Las Vegas Fireworks - 4th of July Events in Vegas

Published on Thu, Jun 21, 2018 by Jason Bushey
4th of July in Vegas

Fireworks in Las Vegas aren't exactly uncommon. Sin City likes to light up the sky for occasions big and small, but no Las Vegas fireworks show matches the one celebrating America's birthday. The 4th of July in Vegas  will be no exception, as Vegas hotels, nightclubs and pool parties work around the weird timing of the holiday (a Monday) for a weekend celebration to highlight the summer.

Here are a few Fourth of July events in Vegas to look out for...

Las Vegas Fireworks Shows

Alright, there's a whole bunch so here's a quick rundown ...

  • July 2nd-3rd @ Mandalay Bay - With a live performance by 311
  • July 3rd @ Caesars Palace - Day long celebration
  • July 4th @ Station Casinos in Vegas - 9pm
  • July 4th @ The Stratosphere - 9pm

Our advice? Arrive early, and look up. Oh, and make a beer run beforehand. 

On the 4th

Since many of us will have the day off, a number of Vegas bars will try to rope in the masses with novelty drink specials and (hopefully) some cheap beverages.

Las Vegas pools won't be a bad option either on the 4th, though any Vegas veteran can tell you to expect huge crowds. For the young-ins, Vegas pool parties not usually open on certain weekdays (see: Wet Republic, TAO Beach and Beachlife at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino) will come alive to celebrate what America's all about: booze, bikinis and babes.

If you're traveling with the kiddos, there's also a day-long parade and carnival in nearby Boulder City, capped off at night with a fireworks display at 9pm.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for something a bit more lively ...

The Weekend

For the most part, it looks like the 4th of July festivities will be pushed back just a couple of days to accommodate the weekend masses. Highlights of the 4th of July weekend in Vegas include...

  • July 1st: Diplo at Encore Beach Club & Zedd at XS Nightclub
  • July 2nd: Alesso at XS Nightclub and Tritonal at Marquee Nightclub 
  • July 3rd: Skrillex at XS Sunday Nightswim

These are just a handful of the events celebrating the 4th of July in Vegas. As always, we'd LOVE to hear from fellow Cheapos about other Independence Day events you're looking forward to in our comments section below!


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The Linq Announces a List of Vendors... Borders and Circuit City Suspiciously Absent

Published on Tue, Oct 2, 2012 by Jason Bushey
The Linq Las Vegas

On Monday, The Linq Las Vegas announced the highly sort of-anticipated list of vendors that will open along with the official ribbon cutting ceremony next year. Actually, the announcement was a pretty big deal since it gives locals and tourists alike a preview of what they can expect once the Linq opens in 2013.

As it turns out, there's a pretty diverse collection of retail outlets and entertainment venues set to open at The Linq; then again, there are also a couple of highly questionable additions that, naturally, we're going to have to pick apart below.

So, let's take a look at the list of Linq Las Vegas vendors together, shall we?...

  • Brooklyn Bowl: Yes, the highlight of The Linq will be a bowling alley. HOWEVER, not just ANY bowling alley; Brooklyn Bowl is different, as it combines a music venue and club atmosphere with a bowling alley and a rec center. If this sounds like the dry after-party you were forced to endure post-prom well, fear not: there WILL be booze. And odds are some pretty good music, too, as John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Weekly pointed out that the original Brooklyn Bowl (in Williamsburg) has hosted the likes of Kanye West, M.I.A. and Adele

So, while we're slightly surprised by the addition of Brooklyn Bowl, we also have to say that it's a pleasant surprise. That being said, is there any question that a Brooklyn Bowl in VEGAS won't be nearly as, um, what's a more articulate word for "cool"? And seriously, hardly anyone wears skinny jeans in Vegas... (Sorry, we've been sitting on that "skinny jeans" joke since 2009.)

