Gold Spike Hotel
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Hotel Size:
162 rooms
Room Price:
Casino Size:
15,000 s.f.
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Gold Spike Hotel
217 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas

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The casino floor is not revolutionary, since they've borrowed the sandstone/flagstone motif from other new joints in town. What was once infamous for its grime, though, is now clean, bright and has windows! There is an okay eating choice and a friendly staff that encourages you to have a good time, maybe even a loud time.


Room Quality: The rooms are small, but fresh, modern and clean. The walls are white, with white linens, dark carpet and turquoise accents. Furniture feels like IKEA. Lighting is new. There is an iPod dock between the beds in double-queen rooms. You can also get a king room. The bathrooms are very small, but fully functional and neatly laid out. Gold Spike owns the building next door and, calling these additional 50 rooms "The Oasis". They are basically the same, and surround the pool. The overall feel of the Spike is fresh and pleasant and it'll prove to be a good deal for the traveler willing to walk one block to Fremont Street. On the top floor are suites. These aren't fancy--and the bathrooms are small and standard--but they're bigger, include fridges and are themed: one with a pool table, another with a stripper pole.
Service Quality: The prices are low and you get more than you pay for, but you do not get room service.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: For now, they help you keep your hair clean with Leatherwood shampoo and lotion.
Clientele: It's a mid-tier crowd and they hope over time to get younger folks. The hotel is cleaner and fresher, but it's not trying to be the Bellagio.
How's the Pool? The pool is fairly small and standard, but this is a small hotel so the amount of water seems to be just about right.
Resort Fee: (What is this?) $7.95 per night. You get wireless internet, fitness center and pool access.

Table Games: Four blackjack tables sit in the middle of the casino floor. The tables are open only one shift a day, from 5 p.m. to one a.m. (three a.m. on weekends) and are dealt by "sexy" blackjack dealers who are mostly nice, sometimes sexy and fun to play with. The rules are great for the price, too.
Bet Minimums: The blackjack tables is a fine $3 during the day and with 3:2 on blackjacks on one table and lousy 6:%on the others. Expect the games to cost more at night.
Machines: From a nickel up, with a thin selection of new machines. The payout tables are improved but still worse than elsewhere downtown and there is no slot club.
Cocktails? You tip a buck per drink and be nice and the waitress returns quickly. We always ask for the waitress's help in coming up with weird drinks to try, and they always oblige us.
Who Gets Comps? The Siegel Club for slot players is nothing special, but does have some decent promotions to get you signed up. It's worth joining for that.

Golden Grille: Right where the old diner was, but certainly cleaned up with a lot of white patio chairs and white vinyl booth seating. Prices are quite reasonable, and the specials are cheap. The food is standard, though, and the steak-and-eggs features the stringiest piece of meat this side of a bike bar full of grannies. A four a.m. visit found four hookers at the counter.

Bar: The massive bar in the casino indicates the plans for a bigger casino. For now, you won't have trouble finding a seat at this horseshoe-shaped table with the bartenders in the middle. Low drink prices, karaoke and the occasional live band keep it going.

Number of TVs: None dedicated to the sportsbook, but there are flat screens around the adjacent bar and three posting odds at the book counter.
Number of Seats: There are about twenty seats at the bar, and ten more dedicated for the sportsbook. The ten chairs are in two rows and, if mis-arranged make it difficult to get to the back row.
How Many Betting Windows? One window in this Leroy's outpost, with a bored looking man reading an instruction manual behind it. There is also a kiosk for those who hate speaking to people.
Free Drinks? The bar is right behind you, but the cocktails are not free, unless you're playing. They drinks are otherwise cheap, though.
Snack Bar? Thirty feet around a corner is the Golden Grille and they have carryout.
Minimum Wager: $2 horseys and $5 sports. Parlays on sports can be lower.
Other Notes: This is very small Leroy's sports book. The ten chairs are small but comfortable, but you really get the sense you've been pushed into the corner.

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