The Rebirth of the Gold Spike

Hot Diggity! The Gold Spike has a new look.

Needless to say, we here at CheapoVegas are excited by the the refreshed Gold Spike. This was our home away from home for many years after Bob Stupak's Vegas World closed. We had our annual Soiree right there in its old bar, and our penny slot tournament in the Copper Mine. You could say we were more attached to the Gold Spike than we were to some loved ones. But sad decline drove us away in 2006. For reference, click on our pictures from January 2008, before the Siegel Group took over.

The Siegel Group is proud to announce that the casino is updated and fabulous. All clean, smelling nice, with some bargains in the diner and some good low-limit games on the floor. The bar is expanded and a sports book is coming.

February 20, 2009

Shots of the NEW GOLD SPIKE from the Siegel Group (click on any photo for an enlarged picture):

The new table game pit.

The bar, where the drinkin' happens.

The sports book area, which is just a lounge for now.

The Golden Grille, where cheap eats fit the bill.


The "Before" Pictures

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