Casino Boy here! Please read the FAQs below and if you still have a question, email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

1. Who is Casino Boy?

Great question! I'm your Las Vegas expert, your guide to Las Vegas on the cheap! Now cheap means different things to different people... Cheap can mean low Vegas room rates of course, but it can also mean VALUE, VALUE, VALUE! A luxury suite at the Venetian can be "cheap" if you get a free night or a promo for 1/2 price. A $29/night room on the Strip is also cheap but so is $129/night if you also get a $500 coupon book with 2 for 1 show ticket coupons, FREE all you can scarf buffets and FREE gaming chips! You get the point.

2. Does Casino Boy ever sleep?

Rarely. While only a boy, I know this town and dig this town. Some say I am this town. I'm always working on finding the best deals in Vegas so you don't have to. Speaking of sleeping, Sinatra should have called Vegas the "City That Never Sleeps" not that concrete jungle on the East Coast.

3. Does Casino Boy really know where to find the best deals in Vegas?

Come on... are you for real?

4. Where is Casino Boy from?

I was born in Vegas baby! Sin City. Born here, live here, looking for Mrs. Casino Boy here (let me know if interested), will never leave here and will die an old Casino Boy here. Maybe when I'm gone they'll put up my statue.

5. What advice would Casino Boy give to a first time Vegas visitor?

First, use to find the best deals on hotels and shows. Decide where you want to stay, on the Strip or off-Strip. Check out the hotel options and figure out approximately what you want to spend on a room. Then, review the promo code offers that speak to you. In other words, look for deals that include things important to you like a free daily buffet, dinner credits, a suite upgrade or an early booking discount. Next, book a show because you have to see a show - they are awesome. My favorite is "O". Then it's on to food, nightlife, clubs, pools and whatever else you do.

6. What are Promo Codes?

Promo codes are simply "booking" codes you use to book a specific offer, package or deal put together by the casino hotels and shows. The casino hotels and shows assign a unique code to each offer they put together so that you have choices and get unique deals versus just booking a room. I work closely with the casinos and shows and list out what's in each promo on You then read my stuff, decide which one you like, click on the link, and book directly with the hotel or show using that specific promo code. Easy stuff that saves you dinero.

7. Do Promo Codes and Deals change that much?

Yes. Some run long term but many run for just a few weeks or a month. I keep Promo Code offers fresh so that you get choices. This way you get visit Vegas more for less and not some other sorry vacation destination you'll forever regret.

8. Should I gamble when in Vegas?

Only you can answer that question. If you decide to and have never gambled in a casino, see your hotel concierge and go to a beginner "show me how to play" sessions, which most hotel casinos offer before noon right on the floor. If you think you are the only one with questions, you're wrong! If you get some knucklehead that makes you feel clueless because you've never gambled before, tell them they are indeed a 1st class knucklehead and move to a different casino. And remember to seek out the FREE drinks too...

9. What is full-pay video poker?

Wow, that's a random question. But since you asked, there are lots of different video poker machines in Vegas. Many have the same rules but different pay tables, meaning that, for example, some Double Bonus machines pay 9 for a full house and 6 for a flush, while others pay 10 for a full house and 7 for a flush. Since Nevada State gaming law requires Video Poker to be dealt randomly from a 52-card deck, all machines have an equal chance of dealing you a winning hand. Therefore, the 10/7 machine pays out more than the 9/6 machine over the course of time. You always want to look for machines with the highest payouts to increase your odds of winning. For an article on this topic check here.

10. How come Casino Boy is so dang cute?

Remember the atomic bomb testing in the Nevada desert in the 1950s? During one of those tests, a young lad was wandering through the sage brush, collecting bottle caps he could trade for cash for his mother's much needed surgery. He would have been home doing homework but family came first. Suddenly, a flash of light and a burst of heat! The boy's face swelled, and his cheeks turned ruddy. He was transformed into an ever chipper boy with an unquenchable appetite for dazzling lights, table games, buffets, hard liquor and barely-dressed ladies - and deals. Aging has never cursed Casino Boy and probably never will.

11. Is Casino Boy cheap?

If there's a deal to be had, absolutely.

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