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I don't exactly have enough $100 stacks to eat in this joint. And seriously - Gourmet tater tots?

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The Mirage Vegas
3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US
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  • Cuisine: American
  • Hours: Sun.-Thu.5pm- 11pm & Fri.-Sat.5pm- 12am
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The Skinny

Stack Restaurant Las Vegas tries to be the kind of restaurant you go to be seen. Not the kind of place you go to pig out and hope nobody sees. 


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Quick Facts

  • Stack Restaurant Las Vegas is a trendy restaurant at the Mirage Resort and Casino. They call themselves a cutting edge American Bistro. Sure.
  • Stack Vegas has a 7,000 square foot venue. Big Party? Yeah, they can probably fit in here.
  • Stack Restaurant Las Vegas is part of the Light Group Property. Does that mean anything to you? Yeah, not really to us either. Other than just one more thing telling us they are fancy and uber-trendy.

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The Mirage Vegas
3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Hours of Operation:
Sun.-Thu.5pm- 11pm & Fri.-Sat.5pm- 12am

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The Environment:

All the decor at Stack Restaurant Las Vegas is clean and modern and makes people feel young and cool. Everyone's sipping on martinis and eating small, cool, beautiful dishes. Casino Boy is the only one you'll ever see here wearing a bib and getting dirty looks from all the snooty waitresses here.

Why We Dine:

Stack Restaurant Las Vegas is fancy and trendy and makes us feel a lot cooler than we really are. Except for that everyone is dressed way better than us. How does this always happen?!

  • Of the Appetizers: Hands down, the best appetizer at Stack Las Vegas is the hot rocks. Not to be confused with pop rocks, which are also delicious and more fun than eating with a bunch of adults probably, but you get to cook this thinly sliced sirloin at the table to your liking on a sizzling hot plate. As unappetizing as getting served some raw meat that you have to pay to cook yourself sounds, it's fun for spicing up a boring date. If nothing else, at least the sizzles will drown out the silence.
  • Of the Sides: The adult tator tots are stuffed with bacon and brie. Unfortunately, when we hear anything is adult, we like it to be heavily soaked in alcohol, but luckily when we're in Vegas our liver stays pretty liquor-soaked so taking a break for other adult treats is okay every once in a while.
  • Of the Sweets: Literally, any of them. They've got some that are not too sweet, some that are not too heavy and all things in between. In the mood for chocolate? There's a chocolate lava cake with ice cream. Jelly donuts for the non-chocolate fans. Key Lime pie for all you pie lovers. Save room for dessert, because it will be worth it.

Inside Knowledge:

Stack Restaurant Vegas has a $49 Prix-Fixe menu for all of you who are too indecisive to choose a meal from a full menu.

We Recommend:

  • Assortment of Sweets For The Table: Well, we recommend getting this even if you're dining alone. There's no better way to drown out the idea of being alone at Stack Vegas than drowning in pies and bon-bons! And if you're not alone, well, then everyone can enjoy $18 of desserts together. Don't forget to invite Casino Boy to this little meeting of sweet teeth, either! 
  • Making Friends: Sitting at the bar or at the community seating in the middle is a great way to mingle with fellow tourists and avoid that awkward talk with your significant other to "talk about" the fight you had at the blackjack table this morning. Your new friends will be there for you!

Is it Worth It?

Not particularly by our standards. The food isn't bad by any means, but what if we're actually hungry? What then?!

Stack Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Chef's Specials
  • Full Bar
  • Fresh Food
  • Open for Holiday Dining
  • Homemade Desserts
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Tapas/Small Plates
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Private Parties
  • Private Room
  • Happy Hour
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