  • Chayo Mexicano: Another Mexican chain restaurant invades Sin City, this time in the form of Chayo Mexicano. The good news is that they'll have an outdoor patio to wine and dine; the other good news is that Chayo supposedly makes a mean Margarita. OK, the addition of Chayo Mexicano isn't remotely controversial, but, it's not gonna' get us all that excited, either. (What with Senor Frog's, Carlos N Charlie's and any other number of similar On the Border-like restaurants nearby.)
  • Sprinkles: Ladies love cupcakes, men like making their ladies happy (and secretly also enjoy cupcakes). Good luck walking by this cupcake and ice cream chain on a hot summer afternoon without getting roped in by your better half...
  • The Yard House: Love beer? Then you'll love this place. (Or at the very least like it.) The Yard House (also a chain - this is the third Yard House in Vegas) specializes in serving tons of beer varieties from a ton of taps. The Vegas Yard House sounds like a winner; Vegas Chatter says that it will include two stories of outdoor boozin' (and eatin'). We don't really have anything bad to say about this addition, though Cheapos should know that their menu generally runs on the high(-ish) side.
  • Tilted Kilt: Because obviously there needs to be some ladies at The Linq. The Tilted Kilt has a Celtic-theme that includes beer, brats and babes. (And other 'B' words we can think of but will omit.) Servers at the Tilted Kilt wear kilts and, well, not much else. Essentially, it's a slightly more upscale Hooters with a marginally different menu. They DO, however, have a better beer selection than the typical Bud Light/Coors Light combo found at similar establishments, so expect some serious competition between the Kilt and Yard House come grand opening.
  • F.A.M.E.: We're... we're not totally sure what F.A.M.E. is. But here's a video promoting it - if we had to guess we would say an Asian market-themed restaurant. Whatever it is, we're intrigued.

Oh, and there will be some shopping at The Linq, too. Ruby Blue will be selling women's accessories - jewelery, bags, stuff like that. As best we can tell, KOTO will be selling upscale knick-knacks, souvenirs and ... well, we'll figure out the rest once we get there. And finally, Bella Scarpa is a footwear store that specializes in upscale imports. 

So, while this is by no means the full list of Linq Las Vegas tenants, it's the first look at what we can expect to see at the most buzzed-about project on the Strip. What do you think, Cheapos? Are you more or less excited for the Linq now that you know a few of the venues that will comprise it? Tell us in the comments section below, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter to offer your two cents on the subject.


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Eli Roth's Goretorium to debut just in time for Halloween in Vegas

Published on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Eli Roths Goretorium Las Vegas

Eli Roth's Goretorium is ... well ... it's just that: one part auditorium, several parts gore. (Just check out their website for a sneak preview at what to expect.) Actually, "auditorium" might not be the right word since the theme of this new Vegas Strip haunt - set to open Saturday, September 28th - is that of a haunted hotel. 

But "Goretorium" certainly fits.

If you're not sure who Eli Roth is, allow Casino Boy to get you up to speed. Roth is the notorious horror movie director responsible for some of Hollywood's scariest (and most gory) movies of the last several years, including Hostel and Cabin Fever. You may have also seen him in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds as Sgt. Donny Donowitz, aka "The Dude With the Hammer".

So yeah, Roth's a bad dude, and he's the mastermind behind the Vegas Goretorium that's causing quite the stir (and buzz) on the Strip. (If you haven't been to the Boulevard in a while, the Goretorium is located above the new Walgreen's next to Planet Hollywood.)

So, what can we expect from Eli Roth's Goretorium Las Vegas? Well, as Roth told Vegas Chatter, "I want it to be the gold standard. The scariest, top of the line, most intense haunted house in the world." So yeah, he's not shy about building expectations. Points for being bold, Mr. Roth!

Fitting for a street as loaded with hotels as the Strip, the Goretorium will be a hotel-themed haunt in which visitors will hope to "escape" from while actors doused in blood do everything short of give you a heart attack in the dark, tight quarters that Vegas Chatter described as a "claustrophobic atmosphere." 

Goretorium Las Vegas admission will cost $40 at the door, however $35 tickets are available online now for those too antsy to wait. (We get it.) The Goretorium will be more than just a haunted house; included in the new attraction is a third-floor Baby Dolls Lounge in which visitors can enjoy a drink while watching other visitors get their pants scared off via closed circuit TV's in the lounge. According to VC, there will also be go-go dancers and caged zombies in the lounge, which doesn't sound totally different from some clubs we've been to after the 2am mark. 

