Fremont Las Vegas
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Shazam! This place is perfect for watching the Fremont Street Experience... and, uh, that's about it.
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447 rooms
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32,000 s.f.
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Fremont Las Vegas
E. Fremont St., Las Vegas

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The Fremont is under the big light canopy on its namesake street. It's an older, small but well-kept property with small, modern rooms and a small casino. The place is nondescript enough that the only thing people usually remember is that there are a lot of Hawaiians playing here.


Room Quality: The rooms are smaller than most, even for downtown. They are clean and tasteful, done up in browns. Thank God they didn't decide to go with "homeless bum moderne". There are nice bedspreads and firm, comfortable kings or two doubles. Walls are sort of green, there is a dresser, medium flat-screen TV and one reading chair. The bathrooms are so tiny the towel rack is in the shower stall. Rooms facing Fremont have the more interesting view, but on the lower floors they can be noisy at night. Ironing boards and hair dryers are provided to make you feel like you should do some chores while you're there.
Service Quality: They are more than happy to turn your traveler's checks and paychecks into cash. Isn't that sweet? Overall the service is fair. Employees are friendly and helpful, there is room service and bellboys, but the hotel just isn't packed with amenities. Check-in and check-out are quick and easy.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Shampoo, conditioner and lotion; enough to keep you clean, but not enough to make you feel guilty for removing them when you leave.
Clientele: An older downtown crowd. That means that while they are older, they love to get rowdy and gamble until three a.m. The downtown Boyd properties (this, Main Street Station and California) are popular with people from the 50th State, so you'll see some Hawaiian food on the menus, and laid-back Hawaiian folks in the casino. Say to them "Ha-a-uka Po-alo" and see how they react. Probably with a blank stare since we made that up.
How's the Pool? Pool? What pool? You're gonna have to make your own pool because they have none. Otherwise, you have privileges at the rinky dink pool at sister property the California. So, if you want to trudge down Fremont Street in your swim trunks go right ahead.

Table Games: Blackjack, Craps, Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker are all available for your gambling (and losing) pleasure. Actually, the dealers are friendly and the casino is clean and fun, especially if you're a rowdy man or woman over 40.
Bet Minimums: The tables are typically $5, but we've seen $3 craps during slow times. Pai Gow was $10 recently. Roulette can be found with $1 chips, but you have to make at least five bets per spin of the wheel. The games are generally good, but the craps has lousy 2x odds. Single-deck blackjack is garbage 6:5 odds.
Machines: Everything you could ever want from a penny to $25. They have a decent selection of new machines, especially among the quarters. The video poker selection is fair, but not as good as at the El Cortez or Main Street Station.
Cocktails? Good cocktail service, even at the nickel machines. The cocktail waitresses are happy to serve you, but sometimes they have too many people to serve.
Who Gets Comps? Get a slot card, put some action on it and ask them very nicely for some grub. They also mail out offers fairly regularly if you give them some play. The slot card is part of B-Connected, which is linked with all other Boyd properties, including Main Street Station and the Cal as well.

Paradise Buffet: This is a fair buffet. It isn't as good as Main Street's or Golden Nugget's. The most popular nights--and the times you're likely to wait in line--are Tuesday and Friday seafood buffet nights for those who like to devour crab, scampi, shrimp and other little sea creatures popularized by "The Little Mermaid." Wednesday and Saturday nights are "cooked-to-order" steaks for those interested in doing their part to deplete the amount of bovine methane released into our atmosphere.
Paradise Cafe: Pretty okay but not special but not open late night. Fair prices overall, but it's just a coffee shop with a few Hawaiian dishes thrown in. This place is located within the Paradise cafe/buffet shared area, so you can order from the menu while your friends make pigs of themselves at the buffet.
Second Street Grill: One of the few underrated and very good casino restaurants in Las Vegas. Stop in for a dinner of delicious seafood and steaks in a Pacific-Rim (Asian/American) style. This is the kind of place you take a spouse you love, not a date you're trying to impress, because it's elegant without being overwhelming. And that's why you'll never see them letting us in. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tony Roma's: It's a place for ribs and the world-famous onion loaf. It's world famous around here for the night Matt ate a whole one and then writhed on the family room floor in misery over his gluttony. Otherwise, decent ribs for a chain and they have specials for steak and lobster frequently, so check the marquee in front of the casino. Only open for dinner.
There's a little snack bar, Lanai Express, for a quick dose of grease... Hawaiian style! And if your arteries can take it, get a donut at the Dunkin'.

The Lounge: Booze is featured. That's all. If enough booze flows, there might be a show, but it won't be scheduled or approved.

Number of TVs: Thirty-four. Half show sports, the other half ponies. None are big, unless you're tiny.
Number of Seats: About 34. hey, one for each TV. Go up and claim yours! They're all unreserved, which is very democratic, but they're only average in terms of comfort, which makes sitting in them not really much of a treat. Twenty for racing have flat screens.
How Many Betting Windows? Six, backed up by electronic signboards.
Free Drinks? Race bettors can get a little liquid courage, but we ain't guaranteeing nothin'.
Snack Bar? No, but there's a bar right next door that serves slushy margaritas.
Minimum Wager: $5 sports, $2 for racing.
Other Notes: Like all Boyd properties, you get the Boyd line when you wager here.

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