts: Any dessert can come with a scoop of ice cream for just over $1. Why not take your Golden Grill Restaurant brownie, pie or cake to the next level for a very reasonable price?
  • Expanding Your Meal: For small prices you can get little add-ons to every meal at Golden Grill in Vegas. They can slop some guac on the Mexican options for 99 cents. You can add soup or a salad to any other meal for less than $1.50. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

Is it Worth It?

You won't miss too much by not eating here, but you won't miss much out of your wallet it you do.

Golden Grill Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Cheap Eats
  • Kid Friendly
  • Open for Holiday Dining
  • Late Dining
  • Open 24 hours
  • Take-Out Available
  • Wheelchair Access
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