The Goretorium debuts a week from today, with a public opening scheduled for the following day (9/28) just in time for the Halloween season. The Goretorium Vegas will actually have some "frighteningly" strong competition when it comes to Las Vegas haunts this season, including the new Screamont Experience from The Amazing Johnathan (Hey, there he is!), Bloody English at the Body English nightclub, and finally the annual Fright Dome at Circus Circus.

However, the anticipation and buzz surrounding the Goretorium is essentially unparalleled, making this the headliner in an exciting Halloween season in Las Vegas.

So Cheapos - are you excited about the Goretorium? Do you think Eli Roth's new project will be a success once the buzz wears off? Let us know in the comments section below, or give us your two cents on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!


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Imperial Palace to get a name change and renovation... and SOON

Published on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Imperial Palace to get a name change and renovation

A signature cheap hotel on the Strip is changing its name. It was announced yesterday by Caesars Entertainment that the Imperial Palace would be changing its name to ... wait for it ... The Quad Resort & Casino!

That's right. The Imperial Palace will soon be The Quad. Renovations are already taking place on the casino floor and the valet/drive-through hotel entry, and Harrah's official Las Vegas Blog says that the hotel will remain open through the renovations.

Vegas Chatter is reporting via Caesars that the official changeover to The Quad will be completed by December 21st. However, renovations will stretch deep into 2013, though you can kiss the "Imperial" goodbye before 2012 ends.

So, we know what you're thinking: 'Why The Quad?' Well, as Rick Mazer, President of the hotel says, "It's about a place where you can meet friends in a social environment, and that's really what we're trying to create and The Quad name really brings that to life." ... He'd later go on to say (we're paraphrasing, here) that, in an effort to streamline The Linq project as one whole unit versus several different brands, the Imperial Palace theme didn't really fit with the future of the area. (We can agree with him on that one.)

Now, the big question is what effect the renovations and upgrades - which are set to include a new nightclub and gift shop - will have on the Imperial Palace's notoriously-low room rates. Currently, the Imperial appeals to the ultra-moderate budget crowds visiting Las Vegas, and their room rates are consistently some of the cheapest on the Strip. That being said, just about every corner of the casino could use an upgrade and, while each room comes equipped with a balcony, it was no secret that the living quarters could use an upgrade, too.

Naturally, The Quad will include a pathway to The Linq and is just another piece to the total reimagining of the center-Strip locale that once included an old favorite of ours, O'Sheas. Also, this is actually the second time this particular property has changed its name; the Flamingo Capri opened in 1959 and 20 years later changed its name to the Imperial Palace we've come to know and, well, at the very least become familiar with. It was only in 2005 that Harrah's/Caesars purchased the property, perhaps with their sights already sent on the now-underway Linq Project.

A couple important things to note about The Quad; 1.) The signature celebrity-impersonating Dealertainers will be staying at The Quad and 2.) so will the Auto Collections "exhibit" at the front of the lobby. (Though it's unclear if they'll be relocated since the north side of the building will become the official entrance to The Imperial Palace Quad.)

So, Cheapos - what do you think about the name change? Will you miss the Imperial Palace, or do you say "Good Riddance"?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or drop us a line ... errr ... comment on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!


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$17 Million Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Now Open

Published on Thu, Sep 13, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is the biggest and most buzz-worthy new buffet in Las Vegas, having opened Monday to much fanfare and strong reviews. 

Caesars Palace dropped a pretty penny (several, actually) to renovate the long-shuttered buffet, to the tune of $17 million in upgrades. The buffet created quite the buzz this week, as first reviews of the Bacchanal trickled in while everyone from Bloomberg to ABC News analyzed what it meant for the future of Vegas buffets.

Well, let's just say that the Bacchanal sets the bar for Vegas buffet opulence, and the double down on buffet dining by Caesars will at the very least create some word-of-mouth interest in Sin City.

