Casino Boy Says: Oh, baby, I wish this was still the Playboy Casino so I could get my hands on those bunnies.

Hotel Size:
Overall Quality:
Room Price:
Casino Size:
800 rooms
~40,000 s.f.

Maxim Hotel
1-800-634-6987, 160 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Room Quality Their slogan is "Take it the Max," and we assume they mean their guests should take it to the very maximum of mediocre. That is the word that described almost every aspect of the Maxim. The rooms are standard sized with furniture that will take you back to the pre-Miami Vice days of the early 80s. This isn't to say it's shabby, it's just outdated-looking. The bathrooms are small. While the Maxim is not on the Strip, it is a five minute walk from the corner of Flamingo and the Strip, where Caesars, Bellagio, Flamingo Hilton and Bally's all reside. The views are poor since the hotel does not face the Strip and the view is mostly blocked by other hotels. This place was once the Playboy Casino, and it was probably a much more happening place then. Now, it just goes in and out of bankruptcy.

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Service Quality: Good. The Maxim is almost a full-service hotel, and is relatively small at 800 rooms. They have room service, concierge service, and three restaurants on the premise.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Little generic bottles of sweet smelling shampoo and lotion. Don't come for the free crap in the bathroom. If freebies are your thing, the Horseshoe downtown has the best ratio of crap to price.
Clientele: Middle-aged people and foreigners who had a travel agent book their rooms. This is not the place for the young to meet suitors, neither is it the place to stay if you like to gamble where you stay. You're going to want to get out casino and sight-see.
How's the pool? Okay. It's a big rectangle that never gets very crowded. It gets plenty of sun, and that's a good thing in spring and fall. It's a terrible thing in 110 degree summer weather. Just down the street, Bally's and the Flamingo Hilton have much better pools.



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