Wild Wild West Casino
Casino Boy says:
Hitch your Geo to that parking spot, pardner, and come join the fun!
Hotel Size:
260 rooms
Room Price:
Casino Size:
11,000 s.f.
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Wild Wild West Casino
3330 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas

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A dinky casino not too far off the Strip, but right on the Interstate, with Days Inn motel rooms offered cheap, and special discounts for truck drivers. There is no reason to make a trip out here, especially not to the sad little casino.


Room Quality: This is a Days Inn and you get that wildly variable Days Inn quality in the rooms. Don't get confused and think you're getting something swanky, but for a fair price you'll get a clean room with the amenities of a chain motel. That means iron and hairdryers, an okay TV and a sink open to the room. Rooms are slightly smaller than average. The good news is they can go as low as $30 on weeknights if you call them directly.
Service Quality: Fair. The casino is small, so they don't have people around to tend to your every wish, but they're mostly friendly. There is no room service, and the front desk is small but they won't spit at you. That is, unless you insult their horse - this is the Wild Wild West after all. Let's face it, overall it's just a motel with a casino.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Shampoo and soap. Not the good stuff, neither.
Clientele: A lot of people on long trips, especially truckers, who love the huge parking lot set aside just for their big rigs. This place draws a lot of people in off the road who come to town not knowing where they're going to stay. It also draws the blue-collar working men and women of Las Vegas who are, clearly, not working.
How's the Pool? It's one of those motel-style pools where some crazy old lady could potentially watch you from the second-story balcony. If this possibility gives you the creeps, better try to sneak into a nicer pool somewhere else. They have barbecues out by the pool, so go to the Smith's Food King and buy your own cuts of meat.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $4.99 per night. It provides no information and lumps it in as "taxes".

Table Games: Blackjack, mini-craps, roulette, Pai Gow. We wouldn't recommend driving coming here for the table action, especially considering the mostly mediocre rules and lack of choice. Mini-craps is the bastard son of casino games, a tiny tub with a single dealer paying out, calling numbers and handling the dice. Nobody loves it, but you'll pretend you do in a pinch. We can't imagine being in enough of a pinch in this town to want to play mini-craps, though.
Bet Minimums: $3-$5 minimums most of the time at the tables. They have $3-$5 craps at their stupid mini-craps table, with lowly 2x odds. Pbbbbt. The roulette is $2 a spin, which is about what Matt's ex-girlfriend cost per spin, too.
Machines: Little video poker, coupla slot machines. We couldn't find any full-pay video poker during our visit. Again, don't stay here for if you plan on doing all your gambling where you sleep. It's too small to keep you entertained for too long.
Cocktails? Good. They know that everyone enjoys a little alcohol, except for children, so they do what they can to put you in an happier state. Drinks at the bar are easiest to get quickly and if you play a litte VP, you'll get all the free booze you can handle.
Who Gets Comps? Maybe you can get a free meal at Denny's after playing for a while, but comps aren't really this place's style. The Wild Card slot club pays back the same as all the Station Casinos, which is not too well.

Denny's: The Wild Wild West often promotes itself as a legitimate Las Vegas vacation hotel, and then they go and put a Denny's in. Not a particularly exotic or vacation-like place to eat. It's the same as every other Denny's in the world, except smokier smelling.

Loose Trax Bar and Lounge: The lounge fills with the sounds of classic rock and the ding ding ding of video poker. Considering the theme, you'd think they'd bring in rodeo acts, but apparently the neon makes the cows skittish.
Smoke Shop: Not reallly entertainment, but the smoke shop offers cheap cigarettes to console people who find it much harder to enjoy their habit indoors. Also, you can buy non-tobacco gifts here too, just in case you know someone who doesn't appreciate a pack of smokes on his birthday.

Number of TVs: Fourteen plasmas of average size. Since there is no race betting, all TVs are on sports, unless of course there is a "very special" rerun of "Eight is Enough" showing.
Number of Seats: About 20 seats at tables of below average comfort.
How Many Betting Windows? Three, with slate boards for odds.
Free Drinks? If you can convince a waitress to give you one.
Snack Bar? The bar is nearby and the casino is so small that the restaurant is just a few steps away.
Minimum Wager: $5 for sports.
Other Notes: Overall this is a thumb's up for a small casino. If you're looking for the big crowd and party atmosphere, this ain't it, but if you want some peace and quiet during the big game, check it out.

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