For starters, the Bacchanal Buffet is massive, spanning 25,000-sq. feet with room for about 600 dining guests in a chic, modern-style dining room facing the Garden of the Gods pool. Plus, there are nine - yes, NINE - kitchens representing upscale fare from around the world. Whether it's Mexican, Italian, Asian, American or seafood you're craving, the Bacchanal has over 500 items to choose from during dinner hours. 

Like the popular Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan down the street, the Bacchanal is placing an emphasis on made-to-order dishes that look and taste fresh, versus some of the classic buffet fare many of us think of when we think of old Vegas buffets. Executive Chef Scott Green told ABC News that cooks at the Bacchanal Buffet have been "trained to interact with diners" so you can expect a more personalized approach to this upscale Vegas buffet.

Did you notice that we've mentioned the word "upscale" a few times? Well, the Bacchanal is precisely that - high-class, and expensive. (For a buffet, anyways.) Dinner starts at $39.95 per person, while lunch and breakfast rates will be slightly more affordable at $24 and $20, respectively. (However, various accounts of the buffet said that, with a TOTAL Rewards Card, you can take $10 off the dinner price.) 

After the Bacchanal opened Monday morning at Caesars Palace, reviews have been hitting the Internet pretty consistently. A survey of early Yelp reviews is mostly positive, though the sample size is small. User Brooke said, "The selection is crazy, everything is fresh and the cooks are knowledgeable and friendly," while user Jen said, "The food was very good and I really liked the fact that you can have things made just for you. " It wasn't all positive, as there were complaints about the service ("Kinda clueless," said user Sean), but it sounds as though the first few days at Bacchanal have been by-and-large a success, and there was allegedly an hour-long wait for dinner already. 

So tell us, Cheapos - will you be willing to pay upwards of $30 for buffet admission? Are you excited about the opening of a new buffet in Caesars Palace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter! (Before you do, though, check out a sample of the fare you can expect to find at Bacchanal below, compliments of their press release available on the Caesars Palace website.)

From Caesars Palace:

Mexican - featuring freshly made enchiladas, tortillas and sopapillas

Italian - Pastas, baked lasagna, antipasto display

Chinese - Made-to-order assorted soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum

Japanese - Fresh sushi, sashimi, cooked fish American 

BBQ - house-smoked meats from a wood-burning smoker and wood-burning grill; numerous carving stations including prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken and more

Seafood - Fresh East and West Coast oysters, king crab, snow crab, stone crab, mussels and prawns

Pizza - Varieties of pizzas served fresh from a wood-burning oven

Deli - Soups, cheeses, 7 charcuterie selections including house specialties and individual, prepared and make-your-own salads

Dessert - Chocolate, vanilla and pistachio soufflés baked to order, selection of gelato, sorbets and crème brûlée

Each will have an action station, plated dishes and “minis”; Majority of cooking will be executed in front of guests by interactive chefs.


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So, Who Should Replace Holly in Peepshow?

Published on Tue, Sep 4, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Holly Madison

It's been common knowledge for a while now that after three and a half years, Holly Madison would be leaving the popular Peepshow at Planet Hollywood at the end of the year. On the heels of her exit announcement, Madison, 32, revealed to the Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach last week that she's 12 weeks pregnant. So, her final show could actually be a whole lot sooner than the planned date of December 30th. (We're just doing simple math here, Cheapos; as far as we know, Madison is still on schedule to finish her stint in Peepshow on the scheduled date.)

(Update: It was announced on Tuesday, September 11th that Holly Madison's final appearance in Peepshow will be October 21st.)

So, while there's been some rumors floating about who could - and should - replace Holly (not that anyone could really replace the lovable lass), the discussion heated up today when Robin Leach reported that both Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra could be in talks to star in the show; perhaps even as duel-headliners that take turns starring in this popular Vegas Strip show.

