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All I care about is getting to Vegas in one piece for a cheapo price. Now somebody get me a bloody mary!

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Southwest Vacations Las Vegas NV

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Southwest Airlines Las Vegas deals offer some of the cheapo-est packages to get you to Sin City. Southwest vacations to Vegas can get you cheaper flights, plus discounted hotels, shows and more. A free night at the Tropicana? Tickets to our favorite shows? That's something we can get on board with any day of the week.


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Quick Facts

  • You can book your Southwest vacations to Vegas online. All day, every day. At work, at home, in your underwear, or less. We don't care. Have it your way.
  • Southwest Airlines Las Vegas deals come in all shapes and sizes. Well, a flight, plus a hook-up to hotels and entertainment discounts. Two shapes, many different sizes.
  • Bags fly free, so stuff your children in and these cheap Southwest flights to Vegas become even cheaper. (Just kiddin'. Seriously - don't do that.)


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Service Overview:

Southwest Airlines Las Vegas deals get you cheap flights plus hotel and show discounts. We know how to travel, so we know that getting there is half the battle. Luckily, with Southwest vacations to Vegas, getting there is actually half the fun. That is, if you think getting good deals is fun; obviously, we do.

What to Know:

If you decide that you'd rather spend your money at the casino or in the bars than on an expensive flight, cheap Southwest flights to Vegas are the flights for you.

  • Hot Deals: And we're not just talking about Southwest vacations to Vegas for Spring Break. We are all about free stuff and good prices on the things we absolutely have to pay for - like flights. We tried walking once, but the bars along the way were really distracting. Southwest Airlines Las Vegas deals don't even make walking an option, especially with all of the packages with deals to our favorite Vegas hotels and Las Vegas shows.
  • Travel Protection: 'Safety first', as we like to say, even though we don't always personally do it. (Give us a break, we like to party!) But Las Vegas flights from Southwest Airlines has protection of all sorts for you. Not only will you be flying safe (Yep, stupendous track record), but they also offer cancellation protection and travel protection for your busy and unpredictable life. It costs a little extra, but if your life is as unpredictable as most other Vegas-goers, it can pay off sometimes.
  • Bags Fly Free: This one is for the ladieeeeeeees! Or men whose shoes weigh as much as their heads. It's a hassle when airlines charge you by the pound for all of your luggage. You have to take things out, leave outfits behind, skimp on the necessities like deodorant and any personal goodies. When you book Southwest vacations to Vegas, this will never be an issue.

Is it Worth It?

Southwest vacations to Vegas will save you moula on your way to Vegas. We in the biz like to say "It's worth it."

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