It's 5 o'clock ... Nowhere: The Best Day Drinking in Las Vegas

Published on Mon, Jul 9, 2012 by Lizz Riggs
Best Day Drinking in Las Vegas

If you're anything like the lot of us at Cheapo Vegas, when you go to Las Vegas you don't feel the need to confine your beer drinking to after 7pm. Hello, can we get a happy hour up in here? But some of us (*cough cough Casino Boy*) like to get started even a little earlier than that sometimes.

Nobody blames him, the Boy likes to have a good time. Besides, Vegas has more tempting bars than you can fit into a few nights of drinking, so why not hit up a few Vegas day drinking bars, when the drinks are cheaper and the cover charge is nonexistent. Luckily, you can save the exclusively night spots for night time and you can put a dent in a few kegs and liquor cabinets at the best day drinking spots in Las Vegas.

Carnival Court Bar and Grill at Harrah's Las Vegas

Flair bartenders "Doin' flips 'n s**t" as Lonely Island would so eloquently put it, live music and strong, strong drinks. If you get here before 8pm there's no cover charge. The atmosphere is lively, entertaining and no one is as stuck up as they will be when you hit up the nightlife club scene. Throw on your most comfortable day drinking attire, keep it very casual if you're drinking here during the summer heat because it's an outdoor bar in Vegas, and get ready for a great time.

Day Drink of Choice: Put the flair bartenders to work and order the most intricate drink you can think of while they put on a show making it for you. If not, take a shot or order beers by the pitchers. Plenty of people will be ordering specialty drinks to allow the bartenders to show off their tricks Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail style.

Freakin' Frog

When do we not recommend this place? They've won spots in our Vegas beer lovers guides, the best music venues, and - most improtantly - Casino Boy's heart. They have 1,000 beers and 600 whiskies to choose from so the main question is, 'What won't we be drinking during the day?' The live music doesn't usually happen while the sun's out, but that's okay because there are plenty of other entertaining things to do while you're burning daylight - whether it's a tour of the beer cooler or whiskey attic or just trying to stay lively enough to try your 10th new beer. And while you're there, you might as well stay for happy hour, right?

Day Drink of Choice: Probably a beer; it is one of the best beer bars in Vegas after all. You have 1,000 to choose from, and that’s really between you and your bartender to decide. This is way too personal for us to have a say in. Just get a beer, that’s all we’ll say.

Frankie's Tiki Room

This is said to be the only 24 hour tiki bar in the U.S., and perhaps there is a reason that it's the only one located in Sin City. The drinks are ranked by skulls, so this may not be the safest day drinking spot for those of you with little self control and something to prove. However, for the daring adventurers who think they can hang though, a weekend day is the perfect time to visit this Off-Strip Vegas spot.

Day Drink of Choice: Day Drink of Choice: "The Fink Bomb." Rum, melon and pineapple sounds innocent and girl-y, but it’s a 5 skull-er and it’s not afraid to kick your butt. Yes, this is the Angelina Jolie in Wanted of day drinks.

Fat Tuesday

Well, there's rarely a time that isn't good to grab a drink on the go for a stroll. If you cruise the Strip with your frozen drink you won't be confined to the happenings in one bar, because there's so much more to see and things to do. You don't have to separate sightseeing and day drinking in Vegas with the luxury of Fat Tuesdays, plus they're scattered throughout The Strip.

Day Drink of Choice: The 190 Octane. This may be the only good use of Everclear, other than for sterilizing the harshest of wounds and starting bonfires.

Double Down Saloon

Cheap drinks, A$$ Juice and a grungy dive bar. Many of the (self-proclaimed) glamorous people coming to Vegas to strut their stuff in Gucci and glitter might not think of this as an ideal drinking spot. But if those are the kind of people you're looking to get away from (and who might be the ones driving you to day drink), head a short ways from The Strip to this watering hole and see where the real Vegas day drinkers are hanging out.

Day Drink of Choice: The infamous A$$ Juice; it’s what they’re known for after all, so be a good tourist and try some. Even the locals are indulging.

Parasol Up and Down at the Wynn Las Vegas

If a dive bar isn't your style, then maybe this place more up your alley. (Also, no offense from the last paragraph.) It's at the Wynn, so maybe change into something a little nicer if you hit this place up after the Double Down, that way you won't get any dirty looks from the old cat lady here enjoying her virgin daiquiri.

The atmosphere here is very cool and relaxing, and the sights are definitely on par with everything you'd expect from the Wynn. This is a great place to day drink before you head over to nightclubs like Tryst, XS or Surrender, because the drinks are cheaper here and you'll actually have somewhere to sit, so enjoy it while you can!

Day Drink of Choice: A nice, fancy cocktail. You’re going to be paying around $12 a drink anyways, so make it count. Besides, the cocktails here are refreshingly good. Once you get over the price, you won’t be disappointed.

When you're vacationing in Vegas, there's about a 90% chance you're going to have a drink during the day. If you're not doing that while gambling, laying in bed or partying poolside, then check out some of the best day drinking in Las Vegas at these bars. Some of them are definitely more Cheapo-worthy than others, just like some are more laid back and some are full on party spots.

Let us know what your favorite place in Vegas to day drink is in the comments section below. Or you can add us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. You can follow us in real life too if you'd like, but expect to be hanging out in these joints quite a bit.


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