Las Vegas Hooters Hotel
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711 rooms
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22,500 s.f.
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Las Vegas Hooters Hotel
115 E. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas

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Great room rates (including a Military discount offer for our Troops which is awesome to see), good food and drinks (they always seem to have a great deal on Budweiser’s!), nice pool, Ladies Nights (just like the song) and regular entertainment that keeps the place hopping! It’s all good!


Room Quality: Enter the tropical paradise of your room and you'll think you're right in the middle of a Jimmy Buffett song. The motif is light colors and island fruit. It's done on the cheap, and the rooms are small. Tub/shower combo, single sink and low water pressure. You'll get a king or two doubles with flowery spreads, a reading chair and some bar stools around a bar table. Some pictures on the wall will make you think you're watching a very long Corona Beer ad. Want a dirt cheap room? Check out the "Bungalow" rooms out back. They are motel style, sparsely furnished and as cheap as a room near the Strip is going to get.
Service Quality: Pretty good, for the price. Despite the big name, this is a small casino and a small hotel. Expect about the same amenities you would get at a Holiday Inn which, for the price, isn't a bad thing.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Just some shampoo, separate conditioner and lotion - nothing crazy, but enough to keep you clean on the casino floors. (For a while, anyways.)
Clientele: The Hooters girls are friendly and beautiful, as you’ve come to expect. Great for the guys, OK for the ladies visiting Las Vegas.
How's the Pool? Small, but decent. Look for a couple small pools and a large hot tub. There is a bar out here playing loud music. There aren't enough loungers, and there are tons of bar stools.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $7.50 per night. You get pool access, fitness center access, in-room safe and two bottles of water.

Table Games: The standard games. Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, Roulette, Let It Ride and a couple oddballs. Some of the games will often only have one table of a particular game working because of the size of the casino. Some are dealt by Hooters girls, and some are not.
Bet Minimums: As low as three bucks at the blackjack tables, but look for mostly $10 on big weekends and other busy times. Craps is as low as $5 and has awesome 10x odds. Look out for 6:5 blackjack. Boo!
Machines: Loads of machines from a penny to $5. There are a few full-pay video poker machines. Keep your eye out for them, and not the orange shorts.
Cocktails? Decent service - the main bar is conveniently located in the middle of the casino (a big plus, especially if you're on a hot streak at the tables) and drink waits aren’t too bad.
Who Gets Comps? The Owl Club ain't too bad in comps. Play a lot of slots and you'll get some mailings or free room offers. Play the tables at the $25 and up level and you might get some attention.

Hooters: Surprise! There's a Hooters serving wings, burgers and standard American Hooters food. While the old saying goes, "No one goes to Hooters for the wings", you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of these familiar nibblers. Just make sure to double up on the napkins.
Mad Onion: Formerly Dan Marino's steakhouse, this place slowly devolved into Hooters coffee shop. Now they have made it official with a change to a weird name. The menu is stunningly mediocre, with sandwiches, eggs, appetizers like chicken strips, and entrees like BBQ ribs. In fact, the menu is a lot like the Hooters in here. Since this is Hooter's 24 hour restaurant, you can get breakfast as well. The morning menu is quite limited, though.
The Bait Shoppe has an extra p and e for no clear reason, but they also sell beverages and snacks.

Dixie's Dam Country Bar: Despite the name, this isn't a southern or country bar. It is open Wednesday to Sunday with dancers and a DJ. They also have a keg at each table for mass beer consumption.
Laugh Until It Hurts/The Dirty Joke Show: Comedy club journeyman Geechy Guy leads this conceptual comedy show that hopes to capitalize on the popularity of "The Aristocrats". In it, three stand ups tell each other dirty jokes in the alley behind a comedy club, trying to one up each other for filthiness.
Men of X: Sexy men dance around to songs like "It's Raining Men". This show is geared to anyone who likes men with big chests and wearing thongs. But here's the thing that kills us: sure the men dress as firemen, policemen, doctors and the like, but why don't they ever have sexy men dressed as snarky online Vegas critics? Chicks dig those.
Purple Reign: Prince, Morris Day AND the Time. They are all here, but not for real. This is a "tribute" to Minneapolis funk with the little purple guy front and center. Purple Reign puts on an energetic show that's a passable imitation of the real thing. Bring your dancing shoes, or be prepared to steal some.

Number of TVs: Nine TVs fill a sports book space and a few more are in the bar called Pete and Shorty.
Number of Seats: Nine in the dedicated sports book area. A few at the bar and around, totalling about 40. This is a place to have a beer and watch a game. But if your main interest is settling in and watching sports, then skip it. You're supposed to be social here. We're not so good at that.
How Many Betting Windows? Two windows with slate boards behind, we think. Actually, we aren't sure because this girl walked by and we lost track while counting.
Free Drinks? It's a bar and a sports book, but they seem to keep them separated in this sense.
Snack Bar? No food nearby but you can run to the gift shop for a bag of chips. Maybe even Funyuns.
Minimum Wager: $5
Other Notes: The sports book at Hooters is owned by Leroy’s - small and efficient, but not a highlight of this Vegas hotel.

Number of Tables: Three tables are all they've got. Sometimes there are two more tables just outside the poker room for tourneys. Really, this place is tiny, so how could you expect more? The tables are very bright.
Comfort of Chairs: Just about average chairs. The tables have some nice features, like drink holders, but the chairs don't stand out.
Closed Room or Open to Casino? Not really a closed room, just an area off to the side with a wooden floor and those three tables crammed in. It is next to the sportsbook and can be pretty dang noisy.
Game Spreads and Limits: Hold 'Em is the only game spread, and even then only when someone shows up to pay. They will have a $1/$2 NL game with a $200 max or $2-$4 limit when it's going.
How Crowded is the Room? Not much wait, except for other players to show up. There is no intercom, so you need to be close to the room to hear when your seat comes up.
Comps? Earn $1 an hour in comps while you play. Poker room rate for four hours of play a day.
How Good Are the Players? Mostly pretty terrible. Lots of newbies and the sorts of players whose main experience is wild, loose home games.
What Else Do I Need to Know? The good news is that there is low rake for this area of Vegas. So, at least they aren't scooping all your dough from the pots. The room doesn't open until afternoon, so don't bother getting up early.

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