the D Las Vegas
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Oh Me! It's the top of the Mornin' to ya! Wait ... What happened to Fitzgeralds, lads?!
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650 rooms
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Casino Size:
42,000 s.f.
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the D Las Vegas
301 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas

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Formerly Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino, the D is the new-and-improved version of this Downtown Las Vegas establishment. New owners. New name. Let's hope for the same old charm.

Coupons Available for the D Las Vegas: Free appetizer or dessert with two entrees. (Click Here For More Info.)


Room Quality: Newly-renovated, medium-sized rooms. The beds are soft, there is a sitting area with a small table and two chairs and a nice armoire for the TV. The colors don't hurt the eyes. Bathrooms are standard, with tub/shower combo (unless you can sweet talk your way into a jacuzzi room). There are in-wall safes and irons with boards. Expect to see the new 'D' logo on just about everything in here. The views can be great, since this is the tallest building downtown. Rooms are directly above the casino and check-in, so there are no long walks, but elevators can be slow. The parking garage is scary to drive in, with a narrow, spiral path leading you to the fifth floor and above.
Service Quality: Pretty good. The hotel is small enough that you don't get lost, but big enough to afford to pay people to help you out when you need stuff. Check-in is quick and painless.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Cheap shampoo and soap.
Clientele: Downtowners in their 40s and 50s and beyond. There are a few young people drawn in by the cheap rates and the location on Fremont Street.
How's the Pool? Don't expect much of a view. It's small and quiet, nothing like the big tropical paradises on the Strip. But, it's the fourth best pool downtown (there are only five: Golden Nugget, Plaza, Horseshoe, the D and California - in order of quality).

Table Games: Craps, roulette and ugly six-deck blackjack, 3-card poker, Caribbean Draw, Spanish 21 and Let It Ride are the flavors of the casino. They have a party pit with hot, scantily clad dealers. But everyone has those nowadays
Bet Minimums: For blackjack, you'll find a $2 table, but expect more open seats at the $5 ones. Plus, the $2 game has truly awful rules. Craps is $5 mostly ($3 sometimes), and odds are 3x4x5x. Fifty-cent roulette with $2 minimums sometimes, but often higher. Other table games are $5.
Machines: They claim to have loose slots, but so does everyone else. Games range from nickels to five bones, and the selection is not that great since the place is small. There are lots of those sneaky $1 slots that keep tricking us into giving them our lunch money. There is a grand array of nickel machines in their Nickel Zone. They usually have a small inventory of full-pay video poker.
Cocktails? Strong, tasty. We can dig it.
Who Gets Comps? Their comp policy is pretty generous for table players, and it automatically tracks your play starting at $5 a hand. For slot players it's pretty good. The D has 0.2% cashback for slots and half that for VP.

Courtyard Grill and Buffet: Perennially at the bottom of the list of worst buffet, even with the recent redo. Or is that at the top of the list of worst? Either way, rub your lucky shamrock if you eat here and maybe you won't regret it. Don't have a shamrock? Then run! For slow runners, this is a coffee shop with a full menu for all meals plus a buffet at dinner only.
Don B's Steakhouse: Don B owns the Fitz, but we're pretty sure he is not in the kitchen cooking your meat. This is a fair steakhouse, nowhere near the best places in town and you're better off at the Redwood Grille at the California for an equally affordable hunk of meat. One nice thing is the casual atmosphere; no need to get dressed up here. Open for dinner on weekends only, and be sure to use the house phone just outside the restaurant to call in your reservations.
They also have a Krispy Kreme and a McDonald's where you can get French fries.

Fitz of Laughter: Kevin Burke is perhaps better known as the star of "Defending the Caveman", where he performs another comedian's work. This is him doing his own material. It's a pleasant way to spend an hour, and probably your best comedy bet downtown, dollar-for-dollar.
Marriage Can Be Murder: If you came to Vegas to see dinner theater, well, we think you might have missed the point of coming to Vegas. But, you can see this interactive murder-mystery that comes complete with a dinner and drink. The dinner is not so good. The show... well, you're better off coming for the dinner.
Vue Bar: While nothing really goes on at this patio overlooking Fremont Street, it's a pleasant place to sit and watch people walk by below while having a drink. It used to just be there, but now they have incorporated it into the Vue Bar. Don't be intimidated, though, just walk through and hang out on the balcony for free.

Number of TVs: Just eight lousy, little tubes, all of them dedicated to sports. They are mounted in front of a couple small chairs and a few bar tables.
Number of Seats: Only fourteen seats on a good day. On the plus side, while the seats are low in quantity a handful are relatively high in quality.
How Many Betting Windows? Two, backed up by three flatscreens showing odds. Usually there is only one person taking bets.
Free Drinks? None to speak of. This is upstairs and out of the traffic pattern.
Snack Bar? No, but check out the Vine Bar directly behind for beverages.
Minimum Wager: $5 sports
Other Notes: We can't imagine anybody coming here just for betting on sports, but the option is available if you're here anyway; Basically it's just a little tiny outpost for Lucky's sports-betting empire.

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