Moon Las Vegas

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Moon at The Palms Las Vegas NV

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Whew! Luckily they take the roof off here so I can make sure it's still nighttime!

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4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
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  • Type: Nightclub
  • Dress: No athletic wear, shorts, tennis shoes, baseball caps or flip flops.
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The Skinny

The DJ at Moon Las Vegas rocks the roof off, literally. The retractable roof gives the Moon at Palms Hotel Las Vegas dance floor a view of the night sky and the windows from the 50th floor give you a good view of Vegas from the inside. You probably don't go to the club for a view, but it comes free, so enjoy!


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Quick Facts

  • Moon Vegas nightclub is on the top floor of the Palms Hotel and Casino, with great views of the city.
  • The retractable roof at Moon at the Palms lets you star gaze. Celebs frequent this place too, so you can star gaze twice!
  • Moon at The Palms isn't pricey by Vegas standards, but Vegas standards are pretty pricey for everyone's standards. Drinks and cover charges run about the same here that they do almost every other night club on the strip.


4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
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Hours of Operation:
Tue. & Thu.-Sun 11pm- 4am

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Moon Las Vegas club is pretty cutting edge. The dance floor at Moon at The Palms lights up and changes colors. The DJs play the latest hits, and a few throwback tunes. The roof comes off. You'll have a good time at Moon Las Vegas club if you're into those things. If you're not, you probably wouldn't be going to a nightclub anyways.

Why We Go:

We go for the drinks and stay for the dancing, of course. But there are also a few unique things about Moon that keep us coming back for more.

  • Retractable Roof: Probably the most unique thing about Moon Las Vegas is the retractable roof that lets you look out into the night. Wish upon the next shooting star you see that the guy you are dancing with will buy your next drink...or three.
  • View of the Strip: The outdoor patio makes for one of the best views of the Vegas Strip in the city. There's even a view from the big stall in the ladies bathroom. Let it all hang out and put on a show for the whole city while you're taking care of business. Just kidding. Nobody outside can see you through this window.
  • Dance Your Pants Off: Actually, you're required to keep them on. There's always a catch. The music and color changing dance floor bring out everyone's best moves. The alcohol probably helps.

Inside Knowledge:

They usually have buy one get one free bottles when you get table service. Who doesn't like getting twice as drunk for half the price? And if you don't finish your bottles, you can take them home with you so that you'll have something to drink for breakfast. Now that's plannning ahead.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get on the Guest List:The lines to Moon Las Vegas go all the way down the Vegas Strip, or so it feels. If you can score a spot on the guest list, you can bypass the line and get right in! Just submit a request form online and they might put you on the list. Of course, they might not.
  • Do Dance Under the Stars: You don't have to be outside to enjoy the night sky, because at Moon Vegas nightclub, the retractable roof brings the outdoors indoors in the fanciest way.
  • Don't Stay All Night: There is a long line to get in here, so don't go too late, but Moon Las Vegas nightclub is one of the only places you'll wait in line to get out as well. Since it's on the top floor at the Palm Hotel, a line gathers quickly at the elevator at the end of the night.
  • Don't Get on the Bouncers Bad Side: Sounds obvious? Not always. As if bouncers don't already have a bad enough rep with drunk people, these bouncers are known to be temperamental. Getting on the Moon at the Palms bouncers good side will boost your chances of cutting in line for the way out. But we hear getting kicked out gets you out the door pretty fast too.

Is it Worth It?

The prices are about the same as any club in the area, so it's worth experiencing at least once.

Moon Las Vegas Amenities

  • Accepts Reservations
  • Dance Floor
  • Coat Check
  • Valet Parking
  • Rooftop
  • Private Room
  • Full Bar
  • Bottle Service
  • Premier Location
  • City Views
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