Casino Boy Says: Aw shucks! I thought Bourbon Street was a party, not a morgue.

Hotel Size:
Overall Quality:
Room Price:
Casino Size:
166 rooms
~10,000 s.f.

Bourbon Street
1-800-634-6956, 120 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Room Quality The rooms are pretty standard fare, and a little worn down. They are by no means luxurious or fancy, but if you're comfortable in a clean motel room, you'll be comfortable here. The downside is that there is no new money flowing into this place, so it's all going downhill. If a cheap place in a great location is your most important factor, this might be convenient. If you want a resort, go elsewhere. Also, for about the same price, try the much nicer Barbary Coast next door. Bourbon Street is just a few minutes from Bally's, the Flamingo, Caesars and Bellagio. Plus, the place is small so it's quick getting in and out of your room.

Around $50-$60
Around $40
Around $80-100
Around $60-$70

What Does Discount Mean?

Service Quality: Fair. They don't have room service or any services designed to pamper you. The casino is so small that they won't work hard to keep you from leaving.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: We think nothing but a bar of soap. Those lousy cheapskates.
Clientele: People who had a travel agent talk them into it or people who couldn't find a room anywhere else. They range from youngsters (lots of foreigners) to older folks.
How's the Pool? Hmmm. They might have one but we've never seen it. That should tell you that it's probably nothing people rave about.
Free Shuttle: A shuttle to Sam's Town leaves hourly. Directly across Flamingo Road you can catch the monorail from Bally's to the MGM Grand. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: None, nada, zilch. No live gaming in the place. But, for low-rollers the Barbary Coast is next door, and for the big shots, you can walk to Bellagio and Caesars.
Machines: From a nickel on up. There are a few hundred machines with a poor selection and pretty poor payouts. No full-pay video poker so far as we can tell.
Bet Minimums: I thought we already told you there's no live gaming. Weren't you listening?
Cocktails? Poor. The real Bourbon Street is a fantastic place to get drunk, but the proprietors of this establishment don't seem to care whether you do or not.
Who Gets Comps? Nobody. No comps for you, me or anybody. No slot club either.

Coffee shop: Take a morning constitutional to some place with better food. Unless, that is, you like their specials. They have 99 cent breakfasts and $2.99 steak and eggs from midnight to seven a.m.This is just for the people who wake up hung over and don't want to go into the sunlight to get food. Also, well drinks are only 75 cents. That's a hard-to-beat price for the Strip.

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Dr. Naughty, Hypnotist: Be ready to be mortified by the hackneyed and randy comedy of America's most juvenile hypnotist. The Dr. Naughty show, which is now an outrageous $45, features the quack doctor convincing men and women to do lascivious things for the entertainment of the drunk crowd. Nobody gets naked, and few people laugh, in case you were wondering. Man, oh, man, do you have any idea how overpriced this show is at $45?


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