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777 rooms
~30,000 s.f.

Westward Ho Hotel
1-800-634-6803, 2900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Room Quality Basic motel-style accommodations. There are several two-story motel buildings that stretch so far back on this property that they run a van to pick people up and bring them to the casino. The rooms are slightly smaller than average, and very plain, with formica surface tops. Like in most Motel 6's, the wash area is open to the room, with the toilet and show in a private area. The nicest thing about the motel is that they have two and three-bedroom apartments for rent. They cost more, but are great if a family or large group of friends wants to travel together.

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Service Quality: Fair. People are friendly here, but they aren't prepared to pamper you. There is no room service, and if you ask for extra towels, it might take a little while for them to reach you. Check-in is a breeze. They even let us make a long-distance phone call while we were checking in. That was awful nice of them.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Cheap shampoo, and use it sparingly because it's a small bottle.
Clientele: Late middle-aged to retired people, mostly middle-class. The apartment-style rooms draw some families. The Westward Ho treats the low-roller better than most places on the Strip, and they have a very generous policy of inviting loyal customers back, so you'll see a lot of people who love the Ho and stay there often.
How's the pool? There are seven pools, and they are all the size of a typical motel pool. There are also some Jacuzzis to enjoy late at night. None of the pools have a theme, unless concrete decks are a theme. But they get you wet and with seven of them, you can find one that isn't too crowded with kids.
Free Shuttle: No free shuttle, but the nearby Fashion Show Mall is a hotbed for free shuttle activity. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: Blackjack, craps, roulette and Let It Ride. They have a mix of shoe and hand-dealt blackjack games with decent rules. Roulette is cheap. It is usually pretty quiet in the casino.
Machines: From a nickel to $1. There is a good mix of new and older games, with loads of quarter slots. Video poker is fair, with a few full-pay quarter machines and a bunch of fun nickel progressive machines that are always busy and won't eat your money too fast.
Bet Minimums: $3 blackjack, $5 single deck games with outstanding rules, and $1 craps help keep most of your money in your pocket, but they aren't available all the time. They have $3 Let It Ride, which is a pretty good deal, and 50 cent roulette with a $2 minimum.
Cocktails? Good cocktail service and cheap drinks in the lounge. There is a 27 oz. frozen margarita you can buy for $0.99 and it should satisfy your thirst for quite a while. The waitresses here appreciate a nice tip and will remember you.
Who Gets Comps? Sign up for their slot club and put decent action on your card and you will get free offers in the mail. These include themed-dinners, your room and sometimes slot tournaments. While you are there, however, comps are hard to come by. You'll have to play slots for many hours just to earn a shrimp cocktail. For table players, put out $10 for a couple hours and see if they'll feed you.

The Buffet: Not a good idea. Their small buffet is inside the coffee shop, and the selection and flavor are poor. You are better off than if you chose Circus Circus, but you'd be wiser to walk down to the Stardust, and that's still not so great.
Ca-Fae: The coffee shop. It's about the same as a Denny's in quality and ambience, meaning it provides sustenance, but it ain't a romantic getaway. The food tends to be greasy, but the prices are on par with a Denny's.
The Deli: The food is cheap and filling. Get a whole half-rack of ribs for $4, or a 1/2 pound hot dog and beer for $2. Lots of cheap options designed to feed you quickly so you can get back to the games. And don't forget the $0.99 margarita.

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Ho-larious comedy: We think a federal court warned them that to call this show "hilarious" would be false advertising, so they used "ho-larious." This is a pretty poor mix of low-budget comics sweating for a laugh in a huge showroom. It's free with the purchase of a drink, but you'd still be better off at the Improv at Harrah's, or the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana.
Other Dinner Shows: If you are a slot club member, then you are a "preferred customer" and you can get free tickets to their "Grubstakes" or "Puttin' on the Ritz" dinner shows for cheap or free. We haven't seen the Hillbilly-themed Grubstake show, but the Puttin' on the Ritz was London Broil buffet and a mediocre swing band.
The Lounge: Last time we were here the lounge act was so bad that he was worse than tedious, and worse than so bad he was funny. He was so bad that he just plain stunk. We recommend choosing slot machines or tables out of earshot of the lounge acts.


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