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Looking for some cheap thrills in Las Vegas? (Literally and figuratively, of course.) Well, Casino Boy knows what's up when it comes to cheap Las Vegas thrill rides, experiences and more! Whether it's the thrill of scoring a Turkey on the bowling lanes thats gets your heart racing, or the excitemnt being tossed and turned 100 stories into the sky at The Stratosphere, Casino Boy can direct you to all of the most thrilling attractions in Las Vegas below.

South Padre (Texas Station Vegas -- Off-Strip)
This nightclub has a cover occasionally, but mostly it's free and has live music such as the blues or disco cover acts. Friday and Saturday nights only.
Texas Star Lanes (Texas Station Vegas -- Off-Strip)
If you have a hankering to chuck a 16-pound ball at three a.m., this place is perfect for you. Sixty state-of-the-art lanes are open 24 hours a day, including holidays. What better way to celebrate Easter?
Bowling (Suncoast Casino -- Off-Strip)
64 lanes of state-of-the-art bowling equipment. You know what we're talking about. It's the stuff that keeps score for you so you can't cheat anymore. That's not necessarily a good thing. There are lots of leagues, so check before you wander out here to play.
Cosmic Corner (The Palms -- Off-Strip)
They have a real live psychic right off the casino floor, in the afternoons and evenings. It sounds like a good idea, but the guy sure didn't look very busy when we were there. Check the hours because this is not open all the time.
Galaxy Movie Theaters (Las Vegas Cannery Casino -- Off-Strip)
State of the art theaters do all they can to make the movies palatable.

Rain/Theater (The Palms -- Off-Strip)
By day and early evening, it's a 1200 seat theater. But at night, it converts itself into a crimestopping force to be reckoned with. Oh, wait, no, actually it converts into the three-story Rain nightclub. It's a wildly hip and popular club for folks in their twenties to pay for overpriced drinks and dance to techno, hip hop and other club music. Open on Friday and Saturday nights only.
Drai's (Bill's Gamblin' Hall -- Strip)
Give them credit for being an ultralounge long before every other copycat in town thought to do it. This small, classy lounge doesn't even get hopping until about two a.m. or so. There are DJs spinning and overpriced cocktails to serve as a classy way to top off an evening of drinking forties in an alley.
Stratosphere Tower (Las Vegas Stratosphere -- Strip)
Of course, this is the main attraction. It's a 1,149-foot tall tower, with an observation deck 800+ feet up. They also have a Big Shot ride, which shoots you up into the air over the Tower, Insanity, which spins you out over the edge, the X-Scream which is a ride that dumps you over the side, and Sky Jump, an 855-foot drop from the top of the Tower that simulates a bungee jump, but is controlled, and actually lands you. The Sky Jump also costs $100.
Voodoo Lounge (Hotel Rio Suites -- Off-Strip)
Their lounge draws a slightly older crowd than the Strip joints, so it's perfect if you don't feel comfortable hanging with the young'uns or are looking for a cougar. The view from the patio is so romantic even us ugly guys can get kissed.
Bowling (South Point Vegas -- Off-Strip)
State of the art bowling with computerized scoring means it's really hard to cheat. That's why we won't be rolling on these 64 lanes.

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