Silverton Casino
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Woo-doggie! Who done let all these NASCAR fans into my lodge?
Hotel Size:
300 rooms
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Casino Size:
30,000 s.f.
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Silverton Casino
3333 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas

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Like many other way way Off-Strip joints in town, the Silverton offers a fair deal on rooms, decent food and low-price gaming to attract the locals. There is a huge Bass Pro Shop next door to draw in the crowds. The theme here appears to be woodsy lodge, but with slots!

Coupons Available for Silverton Casino: $10 free slot play for new members, two-for-one buffet, 20% off your hotel stay. (Click Here For More Info.)


Room Quality: This is pretty standard stuff. They aren't trying to dazzle you with sunken living rooms like those high-falutin' folks on the Strip do. Instead, we're talking average-sized, clean rooms. The quality level is better than a Holiday Inn, with a small dash of mountain lodge trimmings. The suites are lodge crazy with dead animal heads on the wall and stuff like that. King rooms have a loveseat, lots of brown. Rooms have safes and mini-bars with ridiculously overpriced snacks to tempt you at all hours. Bathrooms are unremarkable and a bit small, with a tub/shower, sink and toilet all just off the room entrance. This hotel is not really themed "Old West" but more like "lodge," with the emphasis on lite rock from the 70s and 80s. Stick around long enough and you're sure to hear "Sailing" by Christopher Cross. The rooms offer high-speed Internet access for a fee.
Service Quality: Good and the people are friendly. Even though it's only 300 rooms, The hotel has room service. Because it's a small place, check-in is easy, so is getting your room cleaned when you want it cleaned.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Soap, shampoo, bath gel and lotion from Body and Bath Works are meant to make you forget that you're sleeping in a gussied up motel building.
Clientele: Mostly it's middle-aged to older folks. Occasionally you'll see younger people, but this is no place to be looking for the stylish young 'uns. The people here tend to keep quiet and take a lot of pills at mealtimes.
How's the Pool? A small irregular shape surrounded by a wide expanse of concrete, not crowded at all. Heck, there are times when you have it all to yourself. This is not a massive, themed pool area with water slides. It's just a pool surrounded by concrete and some chairs. They also have a hot tub.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $7.50 per night. You get an in-room safe, local and toll-free calls, shuttles to the Strip and shopping and fitness center access.

Table Games: The tables include blackjack, craps, roulette, Pai Gow, 3-card poker and mini-baccarat. It's a small, quiet casino, and you'll find the tables can fill quickly after a concert or if the RV lot is full. The craps is 10x odds, which is plenty fine for those of us who enjoy rolling the bones.
Bet Minimums: $3 blackjack and craps. Craps has the aforementioned 10x odds, and the roulette is as low as a couple bucks a spin and fifty cent chips.
Machines: Over 1000 machines that include a wide variety of nickels and a ton of video poker varieties. This place really caters to the nickel and quarter players, and you will find just about every variation of video slots in those denominations that your god has chosen to create.
Cocktails? Pretty good. For a small casino, they could do better with the cocktail service, but we guess they aren't trying to cater to young drunks like us who want a lot of drinks in a hurry because we got some yelling and drooling to do.
Who Gets Comps? Well, they claim the Discovery Club is the most generous slot club in town, but we're a little skeptical. Mainly because everyone claims that. Comps are indeed fair, for even small amounts of play, though. Cash rebates are harder to come by. They have several levels of club membership from "Copper" to "Platinum".

Mi Casa Grill Cantina: Very standard Mexican menu with substandard taste in a lodgy room with loads of red that should feel a bit like it came from a village in the Sierra Madres. There is a good amount of seafood on the menu, including lobster and ceviche. Dinners come with chips and three kids of salsa.
Seasons: This fad of giving buffets abstract names like "Seasons" is driving us nuts. Take us back to the good old days and names like the old classic "Make a Pig Of Yourself Scarf-o-rama". Despite the new-agey theme, the lodge-like furnishings and the chocolate fountain, this is another basic buffet. The food is good and there are nice touches, some live cooking and a fair assembly of seafood. But come on, it's still a buffet, and the meats are still dry. Not much for a vegetarian here, either. No breakfasts on weekdays.
Shady Grove Lounge: This is primarily a bar, but it does serve some dent finger food, like chicken wings, burgers and tacos. None of it is great, but it all goes well with a cold beer.
Sundance Grill: A 24-hour coffeeshop with Southwestern decor, a huge menu that even has some Chinese, and an overall sort of swanky feel. Look for steak and eggs, prime rib, and everything else you've eaten at other coffee shops. They have some pretty good late night specials, worth checking out if you find yourself way out here in the middle of nowhere late at night for some reason.
Twin Creeks Steakhouse: An upscale and subdued steakhouse with nice lighting and a clubby feel. The steaks here cost much less than on the Strip, which is refreshing. And they're tasty, too. The steakhouse is only open a few nights a week, so check before going.
Try Villa Italian Kitchen for pizza, or Johnny Rocket's for burgers in their little strip of fast food joints. Oh! They also have a Starbuck's.

Aquarium: A huge and cool aquarium has 4000 tropical fish swimming around. They used to have some fake mermaids in here who were weighted down, but now it's just the little tangs, clownfish and bowmouth guitarfish darting around among the coral. A little farther over, the Mermaids Lounge has a jellyfish tank.
Bass Pro Shops: If you love hunting, fishing and driving around with a trailer behind your truck, you're in heaven. The Bass Pro Shops is an enormous sporting goods place. It has several freshwater aquariums and an arcade style shooting gallery. Actually, it takes sporting goods and makes it a lifestyle. Clothes, fishing poles, boats, etc. The place is freakin' huge.
Shady Grove: They're trying to lure young people in here with a retro lounge, and dang it all if it ain't working a little. This place looks like a lot of casino bars, but with two big differences. The first is pool and foosball tables, and the second is a very cool pair of miniature bowling lanes inside an old Airstream trailer. Casinos don't usually like to leave non-wagering games out in the open like that.

Number of TVs: They have nine televisions here, and none of them are big. They are mostly used for posting lines and scores.
Number of Seats: Zero chairs. The good news that every single one of the imaginary chairs is leather and has massage and a little lady who pops out and takes your drink order.
How Many Betting Windows? Three windows. They also have an automated wagering station.
Free Drinks? It's attached to a bar, the Shady Grove.
Snack Bar? Nope, but just ask for a big cup full of cocktail olives and cherries if you're really hungry.
Minimum Wager: The usual $5 sports/$2 race.
Other Notes: This is another small outpost for the Leroy's sports book people, so it has the same line as all Leroy's other books in town. It's a small space and not very inviting for spending time with friends. Also, don't go through the arch that says Leroy's Sports Book; it's for employees only.

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