Admittedly, either McCarthy, 39, and Electra, 40, would be a great choice as the heir apparent to Ms. Madison on the Peepshow stage; both are Playboy vets who enjoyed the hosting duties of MTV''s date show Singled Out back in the '90's. And while it's easy to conceive both of them playing naive as the sexually-innocent star of the Vegas burlesque show, Bo-Peep, it's way more fun to discuss other possible stars of Peepshow Las Vegas.

Here are a few other ladies we think would make a great choice to star in the Holly-less version of Peepshow. (Join the discussion by posting your pick to replace Holly in the comments section below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter and give us your two cents!)

  • Lindsay Lohan

This would be a no-brainer if Lohan was a shred more, um, reliable. Then again, given her poor cue card-reading skills (anyone that caught her SNL appearance last spring can attest to this) and the fact that she would be taking up permanent residence in Las Vegas, maybe for her sake (and audiences) it would be a good idea for Lohan's agent to dodge this (hypothetical) call. 

  • Kendra Leigh Baskett (Formerly Wilkinson)

Holly Madison's former, um, what do you call someone who dated the same 80-year-old mogul as you, at the same time? We'll just call her "cast-mate", since the whole thing was televised on the weirdly-entertaining The Girls Next Door on E! Anyways, Wilkinson...Err...Baskett would also be a conceivable addition to the Peepshow cast, though given her lack of success on Dancing With the Stars, we're not so sure she could totally hack it when it comes to the dancing numbers this Vegas burlesque show calls for. Sorry, Kendra!

  •  Audrina Patridge

We're not 100% clear (ok, we're not even 10% clear) on what Audrina has been doing for a living ever since MTV's The Hills was cancelled, but she seems to show up at Las Vegas pool parties a lot, and she's obviously not terrible to look at, either. That being said, we're not so sure her star is bright enough step into the role of Bo-Beep, and are we really ready for a brunette in this role? Eh.

  • Pamela Anderson

A little over the hill? Sure! Totally available for this role? You bet. Agile in heels? Absolutely.

So, why couldn't Pam take on the role of Bo-Peep? Well, I mean, do you want to see Pamela Anderson on stage today? Yeah, we're probably gonna' pass on that one, too. You're still one of our favorites, Pam! (Editor's Note: That last sentence was written in 2003.)

  • Betty White

Hey, she's got the stage presence AND the charisma. And isn't Peepshow looking for a golden girl to fill the the Planet Hollywood Theater? Consider this the beginning of the second Internet campaign to promote Ms. White into an unlikely stage role!

  • Prince Harry

You know what? Maybe he should stay away from Vegas for a while...

So what do you think, Cheapos? Who should play Bo-Peep once Hugh Hefner's "No. 1 girl" leave Planet Hollywood for good? Tell us in the comments section below!


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The 5 Best New Things to Do in Vegas

Published on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Jersey Boys Las Vegas

With so many new things to do in Vegas popping up this fall, we here at Cheapo Vegas decided to take a step back and evaluate which new activities in Vegas are worth your dollar and, more importantly, your time.

Granted, some of these joints aren't even open yet, but the buzz alone has us curious enough that we decided to check them out for ourselves and pass along are not-yet-complete opinion of these brand new venues in Las Vegas.

Without further adieu, here are five things to do in Vegas this fall that are new to Sin City...

1.) Eli Roth's Goretorium

We haven't been this excited for a haunted house to open since we were 10 years old. (About Casino Boy's age, really.) Why? Mostly because the name attached to the Goretorium - Eli Roth - has been scaring the bejeezus out of us for over a decade now. (While simultaneously grossing us out beyond belief.) 

The Hostel director has dreamed up a seriously scary (and bloody) experience complete with zombie go-go dancers, murderous hotel clerks and even a web camera where you can watch people loose their, um, stuff. The Goretorium will be open 365 days a year according to Vegas Chatter, and will change seasonally to keep the scares fresh no matter what time of year it is. The Goretorium will also have an interactive lounge, and its location on top of the Walgreens near Planet Hollywood puts it smack in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Goretorium opens on September 27th, with ticket prices starting at $35 online and $40 at the door.

