Best Pools Las Vegas Hotels

Mandalay Bay Beach

An 11 acre tropical beach, plus a topless pool for when the beach gets too hot and you just have to take more off.

Mandalay Bay Beach Las Vegas NV

Party Pools

If you're looking to rage all day sporting a lot less fabric than you'll ever be able to wear to the club, come here.

  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino: They've got the best pools in Las Vegas hotels, and if you're young and feeling a little frisky, this is where all the young people who actually still look good in their bathing suits come to see and be seen. They'll generally all be sitting around, drinking pina colodas and acting a whole lot cooler than everyone else. The swim-up bars, blackjack and craps tables all make it easier to embarrass yourself too, in case you can't manage to do that just from hitting on the girls. And then every Sunday, Rehab makes this one of the best pools Las Vegas hotels for celebrities to come out and mingle with everyone at the outrageous pool parties.
  • Encore: This is one of the Las Vegas hotels with the best pools because of the beach club, with showers in the middle if you need a cool down from dancing too hard and don't feel like being the one person in the actual pool. This pool has some of the fanciest cabanas you can rent out in Vegas, and each one has it's own hot tub and shower. They've got gaming going on in the sun and celebrities walking around soaking it up.

Flamingo Hotel Pool

Water slides, water falls, and tube rentals. This lagoon has it all. It's arguably the best part of the whole hotel.

Flamingo Hotel Pool Las Vegas NV

Best for Swimming

If you actually like your pools for swimming, these are the best for going deep in your time of need.

  • Mandalay Bay: Of all the Las Vegas hotels with the best pools, Mandalay Bay has the largest tropical sand beach, with 3 pools, 2 of which are heated, a wave pool, waterfalls, and fountains. You can't stand on the beach and not be a little impressed, but you can probably stand her and not remember you're in the middle of the dessert. There is a lot more swimming going on in these pools, so there are inevitably a lot of children playing marco polo and pretending the old guy in the deep end is a shark. Don't worry cougars, there's still a topless pool with no kids under 18 and a nightclub on the weekends to take them to afterwards.
  • Caesars Palace: This might the most beautiful of the best pools Las Vegas hotels. There are 8 pools, and the Venus pool is topless. Oh la la. It's as easy to lose your way through these 5 acres of water and people as it is to lose yourself inside of Caesars Palace. Cushiony daybeds for when you've gotten your daily workout from swimming and are ready for relaxing and pounding beers. Or one of their specialty cocktails if you're trying to be classy.

We like to get the best rooms with the most amenities we can while staying in Vegas, so the best pools Las Vegas hotels is obviously a necessity. Try to use common courtesy at these Las Vegas pools. Don't take your top off in front of small children at the family friendly ones, and don't have to be saved in a drunken, drowning stupor in front of the girl on Spring Break that you're trying to impress. And please, they don't let you swim in their toilets, so please don't pee in their pools.

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The best pools Las Vegas hotels are ranked and rearranged considering personal opinions. Some Vegas travelers like to go the sexy route and find places with topless pools, poolside drinks, and places where all the beautiful people can see and be seen. Others like to find the best pools in Las Vegas hotels where the kids can run around and wreak havoc all they want.

The Las Vegas hotels with the best pools for partying are the hotels that attract all the young and pretty people, and many offer cheap Las Vegas coupons that cater to those poor college kids. Pools like these have great sound systems and lighting for nighttime to make your dancing and partying skills more amplified than they would be otherwise. You'll feel like a much better dancer, whether it's because of the fabulous party scene your in or because of all the drinks every stranger bought you throughout the day.

Some people think that a hotel isn't efficient in their pool scene unless they've got a topless pool. Almost every one of the best Las Vegas hotel pools has one though. In this case, the best pools Las Vegas hotels generally have pools that attract more of the older women who still love to show off their bodies, and the young women who remind the cougars of what used to be. The old men can drool into their daiquiris and remember how great things used to be for them too. 

Las Vegas hotels with the best pools for actual swimming, not just walking around trying to look good, can be found in high numbers as well. Most of the best pools Las Vegas hotels have numerous pools, and many offer helpful Las Vegas deals to save you some money on your upcoming vacation. Some for swimming, some for looking nice. The kids can run around and be wild and their parents can disown them and go enjoy themselves in a completely different pool. Our ideal situation!