Casino Boy Says: Blast it! I'm gonna have to dig real deep to find a reason to stay here.

Hotel Size:
Overall Quality:
Room Price:
Casino Size:
150 rooms
~10,000 s.f.

Klondike Inn Hotel and Casino
1-702-739-9351, 5191 Las Vegas Blvd., South, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Room Quality They might say it's a hotel, but it's a motel with very basic and worn-down rooms. The location is miles south on Las Vegas Blvd., far south of any other hotel, but almost walking distance to Mandalay Bay, so you need a car. The only people we know that stay here are people who show up in town without reservations and people who don't know any better. We have also seen a hotel reservation offices in town try to sell this place to German tourists, thinking they wouldn't know any better.

Around $60-$80

What Does Discount Mean?

Service Quality: Poor. Like any other motel, there is no room service or other special features designed to mollycoddle you.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Nothing at all but a bar of soap and some thin towels that they expect you to leave behind.
Clientele: The down and out and the German tourists. The casino draws some local business, but the motel is just for people that can't get in elsewhere.
How's the pool? Okay, considering the quality of the motel. It's Olympic-sized and there's plenty of area to spread out. It's rarely crowded.
Free Shuttle: You're on your own, pal. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: Blackjack and roulette. This is a very small casino, so there is not a good selection and the games are not the best in town. They aren't awful, but if you find yourself down here just to gamble, have your head examined.
Machines: An older and limited selection of slots and video poker. They range from nickel to $1.
Bet Minimums: $2 blackjack is pretty low, but Sahara and Casino Royale are cheaper and nicer. The Ten-cent roulette wheel is a bargain. Minimum bet is a dime on any number, so long as your total bet on all numbers is more than 50 cents.
Cocktails? Fair. The cocktail waitresses aren't around much, but it's a small place, so you can raise a stink and get some attention easily enough.
Who Gets Comps? You can get dinner for playing $5 blackjack, but slot players are mostly out of luck. Occasionally the Klondike mails out free dinner offers to locals, so if you know someone in town, hit 'em up for the coupons.

Coffee Shop: This is a basic room with basic grub. The big plus is that you can get a chicken or meat-and-potatoes dinner for a very reasonable price. Go for sustenance, not for fine dining. Spaghetti anytime for $1.49 and a big breakfast for less than $2 are the highlights.

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Main Casino : The Klondike is not known for entertainment. If you want to be entertained here, the best bet is to go out to the parking lot and watch the domestic disputes unfold.

Where? South Strip
Ostensible Theme There's gold in them thar hills! Or, at least nickels...
Clientele The seniors here are far less glamorous than the ones at the Stardust or Vacation Village. If the clientele here were in that Ensure commercial, they would be the pokey ones who were humiliated by the speeding Ensure drinkers.
Employee costumes Dealers wear the ubiquitous white shirts, while the maintenance staff wears red t-shirts. During rodeo season, the waitresses wore whatever the heck they wanted. I hope that's not how they dress all the time.
Carpet and Other Decor On the front of the building, a mural wistfully depicts the gold rush life, complete with gritty ol' sourdoughs, snowy mountains peaks and mules. Of course, there's a section of the painting devoted to old-timey saloons and gambling establishments; the faces of the men behind the bar are so distorted that they could only represent some aspiring artist's attempt at portraiture. Who are they then? Other than the "art," the façade is familiar to anyone who's seen a dance hall in a low-budget Western movie.

Inside, the carpet has large floral medallions surrounded by Gilded Age flourishes and gewgaws. The scarlet flocked wallpaper fits a bordello's version of classy, and the wagon wheels on the walls add a rustic flavor. A miniature covered wagon, advertising dime roulette, hangs from the ceiling. The back wall of the casino has another gold rush mural; I think this place has more murals per square foot than any of the other casinos in Las Vegas.

Beside the entrance to the restrooms, a showgirl welcomes patrons with a saucy high-kick. The public restrooms do indeed look public, although they have provided a couple of chairs to sit in if ladies suddenly feel faint.

Keep in mind that we're roughing it at the Klondike; I heard not a peep of background music. Those who are desperate, however, can listen to the crackling static of the p.a. system.
Food Like I said, this place really is no frills. The restaurant doesn't even appear to have its own name.
Did it work? The Klondike isn't really the most pleasant place to be. It's dingy and smelly and ramshackle- a bit like a real gold rush camp. The difference is that you probably have a lesser chance on hitting paydirt here than those greasy old prospectors did in the real Klondike.
Suggestions Add running stream. Allow customers to pan for gold.


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