Casino Boy Says: Holy smokes, if I hear one more person say, "Beam me up, Scottie!," I'm going to kick some Trekkie ass!

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3174 rooms
Very good
67,000 s.f.
Very good

Las Vegas Hilton
1-800-732-7117, 3000 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89109
Check out their Website.

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Room Quality This place appears to have been wounded by the new competition in town; they have been dropping their rates and improving the gaming. Despite this, it's still a high-quality Hilton through and through. In other words, a nice hotel, with well-appointed, tasteful and spacious rooms. None of that Vegas tackiness gets past the casino and into the rooms. The king-bed rooms have sofas, the doubles don't. They all have sitting areas, small TVs and average-sized bathrooms. Some rooms are getting a touch old, but many have been remodeled, and we guess the rest are on their way to remodeling. All rooms have hairdryers and ironing boards. But, let's be honest, we don't iron our clothes when we're home so why would we iron them while on vacation? We recently were upgraded to a mini-suite in the central tower for free. See if you can too. You'll get a huge bathroom with two vanities, a refrigerator, wet bar, sofa, love-seat, big closet and about 600+ square feet of living space.

Around $120
Around $50-$70
Around $140 - $180
Around $100 - $140

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Service Quality: Very Good. This hotel handles a lot of business travelers and convention attendees because it's right next to the convention center, and the joint is set up to serve their every whim. Lots of executive services. Nothing silly or frivolous, though, like you would get at Caesars. Check-in can be a bear. We have waited over thirty minutes to check-in at midnight on a Thursday.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: High-quality shampoo, lotion and mouthwash, because you don't want stinky breath at the big meeting. Be sure to take the bottles and put them in your toilet kit every morning, or they might not give you more.
Clientele: Folks late thirties and up, many of whom are pretty wealthy, and many of whom are very serious because they are big businessmen. There are occasionally some young folks, but they're the exception. Overall, a well-behaved crowd that hoots and hollers little.
How's the pool? It's good, but it's not themed. If you want Palm Springs style, try here. If you want a tropical paradise, try the Strip.
Free Shuttle: The Hard Rock Cafe shuttle stops here before going to the Stratosphere, Stardust, Caesars, Tropicana and then back to the Hard Rock. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: All the usual suspects. Blackjack, craps, roulette, pai gow, Carribean Stud, Let it Ride, etc. Craps is true double odds, and none of the games are the best in town. Mostly it's average table gaming. They have one of Las Vegas' best sportsbooks here, though. They re-installed the table games in the SpaceQuest area of the casino, so if you want to play roulette or blackjack in a tacky space-themed area, wander on over.
Machines: From a nickel through the roof. An improved selection of video poker. They don't have full-pay double bonus, but they do have full-pay loose-deuces and several other VP variations, like All-American. The SpaceQuest Casino slots are very lame, and the slots are quite tight. Some VP in the SpaceQuest area is good, though, so pick your machine carefully.
Bet Minimums: $5 on weekdays at the tables, but it can get steep during big conferences or busy weekends. During Comdex we heard rumors of $100 minimums. The annoying Spacequest casino is now the low-roller part of the casino and you can find $5 limits there when the big casino is higher.
Cocktails? Pretty good, but they're really going after businessmen who drink in moderation. Unlike some places, they're goal isn't to get you loaded. This should be the goal of every man and woman, though.
Who Gets Comps? The slot club pays an unbelievably generous 0.83% cash back to nickel VP players (1.67% for nickel slots), and 0.50% cash back on quarter and higher VP action (0.83% to 1.25% for slots), and that's great for the serious players (remember, though, that the slot machines are reportedly tight). For table games, this is a high-roller place when it comes to comps, so unless you're throwing around green chips, don't hope for much more than a buffet comp.

