Main Street Station Casino
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Choo Choo! All aboard for a ride back to the gilded age, when diesel locomotives rolled by every hour! Oh, wait, that still happens.
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406 rooms
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28,500 s.f.
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Main Street Station Casino
200 Main St., Las Vegas

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Filled with lots of dark woods, brass, antiques, beautiful stained glass and a great bar serving microbrews, the Main Street Station is one of the two prettiest casinos downtown. It's a shame, though, that it's also sort of dull with no live entertainment, no pool and no nightclubs. It's solid, but limited.


Room Quality: Clean rooms with modest furnishings including decent resting chairs. The casino theme of Victorian antiques is sort of ignored in the rooms, which are more modern. The beds are comfortable. The bathrooms are bland and have low shower heads, but are functional. Rooms on the top floors have mini-fridges. The hotel abuts the freeway on one side and railroad tracks on another, so if you're a light sleeper be sure to ask for something high and away from these distractions. If you want a view of the Strip and the other downtown casinos, ask for an odd numbered room. Even numbers face North Las Vegas and the highway, which may bother light sleepers on low floors. The lower the room number on the floor, the farther from the train tracks you'll be.
Service Quality: Good, but it is a smaller hotel, so they don't have a lot of amenities. They will happily deliver an iron or extra towels, but there is no spa or masseusse you can call to your room. Check-in and check-out are quick thanks to the hotel's size. Staff is friendly.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Shampoo and lotion.
Clientele: A broad mix. Main Street Station has a loyal clientele so the people here are mostly repeat customers. They are middle class and spread across the entire age spectrum, with an emphasis on middle-age. There's no nightclub or other attraction geared toward the youth market.
How's the Pool? There is none. But you are allowed to use the crappy little pool across the street at the California. Seriously, it's a crappy pool.

Table Games: Blackjack, craps, poker, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, roulette. The blackjack games are often single and double deck, and craps offer 20x odds.
Bet Minimums: Blackjack is as low as $3, but expect $5 minimum most of the time at a six-deck shoe, craps is $5. The minimums will quickly jump when the joint is jumpin'. The roulette wheel is also only a 50-chips with a two dollar min, while Let It Ride and Pai Gow start at a whopping $5.
Machines: A decent selection with many video poker machines. Most of the video poker is not full-pay, however if you look hard you will find some. Plenty of those penny video reel slots.
Cocktails? Very good cocktail service with micro-brewed beers available, especially if you choose to play the video poker machines at the bar along the back of the casino.
Who Gets Comps? There is not a lot of cash for slot club members, but you will get comps for the good buffet and, occasionally, the bewpub. Table players can easily get a buffet comp with some $15 action. The slot card is B-Connected and links all the Boyd properties, including the Fremont and Cal.

Garden Court Buffet: A good buffet and a really nice room that, thanks to its low prices, is a very good value, especially on the weekends when the brunch is enormous and served with of cheap champagne. Weekday breakfasts are just sort of okay. For most meals there is much variety: Italian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Mexican, American and a fair selection of desserts.
Triple Seven Brewpub: Huge portions and fresh-brewed micro-beers. We've had a few different items here and it tastes like a better version of TGI Friday's or Bennigan's, with good beer, and sushi, too. The filet mignon sandwich or beer-battered fish get rave reviews. Definitely a nice place to get dinner if you want sports bar atmosphere. You know, the kind of place where you can unzip your fly and let your gut out after the meal. That is, if you're a lady. Us guys usually just let our waists rip right through the fabric.

Berlin Wall: The men's room has a chunk of the Berlin Wall on display and you can urinate on it. If you miss the urinal, that is.

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