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Between the Fremont Experience and the old Las Vegas charm, Downtown Las Vegas is where Vegas insiders and locals come to party, and this Downtown Las Vegas map can help guide you to all of the best, and cheapest, attractions to give you just the Vegas experience you came to find. Well, you're in Sin City, so really the only thing you can expect is the unexpected, but at least you'll expect not to end up in the ghetto. Or worse, a restaurant without a full bar or show where everyone keeps their shirts on. Yikes! But if that's what you're looking for, Cheapo Vegas can help you find some of those too.

If you've never strayed from the Las Vegas Strip before this map of Downtown Vegas may just be your trip's savior! Check out our Downtown Las Vegas map to see all of the best Downtown Vegas hotels. Click on each little hotel icon on the map of Downtown Las Vegas to see more about the hotel, check out some sweet Las Vegas coupons and helpful user reviews.

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California Las Vegas Casino El Cortez Vegas the D Las Vegas Fremont Las Vegas Four Queens Vegas Golden Gate Vegas Golden Nugget Vegas Gold Spike Hotel Las Vegas Club Main Street Station Casino Plaza Las Vegas

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Casino Boy's Interactive Map of the Vegas Strip!

Use the map below to peep Vegas Hotels, Vegas Restaurants, Vegas Nightlife, and Things to Do in Vegas. Use our handy dandy itinerary planner to get a head start! Set the dates and plan your trip. See ya in Vegas!

Downtown Las Vegas, where is that?  If it's not located on the Vegas Strip, most of you Vegas-goers have probably never heard of it.  Open your eyes and check out our Downtown Las Vegas map to see something other than the Bellagio fountains inside of the bathroom at HAZE Nightclub.  There is more to life in Vegas than Las Vegas Boulevard so check-out a map of Downtown Vegas and escape the chaos of the Strip.

Casino Boy loves to spend a little time in some Downtown Vegas hotels.  They may not be as glitzy as the hotels on the Strip but they capture the old school class of Vegas.  Downtown Vegas hotels used to be the best places to be in Vegas but as the Strip has grown, the Downtown area has gone down in popularity. Luckily there is a new movement to make Downtown exciting again so make sure to be ahead of the newest trend and check out Casino Boy's map of Downtown Vegas and choose one of the charming Downtown Vegas hotels for your next big Vegas vacation. New downtown hotels like The D are worth staying a bit away from the bustling Strip for.

The Fremont Street Experience brings a little excitement to the Downtown Vegas hotels.  Our Downtown Fremont Street map will help even the foggiest visitors navigate their way through the crowds.   A Downtown Las Vegas map is exactly what a tipsy traveler needs while jumping between hotels in Downtown Vegas... unless you're so tipsy that our map just looks like a bunch of lines. Bummer!

You'll definitely need some help from our map of Downtown Vegas if you've never stepped foot off the Vegas Strip, who does that?  We all know the Strip is the most exciting place to be in Vegas, but Downtown Vegas has a lot to offer as well and it's worth a trip.  So check out our Downtown Las Vegas map before booking your next big Vegas getaway!

Sure, you may have the Vegas Strip memorized after countless stumbles down the street but Downtown Vegas is a whole other experience, so make sure to check out Casino Boy's map of Downtown Vegas before you embark on your big Downtown Vegas journey.