2.) and 3.) Culinary Dropout & Vinyl

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is debuting a pair of new venues to enjoy live music in - the Culinary Dropout Gastropub and the Vinyl music lounge. This is good news for music fans that lean on the lesser-known bands and smaller shows to get their fix when it comes to live music, something that's not always easy to find in Las Vegas.

Culinary Dropout opened just this Friday, and as a Gastropub it's specializing in shared dishes and a better-than-average beer selection. (Shared plates generally mean smaller bills. Generally.) They also have low-key live music at night, and are open until 2am Friday through Saturday. Meanwhile, Vinyl is set to open with a debut show on August 29th (That's Wednesday!) by hardcore headliners Static-X. Tickets for shows at Vinyl generally start around $20.

4.) iCandy Burlesque: The Show

You ever think to yourself, 'Man, you know what the Strip could use? More burlesque shows!'? 

We didn't think so, but honestly such a thought is more realistic than wishing for less Vegas burlesque shows, which is why the premiere of the iCandy Burlesque Show at the Saxe Theater at Planet Hollywood is such a welcoming addition. Seriously, who's bummed out by a new burlesque show?

Tickets to this brand new show start at $50 a person ($70 for VIP seating and a free drink), and will play every night but Tuesday at 10:30pm, with an Ultra Lounge after-show Thursday- Saturday.

5.) Jersey Boys at Paris

OK, so this isn't really a "new" addition to Las Vegas. (Frankly, it's not new at all.) HOWEVER, as Vegas Chatter alerted us to this morning, tickets to this popular show at the Paris Las Vegas are going on sale after September 1st, with tickets dipping under $60 for the first time probably ever. And as NBC used to say when they were a popular network with popular shows (Editor's Note: If you're reading this and you're under 18, yes, this ACTUALLY happened.), "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" 

Then again, if you REALLY want to see a new show in Vegas, then wait around until December when two new shows - "Rock of Ages" and the Tim Mcgraw/Faith Hill double-headliner - debut at the Venetian.

What's the best new thing to in Vegas in YOUR opinion, Cheapos?! Let us know in the comments section below, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter to share your two cents on the subject.


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Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas - The Cheapo Guide

Published on Mon, Aug 20, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas

Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas means that it's the unofficial end of summer in Sin City. This is especially "unofficial" in Las Vegas, where the temperatures will continue to hover around the 100-degree mark into October. But for season's sake, the first weekend of September means the end of summer-lovin' Sin City-style. (Editor's Note: We here at Cheapo Vegas love alliteration.)

As you've come to expect from Vegas, there's only one correct way to send off our favorite season: by partying our faces off, of course.

Yup - Labor Day Weekend is a 3-day free-for-all complete with some of the most anticipated parties of the year. While the room rates and the cover charges can get a bit pricey, there are some great cheap things to in Vegas Labor Day weekend as well. Here's our guide to the cheap - and not so cheap - Labor Day weekend festivities in Las Vegas...

The Cheap

  • DJ Atom E will be spinning at the Bond Club at the Cosmopolitan Friday through Sunday from 10pm- 3am each night. The house-heavy DJ will be hosting one of the best cover-free parties on The Strip deep into the A.M. this Labor Day weekend in Vegas.
  • Speaking of the Cosmopolitan (and speaking of free), indie up-and-comer Twin Shadow will be performing compliments of the Cosmo at the Book & Stage on Friday, Aug. 31 from 10:30pm- 11:30pm.
  • UFC 151 takes place Saturday, September 1 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. This Labor Day event isn't cheap if you're attending in person but, if you just plan on catching the fight at one of the dozens of sports bars in Vegas playing the fight, you can expect to pay between $5 and $20 to get in the door. (Editor's Note: UFC 151 was canceled on Thursday, August 23rd. So basically, find something else to do! It's Vegas, this shouldn't be hard...)
  • Steel Panther - our favorite hair metal cover band regularly playing the Las Vegas Strip - continues their residency at the House of Blues on Saturday, September 1 at 11:30pm. Tickets start at $20.
  • Dee Snider of Twisted Sister wants to rock, so the Fremont Street Experience is going to oblige on September 1st. This FREE Vegas concert is part of their Rock of Vegas Summer Concert Series, and is set to begin at 9pm.

