Casino Boy Says: Good Gracious! I may need a vacation AFTER leaving this joint!

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315 rooms
40,000 s.f.

Vacation Village
1-800-658-5000, 6711 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89119
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Room Quality Basic motel rooms. No frills at all. It's a long, low slung set of tan buildings, full of medium-sized rooms with very basic bathrooms and cheap carpet, blankets and bedspreads. There are no closets and the windows are pretty small, with no view to speak of. The biggest problem with this place is that it's not within walking distance of any other resort. Not even if you're a real good walker. You must have a car, or take the bus that goes by and heads up to the "real" Strip.

Around $40-$70
Around $35-$45
Around $60-$80
Around $50-$65

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Service Quality: Not so great. Desk staff can be rude,or they can be nice. The ladies at the promotions booth are almost always nice, but the hotel clerks are a bit abrupt. Like any motel, the services are limited and you're mostly on your own.
What You Get Bottles of in the Bathroom: Soap and shampoo, that's about it. They give you fresh towels just like the big resorts.
Clientele: Middle-aged vacationers and older people on vacation, this is Vacation Village after all. The casino attracts a lot of locals who, for some reason, don't go to one of the nicer locals casinos.
How's the pool? The pool area is not fancily decorated, but there's lots of water trapped in concrete here. Two pools and a jacuzzi. The biggest attraction is the lack of set hours, especially for people who want to take a late-night skinny dip.
Free Shuttle: There's no free shuttle, but the public transit buses run by here pretty regularly. (For complete free shuttle info and schedules buy our guide--it's only $4)

Table Games: Blackjack, Roulette and even Bingo! The dealers are friendly enough. One unique game to be found here is the "Lucky Cash Wheel," where you can spin for a chance to win half your airfare, up to 400 bucks. For this you have to stop in within 12 hours of your flight's landing. Because it's so close to the airport, this is a pretty good gimmick to get folks to stop here first. Heck, we always do it.
Machines: The good games are few and far between. Everything from nickels on up. Kiddies are welcomed with open arms in the video arcade. There is a smattering of full-pay video poker. Overall, the slot inventory is comprised of older games.
Bet Minimums: $2 dollars almost all the time, with 50¢ chips at the roulette wheel.
Cocktails? Standard cocktail service, unless you are a kid. Then you have to really work to get drinks. The casino is small, and there's a bar right at the edge of it, so if a cocktail waitress doesn't bring you a drink, you can always just walk over and get one yourself.
Who Gets Comps? Comps are difficult to come by here. It's a small, basic place without a whole lot of high rollers, so they don't have much of a comp system set up. The best way to get a free room is by spinning the Lucky Cash Wheel and hoping it comes up on two free room nights.

Denny's: Like the one where you live, only this one is in a hotel in Las Vegas.
Roberto's Taco Shop: We've never eaten here, but they know enough to call it "Roberto's," so it must be good authentic Mexican, right?
Village Cafe Oh boy! It's pretty average coffee shop food in a very average setting. The specials are the only things that set it apart from the quality of the Denny's.
Buffet They've reopened their buffet in the upstairs space. Now, was that such a smart thing to do? It used to be awful, but we have no word yet on how the reincarnation is.

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Koo Koo's Lounge: Live entertainment Tuesdays through Saturdays. It's usually a one-man or two-person band playing some very soulless mid-80s hits. It's good for the cheese factor of seeing a middle-aged man singing Prince, but that gets old fast.
Outer Limits: It's a nightclub and pool hall. They have some real live bands playing in here. Mostly the crowd is folks in their mid-30s to early-50s. Lots of divorcees who are mad at their exes will be shaking it up on the dance floor. Plus, you're almost guaranteed to hear "Sweet Home Alabama" at least once.
Upstairs Arcade: Right oputside the Outer LKimits is a pretty decent arcade. Foosbvall, air hockey, pinball, video games and pool. But, the place took a dollar from us without giving us any play at air hockey or foosball, and they didn't give us our money back either.

out of Five

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Number of TVs 17, including the 2 big screens in the bar.
Number of seats 16 pretty uncomfortable chairs.
How many betting windows? 2, with non-electronic signboards.
Free Drinks? Nope.
Snack Bar? No, but there's a bar next to the book.
Minium wager $5
Other Notes Like all of Leroy's outposts, there is no race betting, but plenty of sports action. This doesn't really count as a room, it's more like a corner of the casino with lousy chairs and small, bar-type tables. Don't go here to really enjoy the World Series of Super Bowl.

Where? South Strip
Ostensible Theme The name, the décor and the clientele all point to one unofficial theme- Quartzsite, or any other colony of senior citizens in the American Southwest.
Clientele The Ensure Set rules this roost, so no smart-mouths, you young whippersnappers!
Employee costumes The cocktail waitresses and change ladies embody the Western casual look with their black vests, white blouses, blue jeans and hair as big as the great outdoors. Speaking of employees, more than half of Vacation Village's staff must be security guards. They, of course, are wearing crime-deterring badges and nightsticks.
Carpet and Other Decor The most dramatic part of the décor is outdoors, actually. Some frantic bronze ponies buck and toss their tangled bronze manes as a hungry bronze puma stalks them among the cacti. After that, it's pretty anticlimactic. The carpet, with a Native American motif of geometric shapes and feather-like objects, rivals only the Plaza's in the amount of grime per square inch. The high ceiling is accented with terra cotta, dusty rose and teal beams and plenty of security mirrors.
One point of interest is how VV includes handmade craft items in its design scheme. For instance, two surprised-looking sheep with cowboy hats guard the Casino Promotions booth (And I am not talking about the elderly women behind the booth!). There are also scarecrows and giant stuffed jesters draped over all of the prize vehicles. Lots of casinos dabble in kitsch, but not of the homemade variety. Vacation Village takes the Southwestern Senior Center chic to its limit!

The background music was the cheesiest of the cheesy honky-tonk tunes, featuring a healthy amount of Waylon and yodellin'.
Food The Denny's plays along with cactus, faux pictographs, paintings of pottery and then utterly confuses its clientele with some vaguely Asian-looking cranes. For an even faster meal, there's Roberto's Taco Shop, which presumably serves a exotic Mexican dish called tacos.
Games If you have your airline ticket receipt, you can spin a wheel for cash and prizes within the first 24 hours you're in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, if you arrived in your very own RV, you're outta luck; there's no magic wheel for you.
Entertainment "Koo Koo's" is a bar whose sign features a loopy little pictograph bird who is, presumably, koo koo. The Arrowhead Bar is another bar, but it's decorated with neon Indian arrowheads and icicle lights (available at Kmart for $1.99 for a strand of 100!).
Other Services The gift shop has a large collection of Southwest-themed gifts such as Indian jewelry and hot sauce, along with plenty of Pokemon for the grandkids. "Hair's the Action" hair salon has the appropriate amount of twang in the name- just say it a few times, and see. Vacation Village also serves its clientele with meeting rooms, banquet facilities and an arcade.
Did it work? If the theme of this casino was elderly retirees driving their RVs around the American Southwest, buying Indian jewelry and organizing impromptu craft bazaars, these folks are right on the dinero. If that's not what they meant, then this place is just weird.
Suggestions Perhaps those creepy dolls in the casino could be replaced with other crafts- ojos de Dios, chile ristras and other things endemic to the Southwest.


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