Buffet of Champions: Ignore the stupid name and you'll find a good, large buffet. Not quite in Las Vegas' top ten, but enjoyable food. It's also pretty pricey. If you're staying at the hotel, see if you can score some 2-for-1 coupons upon check-in.
Benihana: Excellent Japanese food, much of which is prepared right at your table. An added bonus would be if they have a big fire or someone gets hurt in the preparation, because you'll see it all.
Quark's Bar: Overpriced food that is named after Star Trek stuff. They also have people dressed up like Star Trek characters walking around. But if you really wanted that you could just go to a Star Trek Convention for less money. This is at the entrance to the Star Trek ride.
Andiamo's: Expensive gourmet Northern Italian food. It's high-quality, and not what most Americans think of as standard Italian. You also get to watch them prepare your meal through windows on the kitchen. We wish the Wendy's by our office had this so we'd know for sure whether they were spitting on our burgers or not. If you like strong Italian coffees, check out their coffee bar. It'll wire you with caffeine.
Hilton Steakhouse: Holy cow is this stuff expensive. It's good cuts of meat, but not worth the price. No way, not in this town. Go to the Circus Circus Steakhouse of Binion's and get your money's worth.
The Reef: Overpriced (like, don't expect to get out for less than $35 a person after drinks and tip) seafood. They say it is New England-style, which we believe because we always find New Englanders trying to gouge us. But, what's with the name? There aren't any reefs along the New England coast.

In all, there are 14 restaurants and snack bars in the Hilton., including French and Mexican restaurants. You should be able to find something you want, especially if you are on your company's tab.

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Star Trek: The Exprience: It's about $15 a person and you get a history of the TV show, its characters, and finally a fancy motion simulator ride. If $15 for 45 minutes of fun is your bag, and you are the type of person who has a pair of Spock ears you wear for special occasions, then this is the right ride for you.
The Nightclub: This club is no longer just a cheesy meat market for divorcees. It's now a "comedy, magic, musical" revue. Tickets are about $30 and what you get is a show that doesn't compare to the big boys over on the Strip, like Lance Burton for $45. This show is sort of a mish-mash of mediocre elements.
Hilton Theater: The acts are big names, but not the biggest, like Caesars Palace gets. A recent sample of stars includes LeAnn Rimes, Jeff Foxworthy and Johnny Mathis. This is where Elvis used to play, and then Wayne Newton did for a long time.

A review of the SpaceQuest Casino

Where? East of the Strip next to the Convention Center
Who owns it? Hilton
Ostensible Theme The SpaceQuest casino is only one section of an otherwise nondescript Hilton Hotel. But, it aims to be a Trekkie Mecca and divert all those funds normally spent on Vulcan ears and the latest Klingon-English dictionary.
Clientele The crowd was totally touristy, not as upscale as the New York, New York crowd. To my surprise, I wasn't able to pick out the Trekkies from the normal folk.
Employee costumes The change people wear shiny space uniforms with a ringed planet motif. The cocktail waitresses wear little skirts in shiny silver and black- standard uniform, but shinier. Oh, the wonders of space-age technology!
Carpet and Other Decor The carpet features a design of metallic portholes with vistas of the stars. The casino features flashing lights, spaceship portals, fake corrugated metal, large futuristic spaceship supports. The bar has the same ringed planet motif that graces the uniforms and signage. High on one wall, a screen plays a video of the earth and the starry expanses beyond. It's supposed to bring to mind the interior of a vast sparkly spaceship, but the room is cavernous and dark. I sure hope space travel is more comfy than this! Finally, how could SpaceQuest be complete without a replica of the Starship Enterprise to fulfill the fantasies of all those Trekkies?
Food Quark's Bar and Restaurant is located on the "DS9 Promenade". The menu is full of Star Trek references, but the food is standard Applebee's fare. I guess you're supposed to ignore how oily and rubbery your Jalapeño Popper is while you gaze worshipfully at the big screen teevee playing clips of "Star Trek". You can push a button and see a picture of food- ooh, the menu of the future!
Games The slot machines are even heavier on the glitter and flashing lights than usual.
Other Facilities The mens' room has has holograms and self-flushing, talking urinals. The women's room just has the holograms; this was a major disappointment to me. What, do they think that women are too squeamish to hear about the stabilization of their bodily fluids? Pah! There are also merchants who will scan your photo into a "Star Trek" scene for a fee. As I walked by, the man selling these trinkets asked two women, "So, what's your favorite Star Track episode?" Yes, he said "Star Track".
Did it work? Matt took one look at this place and quipped, "Stupak taken seriously." Jeff, who is a sci-fi enthusiast, liked the theme, pronounced it "definitely space-y". He thought the "ambience was more intense than Vegas World".
Suggestions Bring Back Stupak!


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