Not So Cheap

  • If you're a house music fan, then you'll want to make your way to XS at the Encore anytime between Friday and Monday night this Labor Day weekend in Vegas.  The festivities begin Friday night when DJ Tiesto headlines the first of four straight nights of partying. On Saturday, Steve Angello takes the reins, followed by superstar David Guetta on Sunday night and the infamous deadmau5 on Monday. (Individual tickets range from $50 for men to $20 for ladies.)
  • Meanwhile, before the sun goes down, the best pool parties of the weekend include Recess Fridays at the Encore Beach Club, Ditch Fridays at the Palms and the Marquee Dayclub's usual Friday shenanigans. Each entry fee is in the $20+ range for guys, though we should warn that lines at these Labor Day pool parties in Vegas can become absurd. If you can, arrive early.
  • The Aces of Comedy are bringing the big guns (both metaphorically AND literally) to the Terry Fator Theater Labor Day Weekend, with Jay Leno set to headline on Friday night followed by Ron White on Saturday and Sunday. (All shows start at 10pm.)
  • And last but certainly not least, did you know that VIVA Elvis is set to close this Labor Day Weekend at the Aria?! Seriously - your last chance to catch this Cirque du Soleil classic before Elvis has left the building is August 31st. Tickets are still available - give this Cirque show the proper sendoff this Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas!

Already got plans? Tell us what you'll be up to this Labor Day in Vegas on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below!


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Las Vegas Show Schedule: Who’s Coming, Who’s Going This Fall

Published on Thu, Aug 9, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Show in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Fall show schedule came into focus on Tuesday afternoon when, to basically no one’s surprise, the Venetian announced that two of country music’s power couple – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill - would be arriving in December for a 10-week run. (We say 'no one’s surprise' since Robin Leach of Las Vegas Weekly tipped everyone off back in April.)

While there’s already a bit of a ‘Yee-Haww!’ vibe on the Las Vegas Strip, what with Garth Brooks and Shania Twain already occupying residency at the Wynn and Caesars Palace, respectively, the acquisition of a McGraw/Hill double-headliner residency is about as can’t miss a move as there is. (The couple, who has been married since 1996, have taken their “Soul2Soul” tour on the road twice, record-breaking earnings each time.)

However, in what’s been a busy week at the Venetian, it was also announced this week that (once again to no one’s surprise – thanks Vegas Chatter) Rock of Ages would be replacing Phantom – The Vegas Spectacular as early as December 18th. The closure of Phantom had been announced months ago, with a final show date fast approaching on September 2nd. Rock of Ages-themed venues have already begun popping up at the Venetian, and given the blockbuster-caliber numbers the show has taken in during its Broadway run in New York City (though less so at the box office, no thanks to Tom Cruise), this Vegas show acquisition was anything but controversial.

Plus, with its affinity for 80’s hair metal and Sunset Strip nostalgia, Rock of Ages will surely play well to the Monster Ballad-loving crowds that regularly show up on the Strip. (In a city that hosts free concerts featuring Poison and Vince Neil on a regular basis, is there any question that this Broadway hit will be a smash in Sin City?)

Meanwhile, further down the Strip at the Aria, it’s just about time for Elvis to leave the building. VIVA Elvis – the Cirque du Soleil show that’s been featured at CityCenter seemingly since the Aria opened – is closing in on a curtain call, with a final show scheduled for August 31st. However, Elvis will have hardly had the chance to say goodbye before a new Cirque du Soleil show makes its arrival. Cirque’s Zarkana – another acrobatic spectacle making noise in New York – is scheduled for a November debut at the Aria.

Described as a freak show-meets-magic show with signature Cirque theatrics, Zarkana will keep the tradition of big-production shows on the Vegas Strip alive well into the future. (And not that there will be any lack of Elvis in Las Vegas once the VIVA exits stage left, here’s to hoping that they keep the bronze Elis statue in front of the theatre at the Aria.)

