Las Vegas Tuscany
Casino Boy says:
Mama Mia! Those crazy Italians are blaming me for this mockery of their lovely country!
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716 rooms
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30,000 s.f.
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Las Vegas Tuscany
255 E. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas

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Everything here is "nice," in a dull sense of the word. It reminds us of an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood. That's not exactly our cup of tea when we go to a town to live it up crazy-style, but if you're after a sedate environment, the Tuscany may be just right.

Coupons Available for Las Vegas Tuscany: $50 in poker chips for $40, two-for-one menu items at the Cantina, $5 table game matchplay. (Click Here For More Info.)


Room Quality: Big rooms. They are more than 50% bigger than most at 600 s.f. Rooms come with a king-sized or two measly double beds, sitting areas and dining tables, mediocre televisions, coffee makers, refrigerators, in-room safes and hairdryers to keep your new perm looking just right. The bathrooms are large with the new luxury standard of a separate tub and shower, although the tubs are nothing special. We guess that's because people get so bored of the scenery when they shower and soak in the same place. Personally, we thought bathrooms were for getting in and out of as quick as possible. That's all the good news. The bad news is that it's all sort of mediocre, not decadently luxurious. It feels like a long-term stay hotel. And the property layout makes it look like an apartment complex that got converted to a hotel with lots of small buildings scattered about with concrete walkways and some landscaping. There is a chance your room could be a long walk from the casino.
Service Quality: Good. They have room service and concierge, plus a limited amount of business facilities. Check in can be a hassle during peak hours, and then you still have to wander around to find your room.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Shampoo, conditioner and lotion. This is pretty nice stuff, but not likely to trick you into thinking you're in Italy.
Clientele: Middle-aged, middle-America folks in the hotel, mixed with some blue-collar locals in the casino. This is not a place where you feel like dressing up.
How's the Pool? It's okay. The pool is fairly large and has a wandering lagoon shape. There is a big, bubbling Jacuzzi. The landscaping is nice, although the presence of palm trees in a Tuscan village is a bit confusing. The concrete pad is small and empty loungers might be scarce during the best pool times.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $13 per night. Access to the pool and fitness center, ca coupon book and live entertainment.

Table Games: Blackjack, craps, roulette. The pit is fairly small and has nothing to recommend it over one closer to where you're staying, or where you want to be. The craps table always appears to be a bit dead.
Bet Minimums: blackjack and car games have a $5 minimum, while craps can be $3 with decent 5x odds. The double-zero roulette is usually $1 per chip and $4 minimum per spin.
Machines: Loads of machines, none of which pay out coins. Rather, they print out tickets you redeem at the cashier. There are a ton of penny machines here, and a good selection of nickels and quarters. There is some full-pay video poker machines at the quarter level.
Cocktails? Good cocktail service. The floor is laid out sort of weird and there is a chance of being tucked away in a corner where a cocktail waitress might not find you as easily, so be sure to be extremely noisy.
Who Gets Comps? It's a pretty good club for the slot and VP player. There are many decent promotions like double points and rooms. Oh, and don't forget this slot club is FREE to join (actually, they all are, and they all make a big deal about how they're free--but if you're like us, you wouldn't belong to any club that would have you as a member... even a free slot club.)

Marilyn's Cafe: This is the coffee shop called. It's fairly small. Typical American coffee shop fare with a few decent specials throughout the day and during graveyard.
The Cantina: Mexican food with the specialness of a Wednesday. That is, you can get Mexican food like this just about anywhere. Prices are pretty good, though, and some of the seafood enchiladas are all right.
Tuscany Gardens: Tuscany is the upscale joint here and it serves Italian. They have a range of dishes, including seafood. Prices are within the Cheapo's sights for ritzy eating. Seafood pastas and rich sauces are the main draws. Open for dinner only.
Beachfront Coffee serves up coffee, fruit smoothies and pizza, hot dogs and sandwiches while the Tailgate Lounge offers bar food.

Piazza Lounge: Nothing you have to pay for, but the sedate lounge has smooth jazz, light rock and easy-listening combos performing for your dancing and listening pleasure. The nicest thing is that it opens onto the pool area. We bet that's pretty cool in the summer.

Number of TVs: Three small plasma TVs in the sports book area and a bunch more in the Tailgate Lounge next door.
Number of Seats: Three small round tables with a total of five seats. And don't try sitting at the bar unless you plan on buying drinks or playing video poker, even if it's not busy.
How Many Betting Windows? Two, with electronic boards behind them. The book appears to close pretty early, so don't come here if you've woken up in the middle of the night with a wager so crazy it just might work.
Free Drinks? Not that we could see. It's way off in a corner, off the cocktail waitress's path.
Snack Bar? The Tailgate lounge is next door and has a menu of bar food and plenty of liquor for everyone. The sportsbook is an outpost of Leroy's, so not actually operated by the Tuscany.
Minimum Wager: $5 for sports.
Other Notes: This place is a pretty lame Leroy's outpost. It's small, and off in a corner, but at least there is a bar with it now. We wouldn't bother wagering here, and wouldn't watch a game here either, since it just ain't that comfortable for just sitting and watching.

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