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Jumpin" jehosaphat! Lot's of things are hoppin' in here, but not any frogs. How disappointing.

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4700 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
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The Skinny

Freakin' Frog Las Vegas is quite a hotspot in Vegas. It's so freakin' froggy up in here. Well, not really, but they do have a lot of freakin' beer and whiskey. And some of the bands that play will have you freakin' on the dance floor. Well, they don't have a dance floor, but that never stops us!


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Quick Facts

  • Freakin' Frog Las Vegas is a bar in Off-Strip Las Vegas.
  • Freakin' Frog Bar Las Vegas has tons of beer and tons of whiskey. Literally, tons.
  • Freakin' Frog Las Vegas is right across from the university, so expect to see a lot of professors here between classes and after work. Not necessarily so many students.


4700 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
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Hours of Operation:
Daily 2pm- 4am

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Freakin' Frog Bar Las Vegas has a walk in fridge with 1000 beers. Need we say more? If that's not enough for you, they also have 600 whiskeys and a menu of tasty but fairly cheap bar food. Grab a burger or some of their special chili to go with your beer.

Why We Go:

Freakin' Frog Bar Las Vegas is freakin' hoppin'! Even the beer has tons of hops!

  • An Alcohol Abundance: Freakin' Frog and The Whiskey Attic Las Vegas has 1,000 beers in the cooler, 600 whiskeys in the attic, and that is the main appeal. You're sure to find at least one beer that you like, but why stop at just one when they have so many? And why stop at beer with this great of a whiskey selection too?
  • Super Staff: Freakin' Frog Las Vegas has done pretty good at choosing their staff. They know a lot about the beer, and will work with you to give you something you'll like. If you've got an allergy, just let them know and they're work around it. If you don't know what beer you want, tell them other beers you like and how much you want to pay and they'll gladly give you a selection to booze it up happily.
  • Good Music... Sometimes: They get a lot of local bands in here for live shows. Some are pretty decent, but it's right across from the college, and some are anything but decent too. The talent at Freakin' Frog Off-Strip Las Vegas Bar is the beer and whiskey, not necessarily the bands.

Inside Knowledge:

Happy hour from 4-7 every day is a great time to go to Freakin' Frog Las Vegas to save a few bucks on beer, but you'll miss out on the live shows. That might be a good thing on some nights.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Have More Than One Beer: We're not necessarily trying to encourage binge drinking, but if it happens, and you don't die, you probably won't regret trying as many beers as your body will let you. 
  • Do See A Show: The live bands can be good if you decide to give them a chance. Freakin' Frog Las Vegas obviously doesn't hold auditions before they let someone play here. Don't get your hopes up.
  • Don't Leave Without A Tour: Freakin' Frog Bar Las Vegas will give you a tour of the beer cooler and the whiskey attic. This is one attic that will never creep us out. 
  • Don't Miss Happy Hour: Or do. You can obviously come whenever, but there's no freakin' way that we can miss cheaper beer at the rate we go through it. Happy hour at Freakin' Frog and The Whiskey Attic Las Vegas

Is it Worth It?

Freakin' Frog Bar is more of a way to get away from Las Vegas than to go. It's not Las Vegas, but if you like hanging out with college kids and drinking lots of good beer, you'll find a spot at this bar.

Freakin' Frog Las Vegas Amenities

  • Bar Food
  • Full Bar
  • Happy Hour
  • Live Entertainment
  • Jukebox
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Specialty Beers on Tap
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