Tell us what Las Vegas shows arriving this Fall you're most excited about in the comments section below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter! Also, check back in to Cheapo Vegas and our newly-improved Events Calendar for comprehensive updates on the Las Vegas Fall show schedule!


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Las Vegas Restaurant Week returns this month

Published on Wed, Aug 1, 2012 by Jason Bushey
Las Vegas Restaurant Week

Las Vegas Restaurant Week is that one week per year (well, technically two; there's also a February Restaurant Week) when Cheapos like you and I can actually afford to dine with the big boys. From August 27- September 2, dozens of Vegas restaurants will take part in offering up their big-ticket entrees at a reduced prix-fixe price.

Admittedly, Restaurant Week prices are still on the high side - prix fixe dinner menus will be offered from $20.12, $30.12, $40.12 and $50.12 per 3-course meal - though we feel a little better knowing that either $4, $5 or $6 from each meal benefits the Three Square Food Bank of Las Vegas. Plus, when you consider how expensive it can be to wine and dine at the ritziest of Las Vegas eateries, Restaurant Week 2012 is a great way to celebrate a special occasion at a cheaper-than-average price.

While not all of the Las Vegas restaurants participating in Restaurant Week have been announced yet (we'll update as they're made available), we thought we'd give you a jump on what to expect at Restaurant Week in Las Vegas. Here are the restaurants we're most looking forward to checking out, and you can get the full list of participating restaurants on the Three Square Food Bank website.

Breakfast ($20.12)

As of today (Aug. 1st), you have exactly two restaurants to choose from for what is widely considered the most important meal of the day. (In our opinion, it's generally the most boring, too, though you can expect to eat the unexpected during Restaurant Week.)

  • Morel's French Restaurant at the Palazzo will be serving four courses of goodness, highlighted by your choice of an American breakfast (yes - the description is that vague), a Classic Benedict, Huevos Rancheros or a fancy French Toast dish.
  • Down the street at the Cosmopolitan, the Overlook Grill has three entrees to choose from, but all you really need to know about is their Steak and Eggs cooked with a flat iron steak, chorizo, hash and quail egg. If you decide to indulge in a Restaurant Week breakfast, we'd recommend the Overlook.

Lunch ($20.12- $30.12)

Lunch is actually Casino Boy's favorite meal of the day, and while he almost never ponies up $30 for a midday meal, after a decent morning on the tables he'd be willing to make an exception at the following eateries involved in Restaurant Week:

  • The Dragon Noodle Co. is offering your choice of chicken Chow Mein, sweet and sour pork or beef fried rice, plus a helping of their homemade ice cream and their veggie spring rolls (not in that order, thankfully) for $20.12. 
  • However, if we were you (and we admit, we're not), we'd journey to Hussong's Cantina at Mandalay Bay for their Mexican combo platter, which includes a fried shrimp chipotle salad, a Mexican combo platter that includes two chicken tacos and two enchiladas (plus beans and rice), and a chocolate flan for dessert. That's some serious bang for your $20, Cheapos.

Dinner ($30.12- $50.12)

Since the name of the game is "cheap" around these parts, we'll stick to the best $30 and $40 meals available at Restaurant Week in Las Vegas.

  • We've walked by D.Vino at the Monte Carlo more times than we can count, but their prix-fixe Restaurant Week menu definitely has us considering stopping in. For $30, you'll get your choice of a Caesar salad or creamy asparagus soup, followed by your choice of a seared salmon, gnocchi, flat iron steak or roasted airline chicken breast (we hope it's better than airline food, not that that exists anymore), and tiramisu for dessert. Not a bad place to take the Mrs., either.
  • For $40.12, Table 10- an Emeril Lagasse Restaurant is offering your choice of a roasted chicken stuffed with fennel, or pan seared scallops. It's the first course that caught our attention, however; the chicken & andouille sausage combo is making our mouth water. The chocolate mousse cake for dessert is nothing to brush over, either...

So there you have it, Cheapos - ya' hungry yet? Unfortunately, we have another few weeks to kill before Restaurant Week Las Vegas. In the meantime, tell us where you plan on dining out at in the comments section below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter!


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