What is Free Ride?
Matt and Stinky spent many grueling hours riding the dozens of free shuttles and monorails of Las Vegas. Rather than get drunk at a craps table, we documented where the shuttles and monorails pick-up and where they take you. We wrote down how often they run, the times they run, how long the trips are, whether there is a place to sit down while waiting, etc. We noted whether the drivers were nice or mean, if there is anything to see on the trip, and if the buses had any weird odors. In total we found over 100 unique origin-destination pairs.

That sounds like a big job...
Yes, and we're big boys. You might be thinking that you don't need Free Ride, but you'll change your tune when we tell you it costs less than a single, short taxi ride. In fact, the cost is low because we and our publishers know how cheap you guys are.

How much is Free Ride?

The Complete Report Free Ride.
It has everything you would ever want to know, including shuttle etiquette, the sneaky ways to get something extra from the shuttles, complete schedules and all our smarmy comments. It comes as a hard copy report or as an electronic download. We recommend the electronic version because it's cheaper and it gets updated regularly.

$4.95 as an electronic download

$10.95 postage paid.

The Pocket Guide.
This has none of our smart-ass comments or additional information of the complete version, but it fits in your pocket and has the complete schedules. It doesn't come as a download.
$3.95 postage paid.

Why should I buy Free Ride?
Boy, that's a good question.

  1. If you don't have a car in Vegas, it'll get you almost anywhere you need to go.
  2. Buying it supports Matt and Stinky's ongoing Las Vegas research.
  3. If you don't buy it our publisher, Huntington Press, will have tons of these things left over and they won't want to publish anything else we write.
  4. It is about as funny as a shuttle guide could be.

Can I trust you guys?
No, but you don't have to. Trust Huntington Press, the producers of The Las Vegas Advisor and dozens of other Las Vegas books and guides. By clicking here or below, you go to their secure site and order it directly from them.

You've convinced me!
Hooray! We all win! Us more than you, of course, since we get money, but you won't be sorry. Thanks a million.

How Can I Buy the Book?

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