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The Palms has several towers, one just for hotel rooms, one for the Fantasy suites and more rooms and a third for condos for people who want to live at the Palms.

The casino at the Palms is quiet on weekdays and caters to local video poker players. One the weekends, though, it becomes a party house with a large number of youngsters from California in to gamble and hit nightclubs and pools.

The Palms actually has two poker rooms. One for the low limit games and one for the no-limit action. Choose wisely, padwan.

The pool at the Palms is party central on the weekends. You're not supposed to swim, but to socialize. Make sure you've reduced your body fat to zero first.

The sportsbook at the Palms is nice, medium-sized and not terribly active. They have some weird NBA rules since the hotel owners also own the Sacramento Kings.

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