New York New York
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2035 rooms
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84,000 s.f.
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New York New York
3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas

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One of the more architecturally interesting-looking hotels on the Strip -- the hotel towers eschew the typical 3-pronged shape, and mimic famous New York City landmarks like the Empire State, Chrysler and Woolworth buildings. They put a lot of effort into realizing the theme here, possibly more than any other resort since Caesars.

Coupons Available for New York New York: A couple two-for-one cocktails, free margarita with purchase of an entree at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, and lots of discounts at the small eateries. (Click Here For More Info.)


Room Quality: Rooms are well-appointed. Skyline is the name of the base rooms, and they are about 300 or so s.f., come with a king or two queens and pretty average bathrooms. The Park Avenue rooms are only slightly larger but fancier, especially the bathrooms. If you upgrade to a "Broadway Deluxe" room, it can be as large as 500 s.f., which is pretty good. The coolest thing with all the rooms, besides some with great views, is the fact that your room might be in the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building. Whatever you do, ask for a room away from the rollercoaster, which rumbles by some rooms and has been known to be noisy. Most rooms are done in earthtones, with two chairs and a table, two queens or one king bed, a bulky armoire, a single sink, a hair dryer, and no telephone. The tiny closets house ironing supplies, and there's a safe right next to them. You can iron up a bunch of fresh shirts, then lock them away for the night! There are all sorts of larger suites available for you if you want to pay more or are a good sweet-talker at check-in.
Service Quality: We've met some very nice (and chatty) employees. Check-in can be long but usually isn't. The room service has a decent menu.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Shampoo, conditioner and lotion. It's supposedly fancy. Well, it looks fancy in its skinny little bottles, but we honestly didn't feel any cleaner than we do after any other weekly shower.
Clientele: Folks with moderate tastes, mostly thirties and up. It's a middle-class clientele, except in the cigar bar, where it's a pretentious jerk clientele.
How's the Pool? The big lagoon-style pool is a huge space and has a few trees and two hot tubs by it. It's wet and they have chairs, etc. It's also flat-out closed in the winter.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $15 per night. You get high-speed internet, fitness center access, daily paper, local calls and long distance for $0.10 per minute, printing boarding passes and up to five pages of fax.

Table Games: The works. Blackjack, craps, roulette, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, Baccarat. If you do decide to play some blackjack here, watch out for the gimmicky games that offer terrible odds or the dreaded 6:5 single-deck. In the evenings there is a "party pit" so you can celebrate losing your money.
Bet Minimums: Since the casino's pretty small, they pack in the games. You will see $10 blackjack, with $5 craps and roulette. You can find some oddball games for $5 sometimes, too, so look for the best ones. Craps is 3x4x5x odds.
Machines: Slots from penny gobblers to $100. New York-New York has a reputation of having pretty tight slots. The floor is crowded and noisy.
Cocktails? Mediocre cocktail service. You've got go out of your way to get bombed.
Who Gets Comps? For the $50 bettor at the tables, you can ask for food, and maybe see future free room mailings. For the slot player, the M Life is the unified MGM slot club and points are interchangeable.

America: This 24 hour coffee shop is better than most, but the cool thing is the huge mural of the United States. It's 1800 square feet of pure Americana. Also, they have menu items by region, like Philly Cheese Steak, Monterey Calimari, Georgia pulled pork.
Chin Chin: It's a branch of the very good Chinese American restaurants under this name. Pricey? No, not bad. You can get out for under $25 a person. Good? Yes. They also have a breakfast buffet.
Gallagher's Steak House: Run of the mill upscale steak and prime rib. Actually, we have seen some people rave, and some hate it. One thing's for sure, the prices are in line or a little better than other high-end steak joints in town.
Gonzalez y Gonzalez: Add another fine eatery to the New York New York lineup. This is slightly expensive Mexican food in a nice small dining room. But, for quality, this is among the better Mexican on the Strip.
Il Fornaio: Top-flight Italian from this chain joint. The breads are very good and the pastas are delightful. It's all so good that they charge more than most Italian joints and you won't complain. They have rotating specials and vary the menu by region of Italy. Located here also is a bakery serving sandwiches and pastries.
Nine Fine Irishmen: Another "Irish" pub that is mostly Irish in name and in food. Why, it must be because they've put the word Irish in practically every menu item. It's expensive for a pub, but you're paying for the live music, "storytelling" and proximity to good beers. Open for lunch and dinner.
The Sporting House: This two story sports bar does little to distinguish itself from every other sports bar except be enormous. It is two stories, has well over 100 TVs. It's other distinguishing feature is that it closes before midnight. Boo.
There are other fast food choices in the Coney Island Pavilion and Village Eateries, like Nathan's famous hot dogs, a deli, Sirrico's Pizza and other fast-food choices. And scattered throughout the casino are dozens more authentic New York eateries. Now, if they only had a hot dog cart rolling among the slots.

Cheesy Lounge Acts: The Empire Bar and Big Apple Lounge are where the cheese flows free and easy. Typical cheesy lounge rock acts every night.
Coyote Ugly: Nothing attracts crowds like a bar based on a bad movie, and boy oh boy what a bad movie Coyote Ugly was. During the day, it's just a bar with no cover and cute bartendresses. At night, though, the bartendresses jump around like ritalin-deprived schoolchildren. The music is loud, the cover charge starts, and it's a party vibe. Check out the bras hanging from the fixtures, one of those is Stinky's.
Dueling Pianos: In the Bar at Times Square, there are dueling piano players every night. They don't really duel with pistols or swords, although for our money there's no better entertainment than that. Instead, the pianists take turns playing songs and it's all great fun. One warning: they want you to pay to reserve a table on the weekends.
Rok Vegas: Oooo, "sexy" nightclub. Nobody's ever thought of that idea before. Rok Vegas is a another Las Vegas nightclub. Lots of video screens on the walls and a VIP outdoor area.
Rollercoaster and Midway: While the parents lose a bundle downstairs, kids can lose a bundle upstairs on this roller coaster. It's a great roller coaster but it is a bit pricey.
Zumanity: The folks at Cirque du Soleil think there's a little pervert in everyone and so they have created this "adult" show. It's half titilation, half Cirque and loads of toplessness. Not as raunchy as a strip club. There are several vignettes meant to arouse and excite. Seating is theater style, or if you want something more private, they have love seats and "private" love seats only sold as pairs.

Number of TVs: Twenty-four.
Number of Seats: 24 seats with individual TVs for race bettors, and only about 15 for sports bettors. The sports chairs are scarce but pretty comfy on the ol' tusharoo.
How Many Betting Windows? Ten windows and electronic signboards for both sports and the ponies.
Free Drinks? As they say in New York, "No."
Snack Bar? A small snack bar right behind the book sells the normal fare, along with Krispy Kreme donuts.
Minimum Wager: $5 sports, $2 racing.

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