Golden Gate Vegas
Casino Boy says:
Bay-area style, minus the rain ... and style.
Hotel Size:
106 rooms
Room Price:
Casino Size:
25,000 s.f.
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Golden Gate Vegas
1 Fremont Street, Las Vegas

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Some call it quaint, others call it cramped and old. We like the old-fashioned charm, the good games and the deli. You say tomato, we say, "Another Heineken, please."

Coupons Available for Golden Gate Vegas: $5 blackjack matchplay, $25 in free slot play when you earn 100 points, free deck of cards. (Click Here For More Info.)


Room Quality: The rooms are freshly renovated, modern looking with nice beds, clean and priced fairly. They are also very, very small, meaning they work for sleeping, but not for Greco-Roman wrestling. Yes, this was a disappointment for us, too. Bathrooms are similarly dinky, with a tub/shower combo (or just shower in some) and single sink. No irons or safes, but they do have coffee makers and a complimentary newspaper. The hotel only has a few floors, and they are all below the Fremont Street Experience, so if you're a light sleeper, ask for something on the backside of the joint.
Service Quality: Not so hot. This is a teensy-tiny casino, and the pit bosses and security guards have a reputation for scowls. Don't expect fresh towels delivered right away, or someone to give you a pedicure.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Just soap and cheap shampoo, and if you don't like it, boo hoo.
Clientele: A typical downtown crowd. People who don't need to impress anybody on the Strip, and are looking for comfortable surroundings in which to lose a few bucks. These people are serious about gambling and not about bringing pictures of their hotel rooms back to their neighbors.
How's the Pool? No pool, but we heard the place is built on an aquifer if you want to dig.

Table Games: Blackjack, craps, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud and Roulette. They have pretty good double-deck blackjack games, and good, fun craps. They also have stages in the pit for go-go dancers. Although, they tend to dance just weekend nights.
Bet Minimums: $5 and up at the blackjack tables. It'll go higher when it's really busy, but one of the nice things about Downtown is it never gets as crowded as the Strip. Craps is usually $3 (sometimes $5), with awesome 10x odds for $5 bets (and crappy 2x odds for $3). The Let It Ride and other games are $5.
Machines: Regular old slot machines and video poker. You have about as much chance of winning on these machines as you do anywhere else Downtown. Their selection is limited by their size, so don't expect obscure games. Their video poker slection is poor.
Cocktails? Good. They don't need a whole lot of waitresses in this place, and the few who are there cover the ground well enough. The place is small enough to allow you to flag a waitress down from across the casino.
Who Gets Comps? $10 bettors playing several hours can hook themselves up with a meal, $25 for a while may score you a room or at least some good mailings for future comps. In this place, if you throw around green chips they will certainly notice you and befriend you. The slot club, Club 1906, serves the slot player among us and gives slot play rebate at 0.20%.

Du-par's Deli: Home to the world-famous $1.99 shrimp cocktail, You've got to really like shrimp covered in fancy ketchup to pay for more than one of these. The deli also offers good sandwiches, hot dogs, soup, etc.
Du-Par's Restaurant and Bakery: Golden Gate has followed the trend of putting established eateries into its properties. In this case, coffee shop is now a Du-par's, an LA chain of traditional coffee shops. You can still eat pancakes, burgers, club sandwiches and such, just for higher prices. One good thing: it's open 24/7. One warning: they plan to bring in a hot shot to be executive chef of the chain.

Number of TVs: A total of zero TVs. This is bad, but better than a negative number, which would mean they come to your house and take yours.
Number of Seats: There are no seats since the sports book is just a kiosk crammed into a corner near Fremont Street.
How Many Betting Windows? There is approximately one automated kiosk for betting. No human interaction.
Free Drinks? You can probably snag a cocktail waitress and convince her to bring you a drink, but then you have to stand there looking dopey until she comes back with it.
Snack Bar? The snack bar is not nearby, but Golden Gate is small enough that you can run over to it, grab a two-dollar shrimp cocktail and only miss a couple of pitches.
Other Notes: This Leroy's outpost is one of the crummiest books in town now is just an automated kiosk. The kiosk isn't always working correctly.

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